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Douglas Portari

São Paulo, Brazil
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About Douglas
Douglas Portari is a journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Over the past 20 years I've written for both mainstream and independent media, from major newspapers and magazines to digital-native news outlets. I've covered a wide range of cultural, political and social issues, from articles on the UN mission in Haiti (in loco) to interviews with people such as the musicians Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend. I'm also one of the recipients of the 2019 Gabo Grant, a fellowship on cultural journalism of the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation. Currently working as a freelance journalist and fixer.
English Spanish Portuguese
Documentaries Feature Stories Content Writing
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

A Marubo Library

20 Jan 2021  |  jornalggn.com.br
Beto Marubo, an indigenous leader from the remote Amazonian region of Vale do Javari, Brazil, discusses his journey from only speaking the Marubo language to becoming a prominent advocate for indigenous rights at national and international forums, including the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. He represents the Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Vale do Javari (Univaja) and the Observatory of Human Rights of Isolated and Recently Contacted Indigenous Peoples (Opi), monitoring public policies and defending indigenous territories. The article highlights the challenges faced by indigenous communities, such as environmental pressures, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a government hostile to indigenous rights. It also touches on the importance of non-contact policies for isolated tribes and the need for responsible legacy for future generations, as emphasized by Marubo cosmology.


My online portfolio.


06 Jul 2016  |  portari.pressfolios.com
The author reflects on their 20-year career as a reporter and editor, having contributed to a variety of media outlets, including traditional newspapers, magazines, and independent digital news platforms. They have covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from cultural events to political issues and social matters. Notable work includes reporting on the UN mission in Haiti and conducting interviews with prominent figures like Paul McCartney and Ariano Suassuna. In 2019, the author was honored with the Gabo Fellowship on Cultural Journalism by the Gabriel Garcia Márquez Foundation in Cartagena, Colombia. The author is currently a freelance journalist.

'Assembly', a short film made of still pictures from a Yanomami ceremony found in a dumpster.


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