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Duncan Graham

Jawa Timur, Indonesia
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About Duncan
Duncan Graham is a journalist based in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
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Playing the Hunger Games

24 Mar 2024  |  johnmenadue.com
In Malang, Central East Java, during Ramadan, the streets come alive with adolescents celebrating the start of the holy fasting month, which leads to Idul Fitri on 10 April. The community practices include early morning meals, daytime fasting, and evening feasts known as Buka Bersama. While restaurants close during the day, fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald's cater to non-Muslims and those exempt from fasting. The article contrasts the positive atmosphere of Ramadan in Indonesia with the fear-mongering portrayal of Islam in Australian media and suggests that Australians' distrust towards Indonesians is due to a lack of understanding.

Things unsaid, people unseen

13 Mar 2024  |  johnmenadue.com
During International Women's Day, a photo of male ASEAN leaders at the Melbourne Summit highlighted the absence of women in leadership roles, despite Australia's claims of being a leader in gender equality. The summit failed to address women's rights or democracy, focusing instead on business. Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the Myanmar election, was notably absent due to her imprisonment following a military coup. The summit's declaration did not mention her name. Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim, known for his human rights advocacy, urged the Australian PM to resume funding for the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees. Domestic violence in ASEAN countries and pay equality were also overlooked issues at the summit. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's performances in Singapore overshadowed the summit, drawing attention to human rights issues.

Our leading lady in Jakarta is not leading

16 Jan 2024  |  johnmenadue.com
Duncan Graham criticizes the lack of media engagement by Penny Williams, the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, highlighting her absence from the public eye and failure to respond to interview requests. Despite her qualifications and the significance of her role as the first female ambassador to Indonesia, Williams has not utilized the media to communicate Australia's democratic values or foster public relations, contrasting with the proactive approaches of previous ambassadors like Richard Woolcott. The article suggests that an effective ambassador should be an inspirational leader who actively engages with the media.

Boat boy shame. Juvenile people smugglers wrongly imprisoned, finally compensated

01 Oct 2023  |  Michael West
The Federal Court in Canberra has approved a $27.5 million settlement for 220 Indonesian men wrongfully imprisoned as juvenile people smugglers. The compensation addresses the violation of international laws protecting minors, highlighting the political and bureaucratic failures of Australian authorities. Whistleblower Colin Singer and medical director Dr. Brian Walker played crucial roles in exposing the injustice. The article criticizes the flawed wrist X-ray technique used to determine ages and underscores the broader implications of the wrongful imprisonment, including the impact on Australia's image and the potential encouragement of future smuggling activities.

Equality is risky: best stay with blokes

01 Oct 2023  |  johnmenadue.com
Indonesian politics, facing a national election, has sidelined women from leadership roles despite initial hopes. The six male candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency are all Javanese Muslims. Yenny Wahid, a qualified and liberal Muslim woman, was a potential candidate but was ultimately not chosen due to her liberal values and political affiliations. The article highlights the ongoing influence of oligarchs and the challenges faced by progressive candidates in Indonesia's political landscape.

Getting younger generations involved in politics

01 Mar 2023  |  independentaustralia.net
Duncan Graham discusses the successful engagement of Indonesian youth in international relations through the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI), co-founded by Dino Patti Djalal and Dewi Fortuna Anwar. The FPCI, despite lacking the clout of the Foreign Affairs Department, has captured interest by making politics accessible and engaging. At their annual conference, presidential candidates Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo spoke, while Prabowo Subianto withdrew. The event also featured international professors and embassy stands promoting education, highlighting a growing interest in foreign policy among the younger generation.


21 Jan 2016  |  indonesianow.blogspot.com
The article discusses various aspects of Indonesia's socio-political and economic landscape, as well as its relationship with Australia. Jean-Marc Reynier, an investor in Lombok, highlights the cultural challenges of doing business in Indonesia, emphasizing the importance of understanding local customs and community engagement. Eric Alexander Sugandi from Kenta Institute reacts positively to Indonesia's new investment restrictions, while B Herry-Priyano from Driyarkara Uni critiques President Jokowi's leadership style. The article also covers the Indonesian government's execution of foreign nationals, which has drawn international criticism and calls for clemency. Professor David Hill is recognized with an Order of Australia for his efforts in improving Australia-Indonesia relations through the ACICIS consortium. The piece touches on the complexities of Indonesian politics, the role of the military, and the state of education. It also addresses concerns about the rise of protectionism and nationalism as the country approaches elections, and the challenges faced by foreign investors and students due to bureaucratic barriers. The article concludes with various opinions on the compatibility of democracy and Islam, the persistence of corruption, and the need for a more robust relationship between Indonesia and Australia.

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