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Dwoha Chowdhury

Sylhet, Bangladesh
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About Dwoha
Dwoha Chowdhury is a journalist based in Sylhet, Bangladesh. An earnest person who loves to adjust passion with profession. A journalist's life is simple yet challenging and I always follow the path my heart dictates. Love solitude, yet compatible with the team. Love to take up new challenges every day, and accountable only to my duty, responsibility and the most precious of all elements-- time.
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Local start-up shines through gloom

04 Apr 2024  |  thedailystar.net
A Bangladeshi technology startup, CRUX, has developed a low-cost, power-efficient, and portable medical ventilator named 'Rapidly Developable Low Cost and Power Efficient Portable Turbine-Based Emergency Ventilator'. The technology has been made open-source, allowing for widespread production. The ventilator has been certified by the Open Source Hardware Association and will be presented at an international conference in Kyoto. Despite financial challenges and lack of initial sponsorship, the project has gained international recognition, showcasing the potential of Bangladeshi innovation.

Former education minister Nahid’s income triples

05 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
Former Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid's income has tripled since 2018, as per his affidavit to the Election Commission. Contesting from the Sylhet-6 constituency, Nahid's annual income now stands at Tk 50.30 lakh, with significant contributions from stocks, honorarium, and agriculture. His movable property is valued at Tk 2.08 crore, primarily in bank savings, while his immovable property includes farmland, a house, and an apartment. The affidavit highlights substantial growth in both his and his wife's assets over the years.

Canals of Sunamganj dead and dying

05 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
Sunamganj's canals, vital for local livelihoods, are severely impacted by encroachment and construction, leading to significant flooding issues. Despite a High Court order to clear encroachments, many illegal structures remain, and construction continues. Local authorities and organizations call for continued administrative action and proper dredging to prevent future floods. Budget constraints and future plans for canal protection are highlighted by the municipality.

No smooth sailing for ‘boat’ in Sylhet

05 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
Awami League candidates in four of the six constituencies in Sylhet district are expected to face tough competition in the upcoming national elections on January 7. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen and Expatriates' Welfare Minister Imran Ahmed are likely to have an easier run in Sylhet 1 and 4, respectively. In Sylhet 2, Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury faces multiple contenders, including Yahya Chowdhury and Mokabbir Khan. In Sylhet 3, Habibur Rahman is up against five contenders, with allegations of campaign obstructions. Sylhet 5 sees Mashuk Uddin Ahmed facing strong competition from Ahmed Al-Kabir and Mohammad Husamuddin Chowdhury. Former education minister Nurul Islam Nahid in Sylhet 6 faces tough opposition from Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury and others.

Green, clean and smart Sylhet

04 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury, the Awami League's mayoral candidate for Sylhet, unveiled a 21-point manifesto aimed at creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced city. The manifesto includes promises to improve disaster preparedness, establish parks, address social crimes, and foster economic growth. However, many of these promises echo those made by previous mayors, who have been criticized for failing to resolve long-standing issues like waterlogging. Anwaruzzaman's commitment to a green and clean city has been well-received by residents.

BNP on the run

01 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
BNP is struggling to maintain its presence on the streets due to mass arrests and police raids, particularly in Sylhet and Mymensingh. Over 300 BNP leaders and activists are in jail in Sylhet, and the party's activities are limited to leaflet distribution. In Mymensingh, the BNP office has been padlocked since October 29, and many leaders are in hiding to avoid arrests. Despite the Chief Election Commissioner's statement that BNP boycotting the polls is a democratic right, BNP leaders claim there is no reflection of this in law enforcement actions. The situation has led to significant fear and disruption among BNP members.

Long-term plan behind high tea production

01 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
In 2007, Consolidated Tea and Lands Company (Bangladesh) Limited initiated a long-term plan to boost tea production, which has now resulted in record yields from its gardens, particularly Rajghat Tea Garden. Effective irrigation and team management have been key factors. Other top producers include Duncan Brothers and Polymer Agro Industry Limited. Despite increased production, challenges such as adverse weather, low auction prices, and labor unrest persist. Industry leaders call for government support to sustain growth. Bangladesh is the world's eighth-largest tea producer, with Moulvibazar and Habiganj being major contributors.

For their smiles only

01 Oct 2023  |  The Daily Star
Two-year-old Nusrat Jannat, born with a cleft lip, received free reconstructive surgery from the US-based Rotaplast Mission, which conducted surgeries for 67 children and two adults in Bangladesh. The mission, supported by Chevron Bangladesh and organized by the Rotary Club of Jalalabad in Sylhet, brought together 29 volunteers, including doctors and nurses from various countries. The surgeries, which typically cost Tk 50,000 to Tk 1 lakh, were provided at no cost, significantly impacting the lives of the patients and their families.

SCC Councillor Race: AL wins 22 out of 42 posts

21 Jun 2023  |  thedailystar.net
In the Sylhet city councillor race, Awami League-backed candidates won 22 out of 42 posts. Eight expelled BNP leaders and four Jamaat-backed candidates also won. The political affiliation of six councillors-elect is unknown. Five mayoral candidates lost their security deposits for failing to secure the minimum votes. Mayor-elect Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury expressed concerns about fulfilling his promises to address waterlogging in the city.

SCC polls: Festive mood in newly added areas

21 Jun 2023  |  thedailystar.net
In the Sylhet City Corporation elections, the newly added wards experienced a festive atmosphere with enthusiastic voters lining up early, in contrast to the disappointing turnout in the older areas. Voter turnout was notably higher in the 15 new wards, with large crowds observed at several polling centers. Issues with the lack of knowledge about Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and slow vote casting were reported. The festive mood and high turnout in the new wards were highlighted by both voters and candidates.

AL at full throttle, JP struggling

19 Jun 2023  |  thedailystar.net
In the Sylhet City Corporation polls, Awami League's Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury and Jatiya Party's Nazrul Islam Babul are the main mayoral contenders. Anwaruzzaman's campaign is bolstered by national party leaders and activists, while Nazrul's campaign lacks notable central leaders. A projection by Social Engineering and Election Maneuvering Architecture suggests a significant win for Anwaruzzaman with around 1 lakh more votes than Nazrul. The Sylhet Metropolitan Police have marked 132 out of 190 polling centers as 'important' and plan to deploy additional forces to ensure election security. The polls are set for June 21, with 4,86,605 voters expected to use electronic voting machines across 1,364 booths.

As elections near, promises get bigger

16 Jun 2023  |  thedailystar.net
In the lead-up to the Sylhet City Corporation Polls, seven mayoral candidates, particularly from Awami League and Jatiya Party, are actively campaigning despite the lack of official manifestos. The boycott by Islami Andolon Bangladesh's nominee has impacted the race. Candidates are making various promises, such as addressing waterlogging and urban planning. Concerns about election fairness have been raised by Nazrul Islam of Jatiya Party, while others express hope for a fair election. The Election Commission is preparing for the polls and training on EVM usage.

SCC election: Violation of polls code rampant

14 Jun 2023  |  The Daily Star
Most mayoral and councillor candidates in the Sylhet City Corporation elections are violating the electoral code of conduct by using laminated posters and PVC banners, despite a High Court ban and repeated warnings from the Election Commission. Additional violations include the use of microphones and motorbike processions. The City Polls (Code of Conduct) Rules 2016 restricts banner sizes and the use of multiple microphones and vehicular showdowns. Candidates from the Awami League, Jatiya Party, and Islami Andolon Bangladesh have been implicated. The Sylhet regional election officer stated that legal steps would be taken against violators, with the SCC polls scheduled for June 21.

Polls code violations rampant in Sylhet

15 May 2023  |  thedailystar.net
Ahead of the Sylhet City Corporation election scheduled for June 21, mayoral candidates, including the Awami League's Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury, Jatiya Party's Nazrul Islam Babul, and Islami Andolon Bangladesh's Mahmudul Hasan, have been violating electoral rules by campaigning early and using party symbols. Despite warnings from the Election Commission and the issuance of a letter by Returning Officer Faysal Kader, the violations continue. The candidates have responded with denials or claims of ignorance regarding the rules. The EC's media relations officer, Syed Kamal Hossain, confirmed that legal action would be taken against any violations.

AL in Sylhet City Polls: Rift feared because of ‘an outsider’

18 Apr 2023  |  www.thedailystar.net
The Awami League's nomination of Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury, an outsider to Sylhet's local party units, for the upcoming mayoral polls may cause internal conflict. Local leaders fear a potential party rebel or covert support for current mayor and BNP leader, Ariful Haque Choudhury. The grassroots have previously shown dissatisfaction, as seen in the 2018 polls where many supported Ariful Haque over AL's Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran. Anwaruzzaman, a joint secretary of the AL's UK unit, claims to have received a special message from party high-ups. His nomination ends the dispute over the Sylhet-2 constituency but raises concerns of new conflicts. Ariful Haque Choudhury, after meeting with BNP's acting chairperson Tarique Rahman, indicated he might run as an independent candidate. Despite the discontent, AL leaders and aspirants have vowed to support the party's decision and work for the nominated candidate.

The Expatriate Influence on Bangladesh's Politics

01 Apr 2023  |  The Daily Star
The article discusses the phenomenon of expatriate political leaders from Bangladesh, particularly from parties like the Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, and others, who are active in countries with significant Bangladeshi populations such as the UK and USA. These expatriate politicians are lobbying for nominations in various constituencies in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The article highlights the concerns that these expatriate leaders, often with businesses and families abroad, may be out of touch with local issues and unable to fulfill their duties effectively. Local politicians feel disadvantaged against the financial power and international connections of expatriates. The article includes perspectives from various politicians, both local and expatriate, and touches on the implications for Bangladesh's democracy.

Sylhet City Polls: Newly-added areas to be a key factor

30 Mar 2023  |  thedailystar.net
The Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) polls on June 21 will be significantly influenced by the inclusion of 133,777 new voters from areas recently added to the city. These areas, previously underdeveloped due to being part of union parishads, lack basic urban amenities. The SCC has proposed a Tk 4,500 crore development project for these areas, awaiting approval. Residents anticipate the end of their long-standing issues with the upcoming polls. Mayoral candidates from the Awami League and Jatiya Party have made development promises, with the former planning a 100-year masterplan and the latter proposing an advisory panel for planning, including the incumbent mayor.

Battle to get AL nomination heats up

23 Feb 2023  |  The Daily Star
Tensions are escalating within the Awami League (AL) as multiple candidates vie for the mayoral nomination for the upcoming Sylhet City Corporation election. Following the death of former mayor Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran, at least seven AL leaders have shown interest in the nomination. The situation intensified with the return of UK-based AL leader Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury, who claimed to have received a special message from party high-ups to start campaigning. This claim has caused friction among local AL leaders, leading to public declarations and the proliferation of campaign materials. The AL central leadership has yet to make an official decision, leaving the nomination process in a state of uncertainty.

SUST Movement: A year of unkept promises

14 Jan 2023  |  The Daily Star
A year after the students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) suspended their movement for the removal of the vice chancellor and other demands, most of their five-point demands remain unmet. Key issues include the unfulfilled resignation of Vice-Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed, ongoing harassment of protesting students, and the halted treatment of an injured student. Despite assurances from Education Minister Dipu Moni and Deputy Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury, the promises have not been realized, leading to continued dissatisfaction among the students.

Sylhet city virtually stops

20 Nov 2022  |  The Daily Star
Sylhet city faced significant disruption due to a transport strike coinciding with a BNP rally, causing public inconvenience and economic losses for traders. The strike, allegedly orchestrated by the ruling Awami League to hinder BNP supporters, left many residents frustrated and without transport. The situation was exacerbated by a mobile internet blackout, further complicating communication and daily activities.

Flood in the Northeast: Restoring road communication now priority

25 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
Authorities are prioritizing the repair of damaged roads and restoration of communication in Sylhet and Sunamganj following recent floods. A total of 207 roads and 887 kilometers of road were affected. Damage assessments are underway, with initial repair works focusing on the most severely damaged areas. The total estimated loss exceeds Tk 120 crore. The flood situation is improving, but some low-lying areas remain flooded.

Diseases Lurk as Floodwater Recedes

24 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
Floodwaters in Sylhet city and Sunamganj town are receding, but stagnant water poses a risk of waterborne diseases. The Sylhet City Corporation is planning cleaning efforts and awareness campaigns, while medical teams distribute water purification tablets and provide awareness information. The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre reports that the flood situation is expected to improve further.

Shuttling against the wind

21 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
Shibbir Ahmed, a national badminton coach in Bangladesh, reflects on his journey from a young player to a coach and expresses his concerns about the lack of support and professionalism in the sport within the country. Despite the challenges, including inadequate support from the federation and sponsors, and a lack of proper training venues, Shibbir has trained over 200 players, producing national champions. He remains dedicated to badminton and hopes his daughters will succeed in the sport internationally.

Embankment protection dam at estuary of 3 rivers breached in Sylhet

21 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
Water levels in the Surma and Kushiyara rivers are receding, providing some relief to flood-affected areas in Sylhet and Sunamganj. However, water from India's Barak river has breached a river protection dam in Zakiganj, flooding vast areas. The Surma river is still flowing above danger levels at multiple points, and the Kushiyara river is significantly above danger levels in some areas. The flood situation remains dependent on upstream rainfall in India, though the Meteorological Department forecasts decreasing rainfall. Approximately 2 million people have been affected by the floods since May 12.

Sylhet, Sunamganj: Troubles mount as more areas flooded

19 May 2022  |  thedailystar.net
Flash floods in Sylhet and Sunamganj, Bangladesh, have affected around 20 lakh people, with thousands seeking refuge in shelters. Four deaths have been reported, and many have contracted waterborne diseases. Infrastructure, including roads and power supply, has been severely disrupted. The Surma and Kushiyara rivers continue to rise, worsening the situation. Medical teams are providing aid, and the district administrations are distributing relief materials. The mayor of Sylhet has called for assistance for flood victims and immediate dredging of the Surma river.

Flood in Sylhet, Sunamganj: 50,000 families left in dark

19 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
Over 50,000 families in north-eastern Bangladesh are without electricity after a power station in Sylhet city was submerged by floodwater. Affected areas include parts of Sylhet city, Dakshin Surma upazila, and Jagannathpur upazila in Sunamganj. The region is experiencing shortages of drinking water and food, with around 20 lakh people affected. The Bangladesh Power Development Board and local administrations are responding with relief efforts. The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre reports that major rivers are above danger levels and heavy rainfall is expected, which may worsen the situation. Visits and relief distribution by government officials have been reported, along with future dredging projects for the Surma and Kushiyara rivers.

Floods paralysing Sylhet

16 May 2022  |  The Daily Star
The flood situation in Sylhet has worsened due to heavy rainfall and the cyclonic storm Asani, causing major rivers to overflow and submerge vast areas. Approximately 12 to 13 lakh people are affected, with many taking shelter in relief centers. Authorities are working to provide food aid and manage the crisis, while forecasts suggest the situation may start to improve soon.

Flood-hit farmers in haors: Combine harvesters saving grace for some

22 Apr 2022  |  The Daily Star
Haor farmers in north-eastern Bangladesh are using combine harvesters to cope with labour shortages and flash floods, which have damaged crop protection levees. The machines are cost-effective and faster, but challenges remain due to inundated fields. The Department of Agricultural Extension reports that 41% of haor farmland has been harvested, but farmers and activists dispute the official figures, claiming greater losses. State Minister for Water Resources Zaheed Farooque acknowledged issues with dyke construction and promised action against those responsible for anomalies.

Flash Flood in Haors: Farmers in despair

17 Apr 2022  |  thedailystar.net
Farmers in the northeastern region of Bangladesh are facing severe losses due to a flash flood that submerged croplands in Sunamganj, Sylhet, Netrakona, and Kishoreganj districts. The Department of Agriculture Extension reported 7.08 hectares of cropland affected, with farmers losing about 80% of their produce. The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre has forecasted another potential flash flood. Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque visited the affected areas, suggesting alternative crops and promising government support, including food, seeds, and fertilizers for the next harvest season. Concerns about corruption in levee construction were also raised.

Boro at risk in haor areas

06 Apr 2022  |  www.thedailystar.net
Flash floods from heavy rains in Meghalaya threaten to damage paddy fields across 4.02 lakh hectares in Sylhet, Sunamganj, Netrakona, and Kishoreganj. The Boro paddy, the sole produce for local farmers, is at risk as lands remain submerged most of the year. In 2017, similar floods caused significant damage. Currently, Sylhet is the worst affected, and some farmers are preemptively harvesting crops. The government's investment in levees is jeopardized by poor construction attributed to corruption. The 2017 floods resulted in over Tk 13,000 crore in losses.

A sub-inspector planned it all

16 Feb 2022  |  The Daily Star
The custodial torture and subsequent death of Wazir Mia in Sunamganj were allegedly orchestrated by Sub-Inspector Debashish Sutradhar over a feud involving a local union parishad member. Wazir, along with Shahidul Islam and Akhter Mia, was arrested on charges of cow theft, although none were initially accused in the case. The victim's family claims the arrests and torture were part of a revenge plot. Following Wazir's death, villagers protested, demanding justice. Two probe bodies have been formed to investigate the incident.

Take measures for VC’s removal

24 Jan 2022  |  The Daily Star
The Sust Teachers' Association has called on the government to facilitate the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Farid Uddin Ahmed and to address the demands of students on hunger strike. A neutral body to investigate police actions on January 16 was also requested. The number of students fasting has reached 27, with some hospitalized due to declining health. Protests began on January 13 over allegations of misbehavior by a provost. Clashes with police on January 16 resulted in injuries. Education Minister Dipu Moni's video call with protestors did not lead to a resolution. Jatiya Party lawmakers Kazi Feroz Rashid and Pir Fazlur Rahman in parliament demanded the VC's resignation and criticized the education minister's handling of the situation.

Trees fall victim to SCC development work

25 Oct 2021  |  The Daily Star
At least 200 trees were felled in Sylhet city's Shahjalal Upashahar area without clearance from the Forest Department, with the local councillor selling them unlawfully. Despite environmentalists' efforts to save some trees, the Sylhet City Corporation continues to cut down trees for development projects. The Forest Department is unable to take legal action due to the lack of relevant laws. Environmentalists and local authorities express disappointment and condemnation over the unauthorized tree felling, highlighting a syndicate benefiting from these development projects.

Is expressing opinion a worse crime than destroying homes?

17 Sep 2021  |  The Daily Star
Jhumon Das, a resident of Noagaon village in Sunamganj, has been imprisoned since March 17 under the Digital Security Act for criticizing Hefajat leader Mamunul Haque. Despite multiple bail pleas, he remains in jail while the attackers who vandalized his village have been granted bail. His family struggles financially and questions the justice system's priorities, highlighting the disparity between expressing an opinion and committing acts of violence.

Healthy company culture begets employee motivation

18 Jul 2021  |  The Daily Star
The article discusses the importance of a healthy company culture in fostering employee motivation, citing insights from Morshed Alam, managing director of GroupM Bangladesh. Alam emphasizes the significance of a clear purpose, growth potential, and a playful work environment. He also highlights the need for a balanced control culture and the role of corporate branding in attracting talent. Under Alam's leadership, GroupM has grown significantly, focusing on quality work, creating leaders, and embracing digital transformation. The article also touches on Alam's involvement in social awareness campaigns and his efforts to develop the media industry in Bangladesh.

World Population Day: Sylhet wakes up to family planning

11 Jul 2021  |  The Daily Star
The article highlights the challenges of family planning in the Sylhet division of Bangladesh, focusing on the high fertility rates, health risks, and lack of awareness among tea garden workers and residents of remote haor areas. It discusses the findings of a 2019 study on reproductive health and the difficulties faced by health workers in providing services due to geographical and infrastructural challenges. The article calls for government intervention and public-private partnerships to improve family planning awareness and services.

Disaster Management in Sylhet: City authorities caught napping

01 Jun 2021  |  The Daily Star
City authorities in Sylhet have been criticized for their lack of preparedness in managing earthquake disasters, despite existing laws and instructions. Recent earthquakes have highlighted the unpreparedness, with only a few risky buildings being addressed since 2016. The Sylhet City Corporation and other local authorities are now scrambling to update their emergency plans and resources. Meetings have been called by various committees and the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief to address the issue. Key figures emphasize the need for proactive measures and national attention to mitigate risks.

The green cost of development

18 May 2021  |  thedailystar.net
Sylhet, once known for its greenery, has lost much of its green cover due to unplanned urbanization and development projects. The Sylhet City Corporation has been criticized for felling trees without proper planning, with discrepancies found between the actual number of trees cut and the data provided by authorities. Environmental organizations and citizens have protested the irresponsible tree felling. The city has plans to recover its greenery, including a green campaign and the planting of new trees, but experts and activists emphasize the need for proper planning, monitoring, and public involvement in environmental conservation.

No challenge, no growth

16 May 2021  |  thedailystar.net
Mashrur Arefin, the managing director and CEO of The City Bank Ltd, shares insights from his 26-year banking career, emphasizing the importance of a value-driven culture, participatory leadership, and the need for challenges to prevent complacency. He discusses the impact of the pandemic on the banking industry, including the capping of interest rates and the loan holiday affecting repayments. Arefin, also a poet, writer, and translator, balances his banking career with his literary pursuits, advocating for passion and purpose in life. He advises the younger generation on career development, emphasizing the importance of aptitude and character traits over knowledge.

Invest in talent to reach new heights

25 Apr 2021  |  The Daily Star
Marico Bangladesh emphasizes the importance of investing in talent to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and societal betterment. Under the leadership of Ashish Goupal, the company has a significant local workforce, predominantly millennials, and focuses on developing future leaders. Marico's flagship brand, Parachute Advansed, has been recognized for its consistency, and the company actively engages in social responsibility initiatives, including partnerships with the government and UNDP. Despite challenges, Marico remains committed to its purpose beyond profit, contributing to societal development and maintaining strong business operations.

Fear, despair grip them

22 Mar 2021  |  The Daily Star
A communal attack on Hindu households in Noagaon village, Shalla, Sunamganj, led by supporters of Hefajat-e-Islam, has left the community in fear and despair. The violence was triggered by a Facebook post criticizing Mamunul Haque, a leader of the group. The mob vandalized homes and temples, causing significant distress and loss to the residents. Police have arrested the main accused and set up outposts to ensure safety. The attack has been described as sudden and unplanned, with local authorities attempting but failing to prevent the violence.

MC College Gang Rape: Husband held overnight for testifying at court

31 Jan 2021  |  thedailystar.net
The husband of a gang-rape victim was arrested to ensure his testimony in a Sylhet tribunal, a move criticized by lawyers. The Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal issued a non-bailable warrant after he missed a court date. The High Court directed the tribunal to hold trials for both the gang-rape and robbery cases. Concerns were raised about legal representation for the accused, which could lead to acquittals. The High Court also ordered the police commissioner to ensure the safety of all involved parties.

Akhaura-Sylhet Rail Line: Derailments all too frequent

31 Jan 2021  |  The Daily Star
Frequent derailments on the Akhaura-Sylhet rail line, particularly involving fuel-laden trains, have caused significant damage and disrupted schedules. Despite occasional repairs, the rail line, constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has not seen major upgrades. Risky tracks, hilly terrain, and outdated infrastructure are cited as primary causes. A project to convert the metre-gauge railway line to dual-gauge has been delayed due to a review of the negotiated contract cost. The project, estimated to cost Tk 16,104 crore, awaits final approval before work can commence.

Murder of Sunamganj Fisherman: Family fears unfair probe

26 Jan 2021  |  The Daily Star
The family of Shyamacharan Barman, a fisherman murdered in Sunamganj, fears an unfair investigation influenced by local lawmaker Mouazzam Hossain Ratan. Despite allegations against the MP and his brothers, police have not accepted the family's case, leading to concerns about justice. The local community and citizen bodies have organized protests demanding justice, while the MP denies involvement, attributing the murder to internal community conflicts.

Solution at a standstill

25 Jan 2021  |  The Daily Star
Goods-laden trucks rushing through Sylhet's Amberkhana intersection continue to cause fatal accidents, with two deaths reported last week. Despite plans dating back to 2006 to construct a bypass road, the project remains incomplete, leading to ongoing safety concerns. Local authorities and organizations criticize the Roads and Highways Department for delays and inefficiency. Proposals for a four-lane road are under consideration, while temporary measures such as restricting truck entry times and enforcing traffic laws are suggested to mitigate the issue.

More rice import to boost reserve

07 Jan 2021  |  The Daily Star
The Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase approved a proposal to procure 2.5 lakh tonnes of rice to boost food grain reserves, which have decreased significantly from the previous year. The government plans to import a total of 10 lakh tonnes of rice from various countries, with recent approvals for imports from India and Singapore. The price of rice has surged in both retail and wholesale markets, particularly affecting low-income groups. The Food Ministry is also considering reducing import tariffs to facilitate these imports, with the National Board of Revenue reviewing the proposal.



The video story is about a 700-year-old tradition of the Shrine of mystic saint Hazrat Shahjalal. The saint made his voyage to the lant more than 700 years ago and created a new legacy of religious practice. I recorded the footage and wrote the script of the video story while it was edited by the multimedia team of The Daily Star.

This video story is about a newly opened bookstore. Batighar, the most esteemed bookstore of the country opened its latest branch in Sylhet city and the video story tells about the store. I recorded the footage and wrote the script of the video story while it was edited by the multimedia team of The Daily Star.

This video is about a survivor of a shipwreck at the Mediterranean sea. The survivor, Belal from Sylhet, was trying to enter Italy as an illegal immigrant. He lost his three nephews in the shipwrecking and returned home afterwards. This exclusive interview, accompanied by a news feature was conducted by The Daily Star's Chief Reporter Pinaki Roy and I fixed the interview.

Celebrating 100 Years of Rabindranath Tagore's Visit to Sylhet

04 Nov 2019  |  The Daily Star
The article commemorates the 100th anniversary of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's visit to Sylhet in 1919. To mark the centenary, the citizens of Sylhet have organized grand celebrations, including a formal committee headed by Former Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith. The article details the historical significance of Tagore's visit, his interactions with local dignitaries, and his cultural experiences, such as being introduced to Manipuri dance. It also mentions Tagore's inspiration from the visit, which led him to write a poem about Sylhet, although it was not included in his collected works. The article provides insights into the events organized in his honor and the lasting impact of his visit on the city's history and culture.

Debt, captivity, death stalk Bangladeshi fortune seekers heading for Europe illegally

15 May 2019  |  The Daily Star
The article discusses the perilous journey of Bangladeshi migrants seeking better opportunities in Europe through illegal means. It highlights the story of Alamin Miah, a survivor of a migrant boat capsize near Tunisia, who was lured by human traffickers with the promise of reaching Italy. The article details the harrowing experiences of migrants held hostage and tortured by traffickers in Libya, the debts incurred by their families to secure their release, and the tragic fate of those who perished at sea. It also mentions the efforts of the Bangladesh Embassy in Libya to relocate Bangladeshis to safer areas and the voluntary repatriation program, which saw limited interest due to the migrants' financial investments. The article touches on the broader issue of unemployment in Bangladesh, the role of transnational gangs in human smuggling, and the EU's tightened immigration policies. It calls for serious actions to prevent such illegal migration.

The Deadly Lure of the Sylhet Stone Market

05 Mar 2018  |  The Daily Star
The article discusses the perilous conditions of stone workers in Jaflong and other areas of Sylhet, Bangladesh, where illegal and unsafe stone extraction has led to numerous fatalities, including children. Jahur Ali's family tragedy, where he lost his daughter and son due to a landslide at a stone mining site, is highlighted. Despite court orders banning the use of machines for stone extraction and declaring certain areas as Ecologically Critical Areas (ECAs), illegal mining persists, often backed by powerful individuals affiliated with the ruling party. The environmental degradation caused by such activities is also threatening the tourism industry. The article points out the government's lack of effective action and monitoring, as well as the confusion among different legal directives and the ineffectiveness of law enforcement in curbing these illegal practices.

Sylhet's Vanishing Greenery: The Cost of Unchecked Urbanisation

20 Dec 2017  |  The Daily Star
Sylhet, a historic city in Bangladesh, is experiencing a significant loss of greenery due to rapid and unplanned urbanisation. A study by GIS/RS analyst Sanjoy Roy indicates that the city's green cover has halved from 1995 to 2016. The expansion of built-up areas and reduction of open lands are the primary causes of this environmental degradation. The loss of vegetation is impacting the urban environment, biodiversity, and microclimate, leading to issues like reduced groundwater recharge, increased surface temperatures, and decreased rainfall. Local experts and activists, including those from Bapa and Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, stress the need for sustainable development plans and conservation efforts. The Sylhet City Corporation has plans to plant trees and develop an environment-friendly master plan to address the issue.

Sylhet's Disappearing Dighis: Urbanisation and Neglect to Blame

19 Nov 2017  |  The Daily Star
The article discusses the rapid loss of large ponds, known as dighis, in Sylhet city due to unplanned urbanisation and neglect by authorities. Historically significant ponds like Ramer Dighi and Machu Dighi have been filled in and replaced by urban structures. Local resistance to save these water bodies has been ineffective, and the Sylhet City Corporation has not conducted a survey in the last decade to assess the situation. Recommendations from a survey by Shahjalal University of Science and Technology have been ignored. Rights organisations and environmental groups are advocating for the protection and re-excavation of the remaining ponds. The city corporation plans to initiate an awareness campaign and has proposed projects to beautify some of the existing dighis.

Sylhet Sixers fans throng the stands

05 Nov 2017  |  The Daily Star
The article reports on the enthusiasm of fans during the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) cricket match between Sylhet Sixers and Comilla Victorians at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. Fans, including children and adults, were eager to catch a glimpse of the match, with some unable to purchase tickets due to mismanagement and resorting to watching from nearby hills or negotiating with security to enter. The article also mentions the arrest of two volunteers for attempting to sell sponsor tickets at inflated prices and the injuries sustained by three fans during a scuffle caused by a delay in ticket sales on November 2.

Early flashfloods shock farmers; paddy on more than one lakh hectare land destroyed

13 Apr 2017  |  The Daily Star
Early flash floods have devastated the haor regions of northeastern Bangladesh, destroying over one lakh hectares of Boro paddy crops. This unexpected natural disaster struck much earlier than the usual April timeline, with experts attributing the early floods to climate change. The floods have affected multiple districts including Sylhet, Sunamganj, Habiganj, Netrokona, Kishoreganj, Brahmanbaria, and Moulvibazar. Farmers, who rely on the annual Boro crop, are facing severe financial distress, with many selling their cattle and valuables or seeking manual labor in nearby towns. The Department of Agricultural Extension estimates a loss of Tk 1 lakh per hectare, with a total of 1.41 lakh hectares submerged. Despite the destruction, officials hope to meet the national Boro harvest target due to good yields in other parts of the country.

Small hills in Sylhet being destroyed as stone extracted illegally defying HC order

23 Jan 2017  |  The Daily Star
Shah Arefin Tila, a hillock in Sylhet's Companiganj upazila, is being destroyed as stone is extracted illegally by unscrupulous traders and influential locals, despite a High Court order banning such activities. The destruction has affected around 137.50 acres of the hillock, with the use of dredgers and manual labor. The practice was previously banned by the High Court in 2012 after the Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association filed a writ petition. The court also ordered the protection of hills, but the order is being violated. Environmentalists and activists are urging the government to enforce the law and protect the hills, while local authorities claim to conduct regular drives against illegal extraction. However, the lack of manpower hinders frequent raids, allowing the illegal activities to continue.

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