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Dzmitry Halko

Mariupol', Ukraine
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About Dzmitry
I am 36, I have been working as a journalist for eight years in Belarus. Starting from Maidan, I covered the main events in Ukraine as a reporter of Belarusan newspaper "Novy Chas". For my work in Eastern Ukraine I got three awards:

- Knight of the Year (******) 

- Svyatlana Navumawa Award (******) 

- Free Word Award (******) 

After being in Ukraine for almost a year, I decided to settle here. Now I can help you as a fixer in both countries and/or work for you as a reporter here.
Belarusian English Russian
Feature Stories Content Writing Investigative Journalism
Fact Checking

Shelling in Sartana raises fears of worsening conflict in Donbas

17 Aug 2015  |  Get the Latest Ukraine News Today - KyivPost
The article reports on a shelling incident on August 16 in Sartana, a town near Mariupol in Ukraine, which resulted in the death of two civilians and severe injury to a 10-year-old girl. The attack has heightened fears of escalating hostilities in the Donbas region. While some locals blame the Ukrainian military for the attack, officials, including the head of Sartana Town Council and a military press officer, assert that Russian-separatist forces are responsible. The shelling has caused significant damage to the town, including over 50 houses and disruption to utilities. The incident has increased concerns among locals of a potential separatist offensive against Mariupol. The Ukrainian military reports a spike in attacks in the region, with both sides accusing each other of preparing for an offensive and targeting civilians to justify renewed full-scale conflict.

A family divided by war - Jun. 14, 2015

14 Jun 2015  |  Get the Latest Ukraine News Today - KyivPost
The article tells the personal story of Natalya and Alexei Zorin, siblings separated by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Natalya resides in Mariupol, Ukraine, while Alexei lives in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The distance between them has increased from 180 kilometers to 1,500 kilometers due to the need to avoid occupied territories. Both siblings have backgrounds in economics and previously worked as auditors for state agencies, but left their jobs due to ethical concerns. Alexei expresses disillusionment with Russia, calling it a 'blind alley,' while still having hope for Ukraine. Natalya's husband, Kiryl, notes that despite the economic impact of the conflict on the Mariupol seaport, some locals still hope for Russian President Vladimir Putin's intervention. The article also touches on the preparations Natalya and Kiryl have made for a potential escape from Mariupol and how their son Ilya is already familiar with the war. The siblings, who enjoy kitesurfing, reflect on their mixed company of Ukrainian and Russian friends and the current impossibility of meeting due to the conflict.

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