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Ebrahim Pressbah

Banjul, Gambia
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About Ebrahim
Ebrahim Pressbah is a journalist and a blogger based in Banjul, Gambia. He has exceptional skills in multimedia journalism [television, radio, newspaper and online].
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President Adama Barrow inaugurates electricity expansion project in Kiang

01 Apr 2023  |  Mansa Banko Online
President Adama Barrow of The Gambia inaugurated an electricity expansion project, 'Operation Lampolmala', to provide power to underserved communities, including the Kiang region. This project, supported by NAWEC, OMVG, ADB, and ECOWAS, aims to achieve universal electricity access by 2025. Kiang, historically an opposition stronghold, had been neglected by previous governments. The project, costing over $22.5 million, began in 2017 and covers 77 communities. Despite the progress, the cost of electricity meters and ongoing power purchases pose financial challenges for the impoverished residents. The article also touches on the political dynamics of development allocation and the potential benefits of rural electrification for education, health, and communication. The author, Ebrima Bah, provides an investigative look into the implications of this development for the local population.

COVID-19 Pandemic: The Gambia Health Sector Had To Enforce Mass Testing In Search Of Reasons For Local Case Transmission. One Of The Coastal Town Was Target As Fishermen Sail Across Rivers With Migrants Resorting To Boat Transport As Borders Were Shut

Re-export trade among ECOWAS members is encouraged by 'good laws', but what is a law when implementation is faced with bottlenecks? While the subregion is witnessing more intergrative political coinage between Gambia with it's neighbours including Senegal, Mali and Guinea, the transaction industry is becoming more complex to manage.

Gambia is exerting all attention to the fourteenth summit of the Organisation Islamic Conference (OIC) scheduled for November 2019 in Banjul. In the wake of new political dispensation, this will serve as the greatest diplomatic test to vibrate the country’s presence in the world map.

A Region Divided By Politics Is Slowly Heading To Unity. Hopes Were On The New Government But Not Without The Old Juice.

No objection to government critics on poor conditions of roads

06 Jun 2018  |  thenorthbankeveningstandard.blogspot.com
Gambian freelance journalist Ebrima Bah discusses the poor conditions of roads in The Gambia, particularly focusing on the Trans-Gambia Highway and its impact on commuters. He describes the journey from Brikama Garage to Mansakonko, highlighting the rough ride, dust, and frequent vehicle breakdowns along the way. Bah notes the high speeds at which drivers travel to minimize vehicle damage and passenger discomfort, despite the risks. He also touches on the environmental impact, mentioning that cattle avoid grazing near the dusty roads. The article conveys the frustrations of travelers and the need for road construction completion, while also reflecting on the broader implications for the region's infrastructure and transportation systems.

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