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Edward Szekeres

Bratislava, Slovakia
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About Edward
Edward Szekeres is a freelance journalist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Well-versed in fixing, feature writing, interviewing and breaking news.
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Inside the story of the blockade of the GasUnie building in Groningen.

Reportage by Dimitra Karapanagiotou and Edward Szekeres on Groningen's Fridays4Future climate protest movement.

Running enthusiasts in Groningen can start lacing up their shoes for a unique weekly event that will see them snake their way through bike-free paths tucked away in the thick of the Stadspark. Parkrun, a weekly 5 kilometers-long run with no entry fee or time limits, is coming to Groningen in late February 2020.

14 Feb 2020

Surrounded, arrested, removed, jailed - then back out on the streets to do it all over again. Students who have joined Extinction Rebellion are willing to take big risks to remind us that our planet is dying. It's a surreal scene.

14 Feb 2020  |  UKrant.nl
The article by Edward Szekeres describes the participation of students from RUG in Extinction Rebellion protests in Amsterdam. The protestors, committed to non-violence, blocked a major thoroughfare near the Rijksmuseum, leading to their arrest and removal by the police. The Groningen branch of Extinction Rebellion, which the students are part of, advocates for urgent government action against the climate crisis. The organization operates with a horizontal structure and emphasizes planning, with various levels of involvement among its members. The article highlights the protestors' determination and the culture within Extinction Rebellion, including their regenerative culture, non-violent communication, and training in direct action. Despite the inconvenience caused to the public, the protestors, and particularly the students, believe the urgency of their cause outweighs the temporary disruptions they create.

Ján Littva must fend for himself despite having won the second most titles in the history of his sport.

14 Feb 2020  |  spectator.sme.sk
The article profiles Ján Littva, a champion in the sport of radio control soaring, which involves flying engineless gliders using warm air currents. The scene is set in the summer of 2014 near Martin, Slovakia, where Littva became the World Champion in the F3J category, marking the first time a pilot won the title on home soil. Since then, Littva has achieved significant success, including winning the European Championship, finishing second at another World Championship in 2016, and securing multiple titles in the World and Europe Leagues. The article highlights Littva's skill in a sport that requires a deep understanding of air currents and precise control of the gliders.

In a conflict-ravaged world where half the population is under thirty, young people should have a seat at the table, says Marcel Štefánik.

14 Feb 2020  |  spectator.sme.sk
Marcel Štefánik, the highest-ranked Slovak at the Red Cross and Global Coordinator for Youth Engagement, emphasizes the importance of involving young people in decision-making, especially in humanitarian efforts. The article recounts his experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, where he observed young volunteers aiding in the refugee crisis caused by ethnic violence in Myanmar. Over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims sought refuge in the Kutupalong camp, and despite the challenging conditions, local youth played a crucial role in maintaining order and distributing aid. Štefánik's mission was to understand how these young volunteers contributed to the relief efforts, and he found that respecting local customs and traditions was key to the mission's success.

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