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Eivind Hoff-Elimari

Oslo, Norway
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About Eivind
Eivind Hoff-Elimari is an editor based in Oslo, Norway.
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Problemet er hvordan Rødt driver politikk

03 Sep 2023  |  amta.no
The article is an opinion piece discussing the political behavior of the Rødt party in local politics on Nesodden, Norway. The author criticizes Rødt for spreading lies and being dishonest, particularly in their written communications and during the election campaign. The author, a former leader of the whistleblowing committee, refutes Rødt's claims of unfair treatment of whistleblowers by the municipality and accuses Rødt's Geir Christensen of hindering constructive dialogue. The article also challenges Rødt's approach to budget proposals and housing policies, contrasting it with the author's party, MDG, which seeks practical solutions within current legal frameworks. The author expresses disappointment in Rødt's lack of reality-based politics and urges voters to make informed decisions in the upcoming election.


10 Aug 2023  |  amta.no
The author of the article reflects on their experience as a member and temporary mayor of the Nesodden municipal council. They express gratitude for the opportunity and discuss the achievements of the community, including environmental conservation efforts and municipal management. The author shares three hopes for the future: focusing on significant issues, making local politics more attractive to a diverse group of people, and viewing the municipality as a community tool rather than an authority. They also mention the importance of family and encourage participation in the upcoming elections to shape the future of Nesodden.


10 Mar 2023  |  amta.no
The article is a debate piece written by an external contributor expressing their views on local politics in Nesodden, Norway. It addresses a response from Nesodden Høyre to a previous letter from political parties Ap, MDG, SV, and Venstre, which argued against starting a process to change the purpose of four natural areas into business zones. The author questions Høyre's rationale, lack of documentation for the need to convert these areas for business to achieve moderate population growth, and the concept of area neutrality mentioned in the community plan. The article also criticizes Høyre's approach to negotiations, such as the recent 2023 budget discussions, and suggests that Høyre has constructed a false dichotomy of 'position' and 'opposition' in local politics.


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