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Lagos, Nigeria

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Ejiro Edhughoro

Ejiro Edhughoro is a journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. I produce short features, handle my camera myself, edit and script the video. I report breaking news. I have freelanced for Thomson Reuters for 7 years and for Africanews for 3 years.


English Yoruba

This feature was done in Lagos Nigeria. It was done for Africanews. This is a feature on women learning self defense so they can protect themselves in a case where they are attacked by a rapist. They carry it out practically.



  • Container houses in Nigeria

    Lagos, Nigeria Technology, Social May 31 @ 12:00am

    According to statistics, Nigeria has a housing deficit of 17 million. With rising cost of building materials, difficulty in getting lands, and landlords collecting several years advance for rent, the low and middle income earners are the worst hit as property developers prefer building for high... Read more

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