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Eldson Chagara

Eldson Chagara is a journalist based in Blantyre, Malawi. He has vast experience in electronic media. He is a multimedia "One Man Army" (Shooting, Reporting, Scripting, Editing and Narration) for al;l his video productions (TV reports and features)  Eldson has been supplying video news and still news visuals to some of the most reputable and popular online news agencies and broadcasting media houses. Eldson Chagara has been contributing news articles to various online media houses. They include, Reuters news agency, Voice of America, Transatlantic, BBC, SABC, Transterra media and other charitable, not-for-profit and the private sector nationally and internationally. Eldson has, for years, produced
a lot of news stories on development, Health, Conflict, Education, Gender,
Human rights, Agriculture, Religious issues, HIV/Aids, Politics, Culture, Climate change and
Current affairs among others. He reports from Malawi, Africa but can freely be commissioned to cover
stories elsewhere, in Africa and beyond. Some of Eldson Chagara’s video and photography work can be viewed by searching his name on Google and other news-related websites.


As the coronavirus pandemic continue to spread globally, Malawi exporters of the most beautiful and unique fish, the Cichlid, are losing out on their business. Workers and families are laid off and starving respectively. Eldson Chagara reports

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