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Elena Cavallone

Brussels, Belgium
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About Elena
I am a hard working and result-oriented multilingual journalist with six years of experience in European news coverage. Enthusiastic about telling human stories behind politics. Covering the activities of the EU institutions and beyond with a marked focus on migration, climate change, women’s rights, and other social justice matters. A talented researcher with excellent ability to investigate, write, edit, and present news in an efficient way to meet tight deadlines.
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Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Nosocomial Infections in Left Ventricular Assist Device Recipients

17 Feb 2024  |  www.mdpi.com
The study describes the epidemiology and risk factors for nosocomial infections in adult patients who underwent continuous-flow LVAD implantation between January 2010 and December 2017 in Turin, Italy. It found that 50% of patients experienced at least one infection, with a higher prevalence of Gram-negative bacilli, including multidrug-resistant strains. Length of ICU stay was a significant risk factor for infection. The study suggests that nosocomial infection rates in LVAD patients are associated with the length of ICU admission, and the infections are mainly due to Gram-negative bacilli, with a high rate of multidrug-resistant strains.

French police using Roma to inflate deportation figures, says activist

04 Feb 2021  |  euronews.com
French police have been accused of deporting Roma people at the Belgian border near Lille as a means to artificially inflate deportation figures. This practice, which has reportedly been ongoing for a decade, involves police raids on Roma campsites, document confiscation, and staged deportations that result in the Roma immediately returning to France. Activist and lawyer Dominique Plancke claims these actions hinder the Roma's integration and ability to find employment in France. The police have responded, stating that the departures are voluntary and re-entry into France in violation of an obligation to leave constitutes an offense.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has caused thousands of victims and disrupted civilians' lives. But in that region, people also want to look at the future. (2018)

Interview with the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli

Migrants in the Italian capital Rome are being ignored by the authorities and left to sleep on the streets while they await results of their asylum applications, it's been claimed.

The Italian Cabinet defied the EU Commission and stuck to its spending plans. This comes a month after the Commission took the unprecedented step of rejecting Italy's big-spending budget.

The Falklands have not been included in the EU-UK agreement, a cause for concern among residents, many of whom rely heavily on trade with Europe.

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EU diplomacy struggling for influence as future of Belarus hangs in balance

27 Aug 2020  |  euronews.com
The European Union is grappling with its role in Belarus amid escalating protests. The EU has condemned the electoral fraud and violent repression, calling for new transparent elections and dialogue, but faces limited influence compared to Russia. Experts suggest the EU's support for demonstrators and civil society is crucial despite the challenges. EU leaders are considering targeted sanctions, while the OSCE is recommended for election supervision. The situation is complicated by the Kremlin's support for Lukashenko and the US's apparent disengagement.

Consultations begin on EU scheme of minimum wage

04 Jun 2020  |  euronews
The European Commission has initiated a new consultation with social partners to ensure all workers in the EU earn a minimum wage, deemed essential for economic recovery post-pandemic. Monthly minimum wages vary across the EU, with Bulgaria having the lowest and Luxembourg the highest. The consultation aims to set conditions for member states to establish their own minimum wages, not a uniform European wage. The European Trade Union Confederation backs the proposal, emphasizing its potential to boost demand. Business associations have not commented. The consultation concludes on September 4, following Spain's acceleration of guaranteed minimum income and recent minimum wage increases in several EU countries. Eurofound's report indicates that minimum wage increases alone may not suffice for workers to make ends meet, suggesting that purchasing power is more critical.

Watch in full: Euronews interviews EU parliament chief David Sassoli

13 Nov 2019  |  euronews.com
David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, in an interview with Euronews, emphasized that the controversies facing the European Parliament are normal in a functioning democracy. He discussed the European Commission's delayed mandate, the rise of nationalism, European values, Brexit, immigration, NATO, and the EU's relationship with Turkey. Sassoli expressed optimism about the European project and the importance of European values in combating nationalism and supporting democracy. He also touched on the EU's role in immigration policy and the need for a common European defense policy. The interview highlighted the EU's democratic processes and the challenges it faces from within and outside its borders.

Red to green and fresh faces to burst the Brussels Bubble

07 Jun 2019  |  www.euronews.com
Following the European elections, Denmark's Social Democrats succeeded by adopting a right-leaning migrant policy and a left-leaning environmental stance. New MEPs, including Pietro Bartolo, visited Brussels for the first time. The Conservative Party's leadership race commenced as Theresa May stepped down, with Brexit remaining a challenge. Adrian Vazquez Lazara awaits a seat in the European Parliament, pending Brexit. The International Labour Organisation will discuss the Future of Work in Geneva, while Nicola Sturgeon will talk about Scotland's EU ties post-Brexit in Brussels. Zuzana Caputova is set to become Slovakia's President.

'My door is open' EU Commissioner tells Italy over debt

05 Jun 2019  |  euronews.com
The European Commission has initiated an infringement procedure against Italy due to its increasing public debt, which is the second highest in Europe after Greece. Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner, has stated that he is open to new data that could change the analysis. The decision may worsen relations between Brussels and Rome, with Italian MEP Angelo Ciocca from the League criticizing the Commission's approach. Italy must make budget cuts of around €3-4 billion to avoid sanctions, and the EU countries' representatives have two weeks to decide on endorsing the Commission's recommendation. Economist Cinzia Alcidi notes Italy's current isolation within the EU Council, which could make forming alliances to avoid punishment more challenging.

EU, US should find 'negotiated solution' to trade tensions, says Cecilia Malmstrom

06 May 2019  |  www.euronews.com
Cecilia Malmstrom, the outgoing European Commissioner for Trade, emphasized the need for the EU and the US to find a negotiated solution to their trade tensions, rather than imposing tariffs. She discussed the EU's stance on China, the role of trade deals in combating climate change and populism, and the importance of trade in general. Malmstrom also highlighted the EU's commitment to making trade greener and the need for China to adhere to international rules. With the upcoming European parliamentary elections, she acknowledged the potential rise of far-right MEPs but stressed the importance of voting. Malmstrom announced her departure from politics and called for increased female representation in European leadership.

Road Trip Europe Day 22: L'Aquila – 'I'm going to vote to say thank you'

16 Apr 2019  |  www.euronews.com
Euronews correspondents Elena Cavallone and Jack Parrock report from L'Aquila, Italy, on the ongoing reconstruction following the devastating earthquake ten years prior. Funded largely by the EU, the rebuilding efforts have faced criticism over fund use and allegations of corruption. Despite this, local resident Marcella Del Vecchio expresses her intention to vote in the upcoming EU elections as a gesture of thanks for the EU's support. Another local, Andrea Mancini, shares his renewed sense of belonging and hopes for the town's future.

Serbia smiles eastward as Putin visit builds ties

18 Jan 2019  |  euronews.com
Serbia welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Belgrade, where he signed agreements on military and energy cooperation. Putin criticized Western destabilization in the Balkans, while Serbia aims to join the EU by 2025. Serbia's reliance on Russian gas is a point of leverage for Moscow. Jelena Milic of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies suggests Serbia should balance its energy dependency with closer EU ties. Serbia must resolve its dispute with Kosovo to progress with EU accession. Public sentiment in Serbia shows strong support for Russia, particularly over the Kosovo crisis. Protests against Serbian President Vucic's alleged repression of media and political violence occurred just before Putin's visit, amidst rumors of new elections.

Rome vs Brussels: risk of an unprecedented clash over the budget

20 Nov 2018  |  www.euronews.com
The European Commission is expected to present a negative opinion on Italy's draft budget, which proposes a deficit of 2.4%, exceeding the Commission's recommendations. A report on Italian debt is also anticipated, potentially leading to a procedure against Italy for excessive debt. EU governments will assess the report, with Italy appearing isolated on the issue. The procedure could require Italy to implement measures to reduce debt, with possible fines for non-compliance. Meanwhile, the Eurogroup has endorsed a Franco-German proposal for a eurozone budget aimed at strengthening the currency union, which could put additional pressure on Italy to comply with EU fiscal rules.

Eating pizza under the shelling: life on the contact line in eastern Ukraine

31 Oct 2018  |  www.euronews.com
In the village of Novhorodske, Eastern Ukraine, known locally as New York, life persists amidst the conflict with the Russia-backed separatists. Oksana Lenko, with a grant from the UNDP, opened a bakery serving as a symbol of normality. The war has led to job losses, damaged infrastructure, and increased pressure on social systems. The European Investment Bank's Ukraine Early Recovery Programme aims to improve living conditions and support democracy. The Myrnohrad city hospital, now equipped with a new X-ray machine, provides essential medical care. As Ukraine approaches presidential elections, the EU monitors potential changes that could affect the country's direction, with concerns over the rise of populist and pro-Russia forces.

Find prices displayed on Airbnb's website misleading? They're about to change

20 Sep 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Airbnb is revising its terms and conditions to comply with EU consumer regulations, committing to present total booking prices including extra fees and clearly inform consumers about additional charges. This move follows a meeting with EU Commissioner Vera Jourova. Airbnb, founded in San Francisco, has faced criticism for contributing to housing shortages in European cities but maintains it is an online service provider. The European Commission notes that Facebook and Twitter have yet to fully address similar regulatory issues.

'Threats are useless' - Brussels rejects Italy's migration ultimatum

24 Aug 2018  |  www.euronews.com
The European Commission has dismissed Italy's threat to withhold EU budget contributions unless a solution is found for migrants stranded on the Diciotti boat in Catania. European Commission spokesperson Alexander Winterstein emphasized the importance of constructive cooperation among member states. Despite Italy's frontline role in the refugee crisis, migrant numbers have significantly decreased this year. Maltese MEP Alfred Sant criticized the lack of political will to implement effective solutions. Belgium's immigration minister stated that his country would not accept any of the stranded migrants.

Italy coalition shocks Europe with draft plans

16 May 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Italy's 5 Star Movement and The League have proposed a draft coalition agreement that includes provisions to leave the eurozone via referendum, rewrite EU treaties, and alter fiscal policies. These proposals have caused concern among Europhiles and could disrupt the European project. The draft also suggests reconsidering Italy's EU budget contribution and requesting the European Central Bank to freeze €250bn of Italian debt. The coalition's plans for deficit spending and tax reforms could lead to significant economic challenges. EU officials have urged Italy to manage its debt and adhere to Stability Pact rules while expressing cautious optimism about the country's future commitments.

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