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Elena Kaniadakis

Athens, Greece
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About Elena
Elena Kaniadakis is a journalist based in Athens, Greece.
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Top Hezbollah field commander killed in IDF drone strike in south Lebanon

14 May 2024  |  qoshe.com
Hussein Makki, a top Hezbollah field commander, was killed in an IDF drone strike in southern Lebanon. The Israeli military stated that Makki was responsible for planning and executing numerous terror attacks as part of Hezbollah's 'Southern Front' unit. This incident is part of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, highlighting the continued tensions and military engagements in the region.

Greek students and professors rally against university police force

06 Apr 2023  |  euronews
Greek students and professors are protesting against a proposed law by the ruling New Democracy party to establish a university police force, fearing it will suppress freedom of expression. The law aims to address violence in universities by empowering a special police force to guard campuses and arrest troublemakers, and by creating a disciplinary council to suspend or expel students. Critics argue that the problem is not violence but chronic underfunding of education. Historical context is provided, referencing the violent suppression of student protests during the military dictatorship in the 1970s. The Ministry for Citizen Protection defends the reform, stating it will protect free flow of ideas from extremist groups. The Oxford UCU has shown solidarity with Greek professors, and Amnesty International has noted an increase in police abuses in Greece. The government also plans to increase police presence in other areas, such as public transport, despite Greece already having a high police-to-inhabitant ratio in the EU.

Rethinking Rome's Economy: Trastevere's Challenge Amidst Pandemic

05 Apr 2023  |  euronews
The article by Elena Kaniadakis discusses the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Rome's tourism-dependent economy, particularly in the Trastevere district. With a significant drop in tourist numbers, local businesses and residents are facing challenges. Housing expert Sarah Gainsforth and local residents like Roberta D'Onofrio are finding innovative solutions, such as converting holiday homes into workspaces. The article highlights the over-reliance on tourism and the need for economic diversification. It also touches on the broader issue of 'touristification' in cities worldwide and the potential for regulatory measures to balance tourism with local quality of life. The pandemic is seen as an opportunity to rethink and potentially revitalize local communities, but there is also a risk of increased speculation and loss of public assets if timely actions are not taken.

Bulgaria votes, the weight of Moscow's fake news on the elections

02 Apr 2023  |  repubblica.it
On April 2, Bulgaria, the most pro-Russian country in the European Union, goes to the polls under the influence of a massive Russian disinformation campaign. This could be a model for what might happen in next year's European elections.

The descendants of Greek refugees who fled Turkey nearly a century ago tell Euronews their stories

15 Mar 2023  |  euronews
The article by Elena Kaniadakis for Euronews explores the lasting impact of the Greco-Turkish War and the subsequent population exchange on the descendants of Greek refugees who fled Turkey nearly a century ago. It delves into the personal stories of these descendants, who maintain their cultural identity through associations and community activities in Athens. The article highlights the painful memories evoked by recent tensions between Greece and Turkey, and emphasizes the significant contributions of the Anatolian Greeks to Greek culture. It also discusses the geographical impact on Athens, where many districts are named after places in Asia Minor, reflecting the heritage of the refugees who settled there. The piece underscores the importance of remembering history while acknowledging the need to manage present-day challenges.

Limassol, the 'Little Moscow-on-the-Mediterranean', is in crisis

04 Aug 2022  |  courrierinternational.com
Limassol, Cyprus, known as the 'Little Moscow-on-the-Mediterranean', is facing an economic crisis due to EU sanctions against Russia. With a significant Russian expatriate community, the city has been a hub for Russian investment and tourism. However, the sanctions have led to a financial blockade, affecting local businesses and the real estate market. The community is resorting to the black market for currency exchange and seeking legal assistance to unfreeze bank accounts. The cultural ties between Cyprus and Russia, once celebrated, are now strained, with events postponed and a sense of alienation growing among Russian Cypriots. The future of the city's economy is uncertain as it looks for new investors to replace the stable, long-term Russian funding that supported projects like universities and hospitals.

Here Serbs, there Albanians, and in the middle the river: the wall that divides Mitrovica in Kosovo

23 May 2022  |  lespresso.it
Mitrovica, a city in northern Kosovo, remains divided more than twenty years after the Kosovo war, with the Ibar River separating the Albanian and Serbian populations. The city, once prosperous and multicultural, now reflects unresolved ethnic tensions and disillusionment about the future. NATO peacekeeping forces have been present since the 1999 conflict, and recent events in Ukraine have raised fears of destabilization in the Balkans. Mitrovica's residents face challenges such as segregated living, language barriers, and political manipulation. The Serbian government funds a parallel state system in the city's northern part, and the Kosovo government's actions, such as not recognizing Serbian license plates, have caused tensions. International presence and Serbia's EU candidacy hopes mitigate the risk of violence, but the future remains uncertain.

The denunciation of Oxfam: 'Afghan refugees used as bargaining chips'

13 Sep 2021  |  ilmanifesto.it
The article discusses the plight of Afghan refugees in Greece, particularly in the Lesbos refugee camp, where they face dire living conditions and bureaucratic hurdles. Oxfam and the Greek Council for Refugees criticize the Greek government's policy of considering Turkey a 'safe country' for asylum seekers, leading to many applications being rejected. The article highlights the personal stories of refugees like Tahmina, who express concern for their families in Afghanistan and frustration with their current situation. The Greek government's promise of new, dignified refugee camps remains unfulfilled, exacerbating the crisis.

Journalists killed, threats, and dirty deals: the scandal shaking Athens

10 May 2021  |  lespresso.it
In Athens, a series of violent acts against journalists and media figures, including the murder of Giorgos Karaivaz and threats against investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, have highlighted a grim scenario for press freedom in Greece. Vaxevanis, who has previously faced death threats and legal challenges for his work, is now under police protection. His publication, Documento, has exposed scandals involving members of the conservative Nea Dimokratia party and has been excluded from government funding for COVID-19 information campaigns. The arrest of television presenter Menios Fourthiotis for orchestrating a fake attack on himself and his alleged connections to the government have raised serious questions about the relationship between politics, police, and organized crime in Greece. The situation has contributed to Greece's decline in the Reporters without borders press freedom ranking, and the government has been criticized for creating a hostile environment for critical journalism.

In Lesbos, not only Moria: two structures where migrants felt safe are also closing

06 Oct 2020  |  it.euronews.com
Following the fire that destroyed the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece, the Greek government plans to close two smaller camps, Pikpa and the original Kara Tepe, which were considered safe havens by many migrants. Over 160 organizations have petitioned against the closures, arguing for the need to maintain dignified housing solutions. The closures are part of a broader strategy to consolidate migrants into a single large facility for better management, supported by the EU. The decision has sparked criticism from activists and migrants who fear for their safety and future.

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