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Elisa Esposito

I am a journalist, live in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Advanced English/ Spanish and passionate about communication.


•Site Translation of Casper Libero Foundation (PT-EN):

•International experience:
2016- Mexico: worked with indigenous communities: project reduce inequalities.
- Activities: teaching about human rights; notions of entrepreneurship (development brand and logo, pages in social networks) and global culture. Raised funds through a craft fair to help them with costs.

2014 - Argentina: Journalism course Without Borders:
Foreign correspondent course in Buenos Aires with with specialized international journalists area.


• Stories of journalism

1) Folha de São Paulo: (PT)
Former Torture Center turns museum in Buenos Aires

2) Forum: (PT)
New territory for the nation of refugees and displaced



• 2016 - current job: UNFPA : The United Nations Population Fund
-Post: youth representative

• 2015-2016: AIESEC:
-Content published on the official website of Brazil:
-Management projects: contact with exchange students and heads of institutions in other countries.
-Strategic analyst(Google Analytics, spreadsheets, graphical analysis).
-Organized large events: responsible for all communication planning.

• 2015: worked at Unesp TV Journalism

• 2014: worked in "TV Gazeta": Webdesigner / IT and Journalism

• 2014: Course policy coverage in Brasilia
-Event coverage: +30 Cartagena Conference and 2nd Seminar "Youth and International Politics"

• 2013: TV course with Arnaldo Ferraz (TV Record)
Lecture with specific video training for reporters. Editors, Stand UP recording, Bulletins, Sequence Plan.

• 2012: Sports Journalism Course on TV with specialized journalists area.

• 2011: BM&F Bovespa: Investment Course and Actions.


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The Foundation Casper Libero is formed by Casper Libero College, Sport Gazeta, TV Gazeta, Sylvester, Radio Gazeta Fm / Am, News Agency (Gazeta Press) and memory center Cásper. The work done by freelancer constituted in translating all full content of the organization's website. Translation PT-EN:

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The "Journalism Without Borders" is a training program that expands the cultural repertoire, develops skills, prepares and promotes the entry of journalism professional market. This edition took place in Buenos Aires to bring the experience of a foreign correspondent. The magazine was all diagrammed by Elisa Esposito. Website link: Direct link from magazine:

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Booklet: Creation of visual and textual content to event AIESEC.

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