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Elizabeth McSheffrey

Ottawa, Canada

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Elizabeth McSheffrey

Elizabeth McSheffrey is a Canadian journalist currently based in Vancouver, B.C. Since 2012, she has developed radio stations in Sierra Leone, covered a federal election, investigated major corporate and political scandal, and freelanced her way around East Africa. She recently worked for Nation Media Group in Kenya, where she filed print, TV, and radio features for the region’s largest newsroom.

Elizabeth’s work has been published by news outlets all over the world, including CBC, BBC, CBS, CTV, Globe and Mail, Slate, VICE, and dpa International. She is best known for her coverage of Al-Shebaab terrorist attacks in Kenya, for which she was featured on CBC’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti.

Her stories have often had national and international impact; in 2015 alone, Elizabeth’s feature on Uganda’s  burgeoning cinema industry sparked global coverage of its action stars, earning her an AITO Young Travel Writer of the Year nomination. A few months later, her reporting on Canada’s fur industry was cited in news outlets across Canada, inspiring an internal investigation into a Canadian luxury apparel company, and landing her on the list of finalists for an outstanding investigative reporting award from the Canadian Association of Journalists.

For more information about her travels, visit elizabetharoundtheworld.com. To contact Elizabeth or pitch a project, please send a message through Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or elizabeth.mcsheffrey@gmail.com.


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Toronto-based mining giant, Barrick Gold, spilled cyanide solution into five Argentina rivers shortly after firing an engineer who raised serious safety concerns about the mining operation responsible for the contamination. Court documents obtained by National Observer allege that Barrick, the largest gold producer in the world, abruptly dismissed senior engineer Raman Autar in 2014 to “escape publication” of critical health, safety and environmental violations he found at the Veladero mine, one of the world's largest gold mines.


An investigation into corporate donations to political parties in British Columbia finds staggering amounts of cash being fuelled into the province by Alberta oil and gas companies with a vested interest in influencing B.C. politics.


From orange wave to orange crash: An op-ed examines the fall of the federal NDP in Canada's 2015 election.


An investigation into the secretive world of Canadian fur-farming finds mink and fox suffering behind bars of farmers who bend the rules, unhindered by a set of loose provincial laws.



RADIO - Sia Were is the bubbly young host of The Krazy Kool Show in Nairobi. I met caught up with her at her place in Kileleshwa, where she spills the beans on work-life balance and what it’s like to be an actress. The segment was published by NationFM, the flagship radio station of Nation Media Group in East Africa in December 2014.



RADIO - Washingtone, Godwin and Chrispine work in ‘slum promotion.’ It’s all-encompassing term, they say, for the work they do as tour guides and fixers in Kibera, where they were born and raised. They often come under fire for bringing foreigners into the ghetto, but believe their intentions are misunderstood by many members of their community. In this exclusive interview, the three young men tell NationFM, the flagship radio station of Nation Media Group, how they navigate the murky ethical waters that come with the controversial job (February 2015).


TELEVISION - Tear gas, bullets and beating follow a violent protest in Nairobi after a vegetable market was destroyed in a suspicious midnight fire in February 2015. View live coverage of the event, published by The Daily Nation.


TELEVISION - In December 2014, Al-Shebaab militants struck Kenya once again, killing nearly 40 innocent civilians in a quarry near the Somalia border. This is a live Skype hit for CBC News Now describing the political and security situation in Kenya.

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