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Elizabeth Palacios

Ciudad de México, Mexico
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About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Palacios is a journalist based in Ciudad de México, Mexico. She can make works about soft news, travel, gourmet, life & style issues. Furthermore she can do profiles and features about health, human rights, gender, science and business. She has write for BBC News (London) Esquire Latam, CNN Mexico, El Universal, La Jornada, Travel & Leisure and other media.
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Mexican wrestling grapples to secure a bright future

04 Apr 2024  |  bbc.com
The article discusses the history of Lucha Libre, a form of professional wrestling that originated in Mexico. It explains that Lucha Libre evolved from Greco-Roman wrestling in the late 19th century, differentiating itself by allowing a wider range of wrestling moves. The sport gained widespread popularity throughout Mexico in the 1930s.

Public investment in the arts is critical to the vibrancy of Taos

04 Apr 2024  |  taosnews.com
The Taos News is offering a subscription plan for residents of Taos County, which includes weekly delivery of the newspaper for a full year at the lowest mail rates available for the county's zip codes. The subscription also provides unlimited access to the website and the e-edition, which is an online print replica of the newspaper. The payment for the subscription is set up as an auto-renewal, but subscribers have the option to cancel at any time.

Mexican wrestling grapples to secure a bright future

04 Apr 2024  |  bbc.co.uk
The article provides a brief history of Lucha Libre, a form of professional wrestling that originated in Mexico. It explains that Lucha Libre evolved from Greco-Roman wrestling in the late 19th century, differentiating itself by allowing a wider range of wrestling moves. The sport gained widespread popularity throughout Mexico in the 1930s.

Pack your bags! There are 45 new Magical Towns calling you

02 Jul 2023  |  launion.com.mx
Mexico has announced 45 new Magical Towns, offering a variety of attractions from historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. Morelos has two new towns, Tlaltizapán and Xochitepec, known for their spas and good food. The State of Mexico's new additions are Otumba, with Otomi roots and historical significance, and Jilotepec, offering a forest environment and nature activities. Puebla's Huejotzingo is famous for its carnival and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ex Convent of San Miguel Arcángel, while Teziutlán boasts beautiful landscapes and historical buildings. Querétaro's Pinal de Amoles is known for its cool climate and ecotourism. Guerrero's Ixcateopan de Cuauhtémoc and Zihuatanejo are recognized for their cultural and archaeological significance. Other notable mentions include Santa Rosalía with its French-style bread and Eiffel-designed church, and the island of Cozumel in Quintana Roo.

How you can survive in Tulum with little money

04 Jun 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The article provides tips for enjoying Tulum on a budget, advising against beachfront hotels and suggesting more affordable accommodations in the town center or near the upcoming airport. It recommends using collectivos for transportation to the beach, avoiding unpaved areas like La Veleta unless renting a scooter or car, and visiting local cenotes and Akumal beach for snorkeling. For dining, it suggests a Chiapaneco restaurant with inexpensive meals and warns of high prices in coastal areas. It also mentions free access to Tulum ruins on Sundays for Mexicans with ID and discounted tours to swim with turtles and rays.

Follow these steps to travel with your pet on a plane

21 May 2023  |  launion.com.mx
Traveling with pets on a plane requires careful preparation to meet airline regulations. Pets can travel in the cabin if their carrier fits under the seat and meets size restrictions, or in the cargo if they are too large. Carriers must be secure, properly ventilated, and labeled with contact information. Necessary documentation includes up-to-date vaccination records, a health certificate, and potentially specific requirements for international travel. Accessories should be minimal, with essentials like sanitary bags and non-spill water containers. Conditions may vary for emotional support or service animals.

The best option for summer travel? Canada!

07 May 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The article suggests Canada as an excellent summer travel destination for Mexicans, highlighting the beautiful landscapes accessible during the warm season. It recommends natural attractions like Banff, a mountain town in Alberta, and the Jasper National Park for wildlife enthusiasts. For urban experiences, Vancouver in British Columbia offers cultural attractions and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Montreal, a city that blends 17th-century architecture with modern attractions, and Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a European feel, are recommended for those who enjoy French culture. The article concludes by asking if Canada appeals to the reader's summer plans.

I want to travel sustainably, but are you ready for the commitment it entails?

16 Apr 2023  |  launion.com.mx
In anticipation of Earth Day, the article discusses the importance of sustainable travel and the commitments it entails. It clarifies that sustainable travel is not just about choosing nature destinations but involves adopting practices that minimize negative environmental impacts. Recommendations include staying at eco-friendly accommodations, reconsidering transportation methods, eating and consuming locally, traveling slower, packing lighter, and carrying eco-friendly essentials. The article also references a study by Booking.com indicating travelers' preferences for less crowded destinations and off-peak travel to reduce environmental impact.

Taking precautions before traveling is never superfluous

02 Apr 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The article offers safety tips for travelers, emphasizing the importance of not sharing travel plans on social media, traveling with only necessary items, avoiding public WiFi, and securing personal information. It advises against posting images of boarding passes, reading privacy notices, carrying minimal documents and cards, using incognito mode on browsers, and not sharing geolocation on social media. The article also suggests checking bank statements after travel and deleting travel-related emails to protect personal data.

Journey to the center of the world's best spirit: Tequila

26 Mar 2023  |  launion.com.mx
Tequila Reposado has been named the world's best spirit by Taste Atlas, scoring 4.4 out of five stars. Tequila, a magical town in Jalisco, Mexico, is suggested as a travel destination to honor this recognition. The José Cuervo Express offers tours to the agave fields and La Rojeña distillery, providing an immersive experience with various categories of service and amenities.

These are the Mexican destinations considered unsafe for foreigners

12 Mar 2023  |  launion.com.mx
Following the kidnapping of four American citizens and the murder of two in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, international alarms have been raised about the insecurity in Mexico due to the control of drug cartels. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has classified Tamaulipas as Level 4, advising against travel. Canada has also updated its travel alert due to high levels of criminal activity and kidnapping, listing several regions to avoid. The Canadian government notes Mexico's high kidnapping rates, including virtual and express kidnappings, and advises using reputable taxi companies or ride-sharing apps.

These are the best hotels in Mexico in 2023

26 Feb 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The article presents a list of the best hotels in Mexico for 2023 as ranked by Forbes Travel Guide, highlighting luxury resorts in Los Cabos and Riviera Maya. Featured hotels include Esperanza Auberge Resorts Collection in Cabo San Lucas, Banyan Tree Mayakoba in the Caribbean, Chileno Bay Resort & Residences, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Nayarit, Grand Velas Los Cabos, and Hotel Esencia in Tulum. These hotels are praised for their architecture, service quality, natural attractions, and amenities such as private pools, spas, and restaurants. The article suggests these hotels offer a luxurious and comfortable travel experience, ideal for special occasions.

This is what the Marías Islands offer you as a tourist destination

12 Feb 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The Marías Islands, once Mexico's most feared penitentiary, have been transformed into a tourist destination. Managed by the Secretaría de Marina and administered by Turística Integral Islas Marías, the archipelago began welcoming visitors in December 2022. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty, beaches, and historical sites, including a former maximum-security prison. Accommodation options include hostels and rental cottages, with a buffet-style restaurant available. Despite the military maintaining control, the islands offer a unique travel experience, with various activities and routes for exploration.

May romance guide your path

05 Feb 2023  |  launion.com.mx
The article suggests planning a romantic getaway in Mexico, highlighting the natural landscapes and romantic settings the country offers. It recommends destinations like Puerto Vallarta, El Bajío, and Huasca, Hidalgo, for their wellness retreats, adventure programs, colonial cities, and romantic cabins. Tips for couple's travel include making a list of experiences together, relaxing, choosing nearby destinations to avoid stress, and seeking private accommodations for a better connection. The article emphasizes the importance of disconnecting from work and enjoying the romance of the trip.

List of places to travel in 2023

15 Jan 2023  |  launion.com.mx
Travel advisories and risk assessments highlight areas of the world that pose significant dangers to tourists, including health issues, armed conflicts, terrorism, organized crime, and civil unrest. International SOS's 'Travel Risk Map' identifies high-risk destinations, with Latin America featuring countries like Honduras, El Salvador, and Venezuela, and parts of Mexico. Africa remains the most dangerous continent, while Ukraine is noted in Europe due to war. Other lists, such as Fodor's No List 2023, suggest avoiding places like Antarctica to prevent environmental and cultural damage. Afghanistan, Belarus, and Burkina Faso top the list of the most dangerous countries globally, with Haiti and Venezuela being the most notable in Latin America due to extreme poverty, insecurity, and additional factors.

Dying to travel? These are the best Latin American destinations to visit in 2023

18 Dec 2022  |  launion.com.mx
Forbes has released a list of the top 10 destinations to visit in Latin America in 2023, with Mexico leading the way due to its diverse tourist offerings and rich cultural heritage. The list includes Colombia, Brazil, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Uruguay, each with unique attractions and travel tips. The younger generations are particularly interested in destinations that respect the environment and local cultures. While Peru is currently facing a political crisis, the other destinations are highlighted for their natural beauty, cultural experiences, and opportunities for wellness and outdoor activities.

Do you like the cold? These are the coolest places to visit in the Mexican winter

04 Dec 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article lists the coolest places to visit in Mexico during the winter for those who enjoy cold weather. It includes destinations such as the forests of Monterreal in Coahuila, Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico, Batopilas in Chihuahua, San José de Gracia in Aguascalientes, Mexico City, Huamantla in Tlaxcala, Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco, San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, Sombrerete in Zacatecas, Arroyo Guacamaya in Oaxaca, and Nevado de Toluca. The article describes each location's winter activities, cultural attractions, and accommodations, highlighting the unique experiences they offer during the colder months.

Discover Travel Trends for 2023

27 Nov 2022  |  launion.com.mx
Travel trends for 2023 indicate a shift from one-size-fits-all trips to more unique experiences, with an increase in travel to cultural capitals, a new wave of wellness retreats, and a rise in demand for outdoor destinations. Travelers are inspired by their favorite TV series, with 47% of Mexican travelers influenced by streaming content. Paris, Italy, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Japan are popular destinations. There is a focus on finding a balance between affordability and comfort, with Mexican travelers planning to stay in one to three-star hotels and seeking additional benefits. Wellness vacations are gaining popularity, with Mexico, the United States, and Spain being top destinations for innovative wellness offerings. Cooking at home during vacations is trending, and rustic getaways in the countryside are sought after. Hidden gems in Mexico are becoming more accessible, leading to a rise in interest in places like Chapala and Mulegé. The overarching theme for 2023 is to break away from the norm and seek out unique, uncompromising experiences.

Oaxaca, Beyond the Capital

13 Nov 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses travel plans to explore less touristy destinations in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It suggests driving from Mexico City to Oaxaca and visiting various attractions such as Ixtlán de Juarez, Capulálpan de Méndez, San Juan Atepec, Santiago Apoala, and Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán. The author recommends staying in smaller towns like Santiaguito Etla for better prices and describes various natural and cultural sites to visit, including a place nicknamed 'Little Paris' in Tlaxiaco. The article also mentions Yalitza Aparicio as a notable person born in Tlaxiaco.

What to do on Day of the Dead? Escape to Mexico City!

30 Oct 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article provides suggestions for celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, with a variety of cultural activities highlighted. These include the lighting of the Zócalo, the display of monumental alebrijes and Mexicráneos, a night bicycle ride, themed tours in the Bosque de Chapultepec, the staging of La Llorona in Xochimilco, and the Megaofrenda at UNAM. Other activities mentioned are in the boroughs of Coyoacán, Milpa Alta, Tlalpan, San Ángel, and Iztacalco, offering exhibitions, workshops, dances, and traditional markets.

Traveling with friends after your 40's or 50's

16 Oct 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the unique charm of traveling for women over the age of 40, highlighting the personal and professional fulfillment that comes with this stage of life. It emphasizes the financial freedom and independence that allows for planning adventures, such as a trip to India and Nepal or potentially Africa or Asia. The author encourages women to travel with lifelong friends, whether they are from school, sports teams, or other walks of life, and suggests various types of trips, including spa resorts, party destinations like Las Vegas or Miami, cultural tourism in European capitals or archaeological sites, shopping trips to cities like New York or Paris, and adventure or nature travels. The overarching message is to take advantage of the independence and freedom that comes with maturity to enjoy travel and reconnect with friends.

Reconnecting with Taxco

02 Oct 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The author reflects on their return to Taxco after approximately 20 years, highlighting the town's unchanged picturesque qualities, including white landscapes reminiscent of Extremadura in Spain, red-tiled roofs, and white walls. Taxco, known for its silver production, offers affordable prices for silver jewelry and crafts. The town's steep, cobblestone streets are best navigated on foot or by using the iconic VW sedan taxis. The author recommends visiting the market for affordable food and flea market exploration, the main cathedral of Santa Prisca, silver workshops, and nearby natural attractions such as the Pozas Azules de Atzala and the Cacahuamilpa caves.

Discover 5 International Destinations to Travel in October

18 Sep 2022  |  launion.com.mx
October is an excellent month for travel, avoiding the summer heat and crowds. New Mexico hosts the world's largest hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque. San Francisco offers warm, sunny days and the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. Valencia, named World Design Capital, boasts art museums, contemporary galleries, and stunning architecture. New York is delightful in autumn, with affordable flights and the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Timisoara, Romania, the European Capital of Culture, offers public squares, gardens, and restored art nouveau architecture, and is known for its role in the 1989 revolution.

Yellow butterflies are not the only ones that will make you visit Colombia

04 Sep 2022  |  launion.com.mx
A luxury hotel chain in Colombia has launched a holistic experience called 'La Ruta de la Mariposa' at the Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida, inspired by the region's diverse butterfly species, particularly the endemic Morpho Rhodopteron. The experience, created in collaboration with fashion industry leader Mario Hernández, includes a stay with special amenities, an educational exhibit on butterfly preservation, a three-course menu by Executive Chef Alirio Rodríguez, a cocktail class, spa treatments, and unique designs by Mario Hernández. The initiative aims to raise awareness about species protection and is available from August 2022 to March 2023.

University City: 15 years on the World Cultural Heritage list

21 Aug 2022  |  launion.com.mx
University City, part of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, marks 15 years since being recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. The campus is celebrated for more than its architectural and artistic significance; it embodies intangible heritage through its traditions, democratic vocation, and critical nature. It reflects the university's commitment to discussion and analysis, representing a modern Mexico with education as a fundamental pillar. The UNESCO recognition highlights its modern architecture and urbanism, and the campus is a symbol of public education in Mexico, integrating tradition with modernity, and local with universal elements.

The best pet-friendly plans for traveling around Mexico

07 Aug 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the growing trend of pet-friendly travel in Mexico, highlighting the benefits of traveling with pets such as reduced blood pressure and stress. It recommends three travel agencies that specialize in dog-friendly vacations: Perro Mochilero, Celebrity Tours, and Planner Vacations. The article emphasizes the importance of responsible pet ownership, including training and pet insurance, and the social responsibility of pet sterilization to ensure a pleasant travel experience for all.

Getting to Know the World's Largest Market

31 Jul 2022  |  launion.com.mx
Inflation in Mexico and globally is reaching historic levels, affecting the prices of essential goods. The author expresses a renewed interest in traditional Mexican markets, particularly in the context of living in Mexico City. The Mercado de La Merced has been a long-time favorite, but due to relocation to the southern part of the city, it has become inconvenient. Jamaica Market is also mentioned for its quality and price, but it is similarly impractical. The author explores the Central de Abastos for the first time, the world's largest market, located just 20 minutes by car from their new home. The market is described as a vast space with a wide variety of products from across Mexico and other countries, divided into different sectors including flowers, vegetables, and food. The author advises on how to shop there, especially for wholesale purchases, and highlights the cultural and gastronomic experiences available at the market.

A Journey for Boys and Girls

24 Apr 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the shift from giving gifts to children on special days to providing them with memorable experiences. Mexico is highlighted as a family-friendly country with numerous attractions for children, such as museums, parks, and themed places. The article mentions challenges of traveling with children in Mexico, such as accessibility issues, but also suggests solutions like carrying backpacks with harnesses. It emphasizes the variety of activities available for children and teenagers, including horseback riding, biking, zip-lining, and environmental education. The article recommends visiting Mexico between December and April for the best travel experience with children and concludes by celebrating the priceless memories that can be built by traveling with children in Mexico.

Plan Your Easter Week Vacation

10 Apr 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article recommends eight destinations in Mexico for experiencing religious tourism during Easter Week, highlighting the unique cultural and religious traditions of each location. It emphasizes the intense celebration of Holy Week in Mexico due to its deep-rooted Catholic tradition. Destinations include the theatrical spectacle of the Passion of Christ in Iztapalapa, CDMX; the indigenous town of San Juan Chamula in Chiapas with its unique fusion of pre-Hispanic and Catholic beliefs; the solemn Procession of Silence in San Luis Potosí; penance processions in Taxco; traditional dances and live bands in Tlayacapan, Morelos; religious celebrations in Querétaro; tribal Easter celebrations among the Rarámuri in Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua; and the Procession of Silence in Morelia. The article also advises checking for COVID-19 restrictions and invites readers to share other potential destinations.

And 30 years later... Dublin and U2

27 Mar 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The author expresses excitement about an upcoming trip to Dublin, inspired by a lifelong admiration for the rock band U2 and its members, particularly Bono. The trip is an opportunity to explore the city's connection to U2, including historical sites like Kilmainham Jail and The Little Museum with a U2 exhibit. The author plans to immerse in the local culture by visiting pubs, enjoying Guinness, and walking along the Liffey River. The narrative reflects on U2's impact on music and Dublin, mentioning places like St. Stephen's Green and The Clarence Hotel, which are significant to the band's history.

How to Design a Concept Trip

20 Mar 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the idea of a 'concept trip,' which is a travel experience focused on a single aspect of the destination, such as gastronomy, nightlife, or iconic sites from movies or series. The author shares personal experiences of concept trips, including a gastronomic and artisanal journey in Oaxaca, a tribute trip to Acapulco in memory of their father, a Paris trip inspired by the movie Amelie, and future plans for a dance-focused trip to Colombia and following the footsteps of Carrie Bradshaw in New York. The article encourages diversifying travel experiences to make repeated visits to the same destination more interesting.

Women Want to Travel Without Fear

06 Mar 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the challenges and considerations for women who wish to travel alone, emphasizing the importance of overcoming fear and taking precautions for safety. It provides practical advice on how to prepare for solo travel, including cultural awareness, respectful attire, and dealing with attention or harassment. The author encourages women to enjoy their travels and asserts their right to experience the world without fear.

How does a war affect commercial flights?

27 Feb 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to significant disruptions in commercial aviation, with airlines reorganizing routes due to safety concerns. Ukraine's airspace and travel are closed, with neighboring countries like Moldova and parts of Belarus also closing their airspace. The FAA has advised U.S. pilots to avoid Ukraine, Belarus, and parts of Russia, while the UK has banned Russian civilian aircraft from its airspace, prompting Russia to reciprocate. European airlines such as Lufthansa and Air France suspended flights to Ukraine before the invasion. Citizens from various countries are seeking to leave the conflict zones, with Mexico monitoring its citizens and facilitating their evacuation. The EASA has warned of a high risk for civil aircraft near Ukraine's border, advising extreme caution. Airspace restrictions are also in place within Russia, and the duration of these disruptions remains uncertain as the situation in Ukraine evolves rapidly.

The Last Journey with My Father

06 Feb 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The author reflects on the loss of their father and their decision to forgo traditional religious mourning rituals in favor of a personal grieving process. They recount a trip to Acapulco, a place filled with childhood memories with their father, as a way to connect with him and process their grief. The journey, which included a detour through old roads and a meal at Puerto Marqués to honor their father's favorite dish, culminates in a therapeutic experience by the sea, allowing the author and their children to find solace and a sense of closure.

How far can we travel with our nose?

23 Jan 2022  |  launion.com.mx
The author reflects on the power of scents to evoke memories and transport us to different places. They recount various aromas associated with their experiences, from the smell of fresh milk in childhood to the stench of urine in Parisian streets, which, despite its unpleasantness, is linked to fond memories. The author also recalls the scents of food from travels to Madrid, Rome, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Amsterdam, and various locations in Mexico, highlighting how these olfactory memories can offer mental journeys, especially when physical travel is not possible.

The Challenges of Vacationing in December 2021

19 Dec 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The author discusses the challenges of planning a vacation in December 2021, especially when considering a new canine family member and past negative experiences with accommodations like Airbnb. The author finds hotels and flights prohibitively expensive and ultimately suggests less popular destinations like Michoacán or Hidalgo as good alternatives for pet-friendly vacations. The piece concludes with the author deciding to appreciate the beauty of their home in Morelos and save money in anticipation of inflation in 2022.

The story of the hipster bedbugs of Mexico City

12 Dec 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The author recounts a personal experience of staying in an Airbnb in Mexico City, where they encountered bedbugs. Despite the apartment's clean appearance and proximity to their office, the author was bitten by bedbugs and had to deal with cold water and a lack of immediate assistance from Airbnb. They ended up spending the night in a hostel and advised future travelers to thoroughly check accommodations for bedbugs and report any issues promptly, as assistance may not be readily available late at night. The author is awaiting a promised refund from Airbnb.

5 Beaches to Enjoy the Mexican Autumn

07 Nov 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article suggests five Mexican beaches as ideal autumn destinations, highlighting their unique features and recommending the best time to visit to avoid the intense heat. Isla Aguada in Campeche, recently named a Pueblo Mágico, offers tranquility and splendid landscapes. Playa Paraíso in Tabasco is great for family activities and water sports. Guayabitos in Nayarit is known for its calm waters and wellness offerings. Tuxpan in Veracruz is praised for its beautiful beaches and delicious local cuisine. Lastly, Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca is recognized for its bohemian vibe, surfing, and eco-chic accommodations, as well as the bioluminescence phenomenon in nearby lagoons.

Respect instead of haggling, to save Mexican handicrafts

24 Oct 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the plight of Mexican artisans who face the challenge of haggling, which diminishes their earnings and undervalues their work. The author narrates an incident in Tepoztlán where tourists haggled with an artisan, causing her to lose a significant portion of her income. The article highlights the broader issue of the decline in artisan numbers due to low earnings and the impact of events like the 2017 earthquake and COVID-19 on artisan communities. The author calls for fair trade practices and respect for the value of artisanal work, noting that haggling is particularly prevalent among Mexican buyers, while foreign tourists tend to value the crafts more fairly.

The vacation every mom needs

10 Oct 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The author discusses the importance of mothers taking a break from their parenting responsibilities to focus on self-care and mental health. Despite having a privileged life with multiple well-paying jobs, the author feels the stress of being a single parent and the head of the family. The article suggests that mothers, whether single or in a partnership, often feel exhausted and should not be afraid to take vacations alone to prioritize their well-being. The author reflects on her own experience of taking a short vacation without her children and the societal pressures that make it difficult to do so without feeling guilty.

My Favorite Places to Travel in the Fall

26 Sep 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the author's favorite places to visit in Mexico during the fall season, highlighting the country's diverse climates and landscapes. The author recommends Michoacán, particularly Pátzcuaro, for its Day of the Dead celebrations; San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas for its colonial streets and cultural offerings; Los Cabos in Baja California Sur for its beaches and the arrival of gray whales; Guadalajara for its famous October festivities; and the Nevado de Toluca for hiking and alpinism. The author emphasizes the unique experiences each location offers during the fall, from gastronomic delights to cultural festivals, and advises travelers to take precautions due to the ongoing pandemic.

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet by Car

19 Sep 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Traveling with pets can be both fun and stressful, requiring responsibility for their and passengers' safety. Laws in some countries prohibit animals in the front seat, but they can be transported in the back seat if secured. Proper restraint is crucial, as pets can become projectiles in accidents. Safety accessories like special seat belts and padded harnesses are available, and small animals should be in carriers. Pets need to be hydrated, well-ventilated, and not eat before traveling to avoid motion sickness. Toys can help reduce anxiety, and pets should never be left alone in the car. Setting clear rules for car travel is important for pet safety. Qualitas is working on a 'Conducta Vial' project to prevent accidents, with more safety tips available on their website.

Traveling Through Time

05 Sep 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The column discusses a workshop where participants imagined using a time machine, revealing a collective fear of the future heightened by the pandemic. Most preferred revisiting the past to moments of security or significance in their lives, with only one person expressing a desire to see the future. The reluctance to envision the near future is attributed to its perceived darkness and the responsibility in shaping it. The author suggests that fear of the future stems from knowing that without change, humanity is headed towards disaster, yet there is uncertainty on how to enact that change. The piece concludes by urging a choice between contributing to the problem or organizing to be part of the solution, as there are no more 'tickets' to the past.

The Hidden Pleasures of a Good Hammock

29 Aug 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the author's personal experience of gifting themselves a hammock for their room, diverging from the traditional use of hammocks in outdoor settings. It explores the history and etymology of the hammock, tracing its origins back over a thousand years and across various cultures, including the Taino language, the Arawak family, and regions such as the Yucatan Peninsula, South America, and even Europe. The hammock's association with relaxation and its spread through trade routes are highlighted, as well as its adoption by European sailors post-America's discovery. The piece concludes with the author's reflection on the importance of finding relaxation spaces at home, especially during the pandemic when travel is restricted.

Don't Let the Rain Ruin Your Plans

22 Aug 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article offers advice on how to enjoy the last weekend of summer vacation despite the rainy weather caused by Hurricane Grace. It suggests visiting museums, embracing the rain for walks and photography, and provides specific tips for taking photos on cloudy days, such as using black and white settings, controlling exposure, and cleaning the camera lens properly. It also highlights the benefits of cloudy days for photography, such as softer shadows, even light distribution, and enhanced colors in nature.

Of travels, escapes, and new directions

08 Aug 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The author reflects on a year-long journey that began with the pandemic lockdown, which they initially thought would be unbearable due to a life spent traveling. After four months of strict confinement in Mexico City, they decided to take a writing retreat in Tepoztlán, a place they had previously visited for inspiration. What was intended as a temporary stay turned into a permanent move, as the author and their family adapted to life in a new environment, finding peace and a sense of community. The author concludes that their past travels were often escapes from dissatisfaction, but now they have found a place where they truly want to live.

Kokoro Audio Café: An Oasis for Music Lovers in Querétaro

01 Aug 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The author recounts a visit to Kokoro Audio Café in Querétaro, a place designed for music lovers where conversation is discouraged in favor of enjoying music. The café features a collection of vinyl records and quality sound equipment for an immersive listening experience. The author describes the café's comfortable and eclectic atmosphere, and the personal enjoyment of listening to artists like Brian Eno and Pink Floyd. The concept, originating from Tokyo, has spread to various cities, and the café has become the author's favorite spot in Querétaro.

How valid are the safe travel stamps in the summer of 2021?

25 Jul 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) launched the 'safe travel' stamp last year to help reactivate the tourism industry, which is vital for some countries. Despite this, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of new virus variants have raised questions about the safety of these destinations. The article uses the example of the Riviera Maya in Mexico, which received the stamp but has seen an increase in infections. The author reflects on their own travel experiences and observes that the validity of such a stamp not only depends on institutions like the WTTC or governments but also on the civic responsibility of travelers. The author is currently in Querétaro, which has returned to a 'yellow' COVID-19 traffic light status, and shares observations on the local adherence to sanitary protocols.

19, how should you plan your summer vacation?

11 Jul 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the challenges of planning a safe summer vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering advice on choosing a destination, planning activities, traveling by private car, and selecting accommodation. It emphasizes the importance of considering the spread of the virus at both the home location and the vacation spot, avoiding crowded places, maintaining social distancing, and following hygiene protocols. The article also references the CDC's recommendation to stay home and provides tips for those who decide to travel, including renting a house for more control over the environment and minimizing contact with others.

The rains have arrived and... the mushrooms!

04 Jul 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Mexico's rainy season, occurring in the summer, offers a unique opportunity for mycotourism, which involves hiking and natural connection through the interest in wild mushrooms. Mexico ranks second internationally in edible wild mushrooms, after China. Mycotourism is seen as a way to boost economic development, preserve culture, and manage natural resources. Communities in Morelos, such as Tepoztlán and Huitzilac, have a long tradition of mushroom gathering. The Tlahuica region, including the indigenous ecotourism organization Ecoturismo Tlahuica in San Juan Atzingo, offers tours for mushroom collection and education. Women collectors coordinate these experiences, passing down mycological knowledge. Jalisco also offers sustainable mycotourism experiences, with a variety of ecosystems suitable for native mushrooms.

Good, beautiful, and close... That's Bicentennial Park

27 Jun 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Parque Bicentenario, located in the western part of Mexico City, is presented as an ideal outdoor destination for families, especially during the summer when travel options may be limited. The park offers cultural, artistic, sports, and entertainment experiences with free entry, though some activities may have a fee. It features strict safety protocols, vast green areas for various activities, and is divided into five sections representing different ecosystems. The park, once a contaminated refinery site, has been transformed into a major urban ecological space after a significant environmental remediation project. It also supports itself by renting spaces for private events.

Mexican tourists with these vaccines can now travel to Spain

13 Jun 2021  |  launion.com.mx
As of June 7, 2021, Mexican tourists can enter Spain provided they have completed a vaccination regimen with vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization, such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson. Vaccines like Sputnik and Sinovac, which are not approved by the European Union, do not qualify. Travelers must also fill out the Spain Travel Health form and undergo health checks upon arrival in Spain. Unvaccinated individuals may enter under certain conditions, such as proof of recovery from COVID-19 or a negative PCR test result.

A Summer the 'American' Way

06 Jun 2021  |  launion.com.mx
With the acceleration of vaccinations in the United States, international travel options are gradually reopening, making the US a likely summer destination. Fully vaccinated individuals can travel without risk according to the CDC, and do not need COVID-19 testing or quarantine before or after domestic travel. Cities and states like Las Vegas and Maine are lifting COVID-19 restrictions. However, unvaccinated individuals still face travel restrictions. The tourism industry is debating how to implement CDC guidelines, especially concerning mask-wearing for vaccinated guests. Cruise lines are requiring vaccinations for passengers starting July 1, 2021. Despite the easing of restrictions, the CDC advises against travel to Mexico due to high COVID-19 levels. The TSA has seen an increase in airline passengers, and the article emphasizes the importance of continued precautions, especially mask-wearing, to protect others.

Europe for the summer? If you are Mexican, your trip will have to wait

30 May 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Mexican travelers are currently unable to visit Europe for non-essential reasons, even if vaccinated, as Mexico is only considered for the second and third stages of the European Union's reopening. Only vaccines approved in Europe are accepted for entry. Countries like Greece, Croatia, and Iceland allow vaccinated tourists with a negative PCR test, but issues arise if entry is through a country with stricter rules. France specifically will deny entry to those vaccinated with Sputnik V or Sinopharm, which are not approved by the European Medicines Agency. The advice given is to consider domestic or Latin American destinations for summer travel.

Mahahual and its Sacred Turtles

16 May 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Mahahual, a small paradise in Costa Maya, is known for its turquoise waters, coral reefs, and mangroves. The local Mayan inhabitants and foreigners who run small hotels and restaurants are committed to protecting the region from the destructive mass tourism affecting the Riviera Maya. The sacred marine turtles, identified with the spirits of Itzayana and Xareni from a local legend, are now in grave danger due to plastic waste from countries like Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as sargassum and egg trafficking. The Proyecto Aak Mahahual, supported by tourism service providers, scientists, volunteers, and specialists like engineer Roberto Herrera from the Colegio de la Frontera Sur, aims to protect the turtles through population monitoring, nest area surveillance, and environmental education. The project faces challenges due to the lack of resources from environmental authorities, but community initiatives like 'Cambiando resorteras por binoculares' involve local children in conservation efforts. Travelers can help by volunteering with Proyecto Aak Mahahual or participating in beach cleaning and responsible wildlife observation.

It's time to take a bite out of the Big Apple!

09 May 2021  |  launion.com.mx
New York City, under Mayor Bill de Blasio, has announced plans to offer COVID-19 vaccines to tourists as part of an effort to revive the local economy and encourage international tourism. Vaccination sites will be set up at iconic locations such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. This initiative contrasts with the European Union's approach, which is rumored to require a health passport. The vaccine, specifically the single-dose Johnson & Johnson, will not be mandatory for visiting the city. The strategy aims to provide a safe summer in New York, with 59% of New Yorkers having received at least one vaccine dose and 42% of Manhattan residents fully vaccinated. Tourists are advised to consider potential vaccine costs in their travel budget.

Life on Wheels: The Dream or Nightmare of Many

25 Apr 2021  |  launion.com.mx
As the Oscars approach, the film 'Nomadland' highlights the harsh realities faced by older adults in the United States who, lacking pensions and social security, are forced into a nomadic lifestyle in search of temporary work. The film, based on journalistic research, portrays this as the antithesis of the American Dream. The article reflects on the romanticization of nomadic life, contrasting the choice of young adventurers with the necessity of older adults driven by economic hardship. It also touches on the impact of the tech industry on housing affordability in cities like San Francisco, where even well-educated tech workers live in their cars, and the origin story of Airbnb.

We are all to blame for forest fires

18 Apr 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The article discusses the collective responsibility for forest fires, highlighting the recent fires in Tepoztlán, Mexico, and the environmental tragedy they represent. It emphasizes the role of human activities, such as littering, fireworks, and agricultural burning, in increasing the risk of fires. The author calls for greater public awareness and responsibility, including proper waste management and respecting nature, to prevent such disasters. The piece also touches on the exacerbating effects of climate change and the need for a cultural shift towards sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Vaccination Tourism: The Controversy That Promises to Become a Trend

04 Apr 2021  |  launion.com.mx
The concept of vaccination tourism is gaining attention as countries like Russia and Cuba offer COVID-19 vaccinations to tourists. Cuba, with its Soberana 02 vaccine and other vaccine candidates, aims to produce 100 million doses to meet both domestic and international needs. The Cuban government views this initiative as both humanitarian and beneficial for its tourism sector. Costa Rica is also considering vaccination tourism to attract digital nomads and promote itself as a COVID-free destination. However, controversies arise as some view this trend as a privilege for the wealthy, with examples like VIP clubs in the UAE offering expensive vaccination packages. The article questions the ethics of vaccination tourism and whether individuals should wait their turn or seek alternatives.

Goodbye, Hierve el Agua!

28 Mar 2021  |  launion.com.mx
Hierve el Agua, a popular tourist destination near Oaxaca known for its petrified waterfalls and thermal springs, has been permanently closed by the municipal and communal authorities of San Lorenzo Albarradas due to agrarian disputes and the lack of economic benefits for local communities. The closure aims to prevent confrontations as travel agencies and political groups have historically monopolized the economic benefits. Legal actions are also planned against anyone attempting to visit the site illegally. The situation highlights the issues of legal clarity in protecting natural heritage and the insensitivity of the tourism industry to the poverty and needs of indigenous inhabitants.

Feature about Harvard social entrepreneurs in Mexico

Feature about champagne region and Dom Perignon Caves, in Epernay, France.

Feature about La Défense, business neighborhood in Paris. (P.172-179) in Aire, Awromexico's on board magazine

Chronicle about Yoga's world day, in Paris.

Interview with Mexican designer Ariel Rojo.

Inteview with Mexican film director about her opera prima.

Behind bars: The firms offering hope to Mexican prisoners

02 May 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the innovative idea of Mr. Cueto-Felgueroso, who was inspired by the prevalence of tattoos among prison inmates and the improvisational methods they used to create them. Recognizing the potential for a unique business venture, Mr. Cueto-Felgueroso decided to apply similar techniques to transfer designs onto leather. This concept suggests a blend of entrepreneurship with an understanding of prison culture and the resourcefulness of inmates. The article likely explores the process of developing this idea, the challenges faced, and the potential market for such leather goods.

How Mexico's 'cupcake queen' rebuilt her life

02 May 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article features an individual who began experimenting with traditional US recipes in the kitchen, aiming to adapt them to suit the tastes of Mexican consumers. The focus is on the challenge of modifying recipes to align with the preference for natural flavors in Mexico, which is known for its diverse variety of fruits. The narrative suggests a cultural fusion of culinary practices, highlighting the individual's efforts to tailor foreign recipes to local tastes.

Meet the parks where children play at working

21 Feb 2016  |  bbc.com
Xavier López Ancona, founder and president of Kidzania, has created a chain of theme parks where children engage in role-playing adult jobs in a variety of professions. Kidzania has expanded rapidly since its inception in Mexico in 1999, now boasting 21 theme parks in 18 countries, including Brazil. The parks, which charge for entry, have been criticized for their corporate sponsorships, as children engage with real-world brands like Domino's and American Airlines. Ancona defends the realism and educational value of these partnerships. The parks operate on a franchise model internationally, with significant growth in Asia following a successful launch in Tokyo. The concept of 'edutainment' is credited for Kidzania's popularity, appealing to parents and schools by combining entertainment and education without involving video games or violence.

The Mexican entrepreneur of Kidzania who got rich by having children play at working

16 Feb 2016  |  www.bbc.com
Xavier López Ancona, founder and president of Kidzania, has built a successful global business with 21 theme parks in 18 countries, where children engage in role-playing adult jobs and earn Kidzos, the park's currency. Kidzania, which started in Mexico in 1999, aims to prepare children for a socially responsible and less corrupt world. Despite criticism for its commercial partnerships with real-world corporations, Kidzania's realistic approach and educational entertainment value have contributed to its rapid expansion and annual turnover of around $400 million.

Climate change costs Mexico 60 billion dollars a year

10 Oct 2011  |  Expansión
Mexico faces an annual cost of over 60 billion dollars due to climate change, equivalent to 6% of its GDP, according to the Presidency of the Republic. The UK has implemented policies to meet international carbon emission reduction commitments and encourages Mexico to take early action to avoid higher long-term costs. The 'Reporte Galindo', coordinated by UNAM researcher Luis Miguel Galindo Paliza, was commissioned by Mexican government departments to fulfill international commitments. The UK, with legally binding climate change legislation, has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and is investing in emerging economies to support sustainable energy projects. Mexico is advised to redefine wealth, improve energy efficiency, diversify energy sources, and grow the green industry to become a competitive green economy.

Controversy in Brazil grows over the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon

16 May 2011  |  Expansión
Intense debates in the Brazilian Congress over the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon have led to delays. The dam, with an estimated cost of $3 billion plus $2.5 billion for transmission lines, would be the world's third-largest. Indigenous communities and local Amazon residents, supported by the IACHR of the OAS, oppose the project due to its environmental impact, including the flooding of 500 square kilometers and effects on the Paquiçamba indigenous area. The Brazilian government's dismissive response to the IACHR's recommendations has angered environmentalists and locals. The Nature Conservancy warns that additional upstream dams would be necessary, exacerbating deforestation. The project, previously abandoned in the 1990s, is now pushed forward by President Dilma Rousseff, who argues it is vital for Brazil's energy and development needs despite the protests.

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