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Ellen Chang

Taipei, Taiwan
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About Ellen
Ellen Chang, having pursued further studies in Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and polished interpreting and translating skills at GITIS, NTNU, Taiwan, now works as an interpreter/ fixer/ translator/ copywriter in Taipei. Mom of three, loves jogging. 5+ years in digital media and 10+ years as a certified conference interpreter.
English Chinese (Mandarin)
Content Writing Research Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast)
Business Finance Politics

Financial Literacy and Education in Communities (FLEC) Awards

12 Jun 2024  |  www.moneymanagement.org
MMI honors journalists across the United States through the Financial Literacy and Education Communities (FLEC) Awards for their contributions to financial empowerment and reducing social barriers. The awards, launched in 2021, recognize outstanding consumer financial journalism that addresses financial wellness issues. Honorees are selected based on the quality of their reporting, which has been shown to significantly increase community engagement in financial counseling.

How to Realistically Save for Retirement

18 Mar 2024  |  aol.com
Saving for retirement can be simplified by automating transfers into a 401(k) plan or IRA. Experts advise saving 10% to 15% of income, focusing on long-term, diversified investments. Employer 401(k) matches and tax advantages make these plans valuable, and IRAs offer flexibility and broader investment options. Early withdrawals from retirement accounts are discouraged due to penalties and lost compounding. Millennials and Gen Zers are advised to roll over 401(k)s into IRAs when job hopping to consolidate and reduce fees.

15 Common Tax Write-Offs You Can Claim On Your Next Return

01 Mar 2024  |  www.forbes.com
Taxpayers can reduce their tax liability or increase their refund by claiming various deductions and credits. The article lists 15 common tax write-offs, including property taxes, mortgage interest, state taxes paid, charitable contributions, medical expenses, education credits, retirement credits, IRA contributions, self-employed health care premiums, student loan interest, adoption tax credit, home office deduction, and solar tax credit. It also provides tips for record-keeping and avoiding common mistakes when claiming these deductions and credits.

Have been working with beauty/ consumer electronics/ semiconductor brands for PR release translation, as interview facilitator or press conference interpreter, etc.. The link is a piece of interview writeup which I worked with ELLE editor.

Supported simultaneous interpreting in several presidential debates, the link here is for 2016 Trump vs Clinton.


Kissinger: Taiwan's semiconductor foundry is strong, but the world needs a balanced supply chain, Intel will continue to expand

08 Nov 2023  |  tw.stock.yahoo.com
At the Intel Innovation Taipei 2023 forum, CEO Pat Gelsinger highlighted Taiwan's strong semiconductor foundry capabilities and the importance of a balanced global supply chain. Intel is expanding its manufacturing presence in the Americas and Europe to maintain supply resilience. Gelsinger acknowledged past perceptions of Intel's arrogance in the foundry business but noted changes in corporate culture to prioritize customer-centric thinking. He also discussed the evolution of AI from training to deployment, with AI becoming central to various platforms, and Intel's focus on AI in the PC market. Additionally, Gelsinger commented on the stability of chip production despite conflicts in the Middle East and expressed hope for peace in the region. Asus Chairman Shih Chong-Tang supported Intel's AI PC platform at the event.

Blanket mortgage: How it works and who should use it

05 Oct 2023  |  www.aol.com
A blanket mortgage is a loan that covers multiple properties, simplifying the process for real estate developers and investors by grouping purchases under a single loan. It is not suitable for ordinary homeowners or first-time investors but is beneficial for experienced investors and developers. The article outlines the pros and cons of blanket mortgages, including lower closing costs and easier administration, but also higher down payments and the risk of foreclosure. It provides guidance on how to obtain a blanket mortgage, emphasizing the need to find a suitable lender and meet stringent borrower requirements.

How to pay a mortgage: 5 ways to pay on time

05 Oct 2023  |  www.aol.com
The article outlines five methods to ensure timely mortgage payments: online payments, automated withdrawals, credit card payments, phone payments, and in-person or mail payments. It emphasizes the importance of paying on time to build equity, improve credit scores, and avoid late fees. Expert Greg McBride highlights the pros and cons of each method, advising on the best practices for managing mortgage payments effectively. The article also provides tips for setting up autopay, prepaying the mortgage, and handling late payments through communication with the lender.

4 really good reasons to choose community college over a 4-year university

01 Oct 2023  |  mediafeed.org
Community colleges offer a more affordable education compared to four-year universities, with benefits such as a smoother transition from high school, flexibility in class schedules, and the potential to earn a bachelor's degree. They provide a two-year course of study leading to an Associate's degree or credits transferable to a four-year college. Community colleges are adapting their degree offerings to meet workforce needs, with lower tuition costs and the possibility of free tuition in some states. Financing options include savings, family help, financial aid, and loans, with the recommendation to exhaust federal student aid before considering private loans like those offered by SoFi Bank.

Fair market value: What it is, how it’s calculated

01 Oct 2023  |  www.aol.com
Fair market value (FMV) of a home is the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller in an open market, unaffected by external factors. It is determined by comparing the prices of similar homes recently sold, with adjustments made for differences in features. Real estate agents and appraisers use FMV to set pricing strategies and appraisals. FMV is also used by attorneys, insurance companies, and government officials in various scenarios. The article explains the methods of calculating FMV, including the cost approach and income capitalization approach, and highlights the importance of understanding FMV for both buyers and sellers.

What Is A Bargain And Sale Deed?

01 Oct 2023  |  www.bankrate.com
A bargain and sale deed is a type of property deed often used in foreclosure or tax sales, indicating that the seller holds the title but offers no guarantees against liens or claims. This deed is common in states like Colorado, New York, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming. It contrasts with quitclaim deeds, which transfer only the seller's interest in the property without implying ownership. Other types of deeds include general and special warranty deeds, which offer more protection. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with bargain and sale deeds and ensure properties are financeable and insurable.

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers: Beware of Scams While Hunting For Deals

10 Jul 2023  |  www.thestreet.com
Shoppers anticipating Amazon's Prime Day should be cautious of scams, including phishing emails and fake deals. Cyber criminals are using tactics like urgency and AI-assisted phone scams to steal personal and financial information. Experts advise verifying emails and texts directly through official websites, using credit cards instead of debit cards for better protection, and maintaining strong, unique passwords for online accounts.

VC Spotlight: Hustle Fund Focuses On How Entrepreneurs Build Companies

05 Jul 2023  |  nbdispatch.com
Hustle Fund, co-founded by Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin, and Shiyan Koh, focuses on pre-seed stage investments in startups across North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The fund prioritizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate high execution and learning velocity, regardless of their background. Hustle Fund typically invests $50,000 initially and offers further support through its Redwood School program. The fund has raised $46 million for its third fund and invests in 80 to 100 companies annually, including Rupa Health, Forage, and Yummy. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation sponsors the publication of this story.

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