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Eloise Stark

Sofia, Bulgaria
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About Eloise
Eloise Stark is a journalist based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Cultural Climate Change Fact Checking

How I Learned To Stop Trying To Fit In

04 Apr 2024
Eloise Stark, a DPhil student in psychiatry at the University of Oxford, shares her personal journey of being diagnosed with autism at 27 and the challenges she faced growing up. She discusses her intense special interests, struggles with social rules and bullying during her teenage years, and her initial difficulty with the social aspects of university life. After a traumatic event and a recurrence of mental health issues, she was diagnosed with autism, which led to a path of self-discovery and acceptance. Eloise now embraces her identity, pursues her PhD with passion, and aims to use her experiences to help others with autism.

9 Best Hotels on Waikiki Beach

28 Feb 2024
The article lists the top nine hotels on Waikiki Beach, highlighting their unique features and amenities. Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach is noted as the best overall, with a stunning infinity pool and varied dining options. Other hotels mentioned include Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach, ideal for families; Moana Surfrider, a Westin Resort & Spa, known for its historic significance; and Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa, which offers luxurious amenities. The article provides insights into what to consider when choosing a hotel, such as location, amenities, activities, budget, and guest reviews.

Women Are Taking Part in a Shinto Festival for the First Time in Over 1,000 Years

17 Feb 2024
For the first time in over 1,250 years, women were allowed to participate in Hadaka Matsuri, a significant Shinto festival in Inazawa, Japan. The inclusion of women, who carried offerings to the shrine while fully dressed, comes not from a push for gender equality but as a response to Japan's demographic crisis threatening the continuation of traditional festivals. Japan faces a 'festival crisis' due to an aging population and declining birth rates, with many festivals being suspended or abolished. The article discusses the cultural importance of these festivals, Japan's low ranking in the World Economic Forum's 2023 Gender Gap Report, and the government's efforts to combat depopulation. Local attitudes towards women's participation are mixed, with some skepticism from male participants. The article also highlights the emotional impact on women like Atsuko Tamakoshi, who campaigned for inclusion, and the broader implications for Japanese society's need to adapt to survive.

12 Best Boutique Hotels in Rome

14 Feb 2024
The article presents a curated list of the 12 best boutique hotels in Rome, highlighting their unique features, amenities, and locations. It emphasizes the personalized service, intimate atmosphere, and stylish decor that distinguish these hotels from larger chains. The piece also provides a buyer's guide for choosing the right boutique hotel, considering factors such as location, design, amenities, budget, and guest reviews. The Residenza Venti Settembre is singled out as the top choice for its luxurious spa and lavish interiors, while other hotels are praised for their historical significance, artful decor, and modern comforts.

In Brazil, Homophobic Slurs are Now Punishable by Prison

13 Sep 2023
Brazil's supreme court has ruled that homophobic slurs are punishable by up to five years in prison, a decision that has been welcomed by activists in a country where the LGBTQIA+ community faces significant violence.

12 Sep 2022

Oldyssey puts a 21-century twist on pen pals with online French meetups

10 Mar 2021
Oldyssey, a French non-governmental organization, has modernized the concept of pen pals by pairing language learners with elderly individuals in France for conversations over Skype. The program, known as 'Share Ami', aims to improve language skills and address loneliness among seniors. Participants, such as Warwick University student Millie Jacoby and Oxford University student Charlotte Wilson, have reported positive experiences and language improvement. The organization has created nearly 90 pairings, with a waiting list of students. The initiative also responds to the increased isolation of the elderly, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, by fostering long-distance friendships.

India's largest elections will be a women's affair

10 May 2019
In India's general elections, women voters are poised to play a decisive role, with their turnout expected to surpass that of men for the first time. Naveen Patnaik, the incumbent Chief Minister of Odisha, is popular among women for his policies promoting their empowerment and rural development. The increasing political engagement of women is attributed to improved social status and a 1993 law reserving village governance positions for women. While women's votes are influential, the lack of female candidates and genuine change in daily inequalities remains a concern. Some women, like 23-year-old student Kalpina, express disillusionment with politics' ability to address issues like safety and harassment.

Mental health cut U-turn helps build 'happy, resilient society'

15 Jan 2019
Eloise Stark, a DPhil candidate in Psychiatry at Somerville College, Oxford University, expresses relief over Oxfordshire County Council's reversal of a decision to cut funding to the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership by £1.6 million. Stark shares personal experiences with mental health services, emphasizing the importance of continued and increased funding for mental health organizations like Restore and the Oxfordshire Recovery College. Stark argues that cuts would lead to negative consequences such as increased healthcare costs and advocates for investment in mental health services to build a resilient, happy society.

How politicians killed Paris’s art-squat movement

04 Jan 2019
Paris's art-squat movement, once a vibrant and rebellious community of artists living and creating together in abandoned buildings, has been stifled by political decisions. The City Council's legalization of squats like 59 Rivoli, while initially providing stability, has led to the loss of the squats' communal and creative essence, as living in the spaces is now prohibited and they function solely as workspaces. The government's strategy, including the enactment of the Elan Law by Macron's government, has been to control and neutralize these spaces of dissidence, distinguishing between 'good' and 'bad' squatters. Meanwhile, the aesthetic of squats is being commodified by private investors, as seen with the transformation of La Miroiterie into a commercial venue. Despite these challenges, the spirit of squatting persists, with individuals like Gerard seeking new locations to continue the tradition.

Rescuing Migrants Fleeing Through the Frozen Alps

22 Feb 2018
Volunteers, including Mr. Gasquet, search mountain passes for migrants attempting to hike from Italy to France through sub-zero temperatures. The migrants, some ill-equipped for the cold, aim for Montgenèvre, a ski town on the border, seeking better opportunities in France. Mr. Gasquet, who received a call from a group of migrants, helped them to safety by driving them to a shelter where they could warm up, eat, and change into dry clothes. He believes that the responsibility for migration policy lies with politicians, not individuals like himself.

How cute things hijack our brains and drive behaviour

04 Jul 2016
Cuteness, characterized by features such as big eyes and chubby cheeks, is a powerful force that shapes human behavior by attracting attention and sparking rapid brain activity. It involves all senses and can make individuals more compassionate. Babies, designed to be cute, can hijack the brain-processing queue, making them difficult to ignore. Cuteness activates brain networks associated with emotion and pleasure, triggering empathy and compassion, and may even boost moral concern, aiding charities in fundraising. Understanding cuteness can also help address issues in parent-child bonding, such as those caused by postpartum depression or congenital conditions like cleft lip.

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