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Istanbul, Turkey

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Emilie Kleding Rasmussen

Telling stories and opening doors into undiscovered realities are in very few words my quintessential aspiration as a journalist. 

As a freelance journalist in Istanbul, currently writing for primarily Danish and Turkish media, I am increasingly becoming aware of the unreported and unseen stories waiting to be grasped. 

And I want to grasp them. Lead readers into thoughts and universes, they never dreamt of before. To touch, engage, enlighten, and remind audiences across the globe of our diverse and yet universal existences. 

My experiences with reporting are primarily based in the world of newspaper and written journalism. I have covered everything from politics and social injustices to culture and travel - and I have a passion for the written word for both journalistic and creative as well as communicative and commercial purposes. 

Works as a freelance journalist for the Danish national newspaper Politiken as well as serval English speaking medias, among others the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily News. Here are some samples from the latter:


Danish English

Reportage from christmas markets in Istanbul, which surprisingly are very common and widespread throughout the city.


A cultural feature and reportage of street art in Istanbul.


Cultural feature of veganism and its strong movement in Turkey - a country many associate with kebab.


Interview with a multinational band based in Istanbul and mixing Syrian tones with American folk music to build bridges between the two states and cultures despite the condition of world politics.

Sample image

Photo taken for a travel article at Lanzarote for the Danish national newspaper Politiken: Vineyard in the midst of a volcano desert where grapevines - despite all odds - grow through.

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