Emily Molli

Emily Molli is a journalist based in Chicago with national and international news experience. She is a print journalist, field producer, videojournalist, photojournalist, and more. In Chicago she has worked for Xinhua news agency covering breaking news and feature stories as an independent contractor for almost three years in print, video, and photojournalism. She has had photos published in the Guardian, Daily Mail, the Wall Street Journal, Us Weekly, Mashable, Huffington Post Japan, and more. Many photos from her 2016 campaign coverage were used in videos by CNN, NBC, CBS, and more. She has worked on many productions inside and outside Chicago for clients like Wall Street Journal Custom Studios, Huffington Post, Agence France Presse, and more.



I've been a shooter and field producer for many Xinhua videos like this.


I was a videographer on the team that put a series of videos like these together.


Artist profile for F Newsmagazine


One of many videos I produced with Tim Pool, formerly of VICE News and Fusion. Tim and I traveled around Europe producing daily videos over a range of topics on YouTube.

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