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Emma Löfgren

Stockholm, Sweden
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About Emma
Emma Löfgren is a senior digital news editor and public speaker based in southern Sweden. She is the editor of The Local, covering Sweden's news in English.
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Solidarity journalism: What it is and how to do it

05 Jun 2023  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, advocates for solidarity journalism, which aims to help people find their place in the world through journalism. She engages in public speaking and mentoring to spread this concept.

Building a Future-Proof Newsroom: 5 Strategies You Neglect at Your Peril

25 Apr 2023  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, emphasizes the importance of journalism in helping people find their place in the world. She covers European news in English for foreign residents and is also involved in public speaking and mentoring.

Explanatory journalism: What it is and how to do it

28 Feb 2023  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, emphasizes the role of journalism in helping people find their place in the world. She covers Europe’s news in English for foreign residents and is also involved in public speaking and mentoring.

The 2022 Report Card of the Podcast Industry

29 Dec 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
The podcast industry has seen steady growth rather than an explosive surge since its inception in the early 2000s. In 2022, competition between visual-audio and audio-focused content intensified. Major companies like Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube have made significant investments in the podcast space, with Spotify investing nearly $2 billion over the past three years. Podcast advertising revenue is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with the U.S. market projected to reach $4 billion by 2024. The global podcast market, valued at $14 billion in 2022, is expected to grow to $150 billion by 2030. The number of podcast listeners is also on the rise, with projections indicating over 866 million listeners by 2027. Various companies and research organizations have highlighted the increasing popularity and investment in the podcast ecosystem, with notable investments in podcast production and technology companies. The article suggests that while the podcast format is evolving, it remains a unique and decentralized medium that continues to grow in both audience and economic potential.

Journalists' Use of TikTok: TikTok is Not Your Enemy

28 Dec 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
TikTok, despite its controversial reputation, is becoming an essential platform for journalists to reach younger audiences. The article discusses the rapid growth and influence of TikTok, highlighting its potential for viral content and its increasing adoption by major media organizations. While acknowledging security and privacy concerns, the text emphasizes the platform's unique ability to engage users and suggests that journalists should consider leveraging TikTok to stay relevant in the evolving media landscape.

Five Manageable Ways to Bring Solution Journalism to Your Newsroom

26 Dec 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
Solution journalism can be integrated into newsrooms without being daunting or impractical. The article provides five practical tips for making news content more solution-oriented, addressing the challenges of declining trust and interest in news. It emphasizes the importance of understanding what solution journalism entails, prioritizing tasks, segmenting time, incorporating solution elements into stories, and following up on successful topics. The piece highlights the benefits of solution journalism, including increased reader engagement and perceived content quality, and suggests that even resource-limited newsrooms can adopt these practices effectively.

How to make your journalism more constructive in 2023: free one

20 Dec 2022  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, advocates for journalism that helps people find their place in the world. She covers European news in English for foreign residents and engages in public speaking and mentoring.

I thought journalists had to be cynics. I was wrong

03 Nov 2022  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, shares her belief that journalism can help people find their place in the world, countering the notion that journalists must be cynics. She covers Europe’s news in English for foreign residents and is also involved in public speaking and mentoring.

How to leverage your election coverage to boost subscriptions

12 Oct 2022  |  thefix.media
Emma Löfgren, a senior digital news editor at The Local, emphasizes the role of journalism in helping people find their place in the world. She covers European news in English for foreign residents and is also involved in public speaking and mentoring.

Villa Volvo Vovve: Exploring Swedish Language and Culture

29 Sep 2021  |  LYS förlag
The article discusses the influence of Swedish language and culture on the global stage, highlighting how words like 'lagom' and 'fika' have become internationally recognized. It also mentions Swedish companies such as Abba, Ikea, Spotify, and Volvo that have contributed to this global presence. The piece promotes a book titled 'Villa Volvo Vovve', which is inspired by The Local's 'Word of the day' column and aims to explore Swedish culture and language in depth. The book includes translations of over 100 Swedish words, audio files for dialects, language quizzes, and word games. It is available for purchase from various retailers including Adlibris, Bokus, and Amazon.

The Local: The News Brand for Europe's Modern Pioneers

29 Sep 2021  |  www.journalismfestival.com
Emma Löfgren is the editor of The Local's Swedish edition, an English-language news platform that has been recognized as Sweden's best online publication. The Local has a presence in nine countries and reaches over five million readers monthly. In 2017, The Local introduced a Membership scheme to foster a stronger connection with its audience. The publication aims to provide daily, independent reporting across Europe, focusing on breaking news and local culture. Emma began her journalism career in Scotland and returned to Sweden in 2015. She has experience working with the Evening Express in Aberdeen and Am Pàipear, a community newspaper in the Outer Hebrides.

Sweden's news in English

29 Sep 2021  |  The Local Sweden
The article discusses the annual inauguration of the Christmas goat in Gävle, Sweden. This event marks the beginning of local authorities' efforts to protect the goat from being burned down, a challenge they face each year. The goat is a traditional Christmas symbol in the city, and its preservation has become a recurring concern during the holiday season.

AstraZeneca evacuated after power cut causes chem leak risk

16 May 2018  |  The Local Sweden
AstraZeneca's Södertälje factory was evacuated due to a risk of isopropylamine leak following a power cut that increased pressure in a tank. The power outage, affecting parts of southern Stockholm county, was caused by a faulty transformer owned by Vattenfall. Approximately 1,500 employees were evacuated as a precaution, and emergency services were dispatched. The power was restored, cooling systems began working again, and AstraZeneca is ensuring safety before staff return. No grave danger was reported.

Swedish King's 'forgotten' 17th-century warship found in central Stockholm

06 Sep 2017  |  www.thelocal.se
Archaeologists in Stockholm have identified the wreck of 'Scepter', a 400-year-old warship from King Gustav II Adolf's fleet, during quayside renovations on Skeppsholmen islet. The ship, built in 1615 and weighing 800 tonnes, was part of a fleet to conquer Riga in 1621 but was retired and deliberately sunk in 1639 to support a new shipyard's foundation. The discovery provides insights into 17th-century shipbuilding techniques and helps understand the Vasa warship's sinking. The Scepter will not become a tourist attraction like the Vasa Museum, but has been 3D photographed and documented.

Brits continue mad rush for Swedish passports

04 Jul 2016  |  thelocal.se
In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, there has been a significant increase in British nationals applying for Swedish citizenship, with 150 applications filed last week, a sharp rise from the usual 20 per week. The Migration Agency will process these applications as per normal procedures, and applicants must meet the existing requirements to be granted citizenship. The trend reflects the desire of British residents in Sweden to retain EU citizenship post-Brexit.

Sweden 'worst country' for making friends

23 Sep 2015  |  thelocal.se
Sweden ranks as the top country in Europe and third globally for expat quality of life according to an HSBC survey, but it is considered the worst for making friends. The survey, which interviewed over 21,000 expats in 39 countries, found Sweden to score poorly in social life and making friends. Expats describe Swedes as reserved but warm and loyal friends once a relationship is established. The difficulty in making friends is attributed to Swedes' lack of small talk skills and closed social networks. Despite this, Sweden is among the best for finding love, with 39 percent of expats finding a long-term partner there.

If the Russians come our whole lives will change

02 Jul 2015  |  thelocal.se
Gotland, a picturesque island off Sweden's east coast, has been the center of attention due to recent military tensions with Russia, including near-incursions of Scandinavian airspace. Sweden's Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist announced plans to increase military presence on Gotland as a defensive measure. Locals express mixed feelings, with some like Gail Swenson dismissing the need for increased defense as scaremongering, while others like Mona Siltberg support the government's focus on strengthening strategic defense. The island, with a strong tourism industry and local businesses like Swenson's 'Strömmingsvagnen', faces uncertainty about the impact of the perceived Russian threat on its economic future.

Swedes in boozy 'don't drink and dive' video

18 Jun 2015  |  thelocal.se
In Sweden, a campaign titled 'Don't Drink And Dive' has been launched to address the issue of drowning deaths, which totaled 137 last year, with alcohol being a factor in 60% of cases. The Stockholm Men's Synchronized Swimming Team, in collaboration with Trygg-Hansa and the Swedish Life Saving Society, created a video demonstrating the dangers of swimming under the influence. The campaign coincides with the Midsummer Eve holiday, a time when many Swedes swim after consuming alcohol. A survey revealed that one in ten Swedes have swum while heavily intoxicated in the past two years. The campaign aims to reduce alcohol-related drownings during the summer.

US rapper Wyclef Jean: 'I want to move to Sweden'

28 May 2015  |  The Local Sweden
Wyclef Jean, the US-Haitian rapper, is considering moving to Sandviken, Sweden, a place he feels connected to since performing there in 2013. He plans to look for a house in two years when his daughter is of the right age. Jean, who has a history of political engagement, suggested in an interview with Aftonbladet that creating jobs is the solution to Sweden's rising number of beggars, drawing parallels to his vision for Haiti. He also has musical ties to Sweden, having released 'Divine Sorrow' with Swedish DJ Avicii and written by Swedish songwriters.

Swedish brothers launch first donut into space

14 Apr 2015  |  thelocal.se
Swedish brothers Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson launched a donut into space from Norway, reaching 32 kilometers above Earth. The launch was documented with an onboard camera. Due to the high cost of flying permits in Sweden, they chose Norway where permits are free. The craft later crash-landed in Lake Vättern, Sweden, and was retrieved by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. The brothers have gained viral fame in Sweden and are considering their next project.

No Saudi Arabia visas for Swedish zoo monkeys

07 Apr 2015  |  The Local Sweden
A troop of pygmy marmosets from Skansen zoo in Stockholm was denied visas to Saudi Arabia due to the political tension between Sweden and the kingdom following critical human rights comments by Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. Despite the return of the Saudi ambassador to Stockholm and an expectation of resumed visa issuance, the monkeys remain affected by the import ban. Skansen's aquarium director Jonas Wahlström expressed surprise at the situation and hopes to reattempt the transfer when business visas are issued again.

Mamma Mia! Abba reunite as silicon dolls

03 Mar 2015  |  The Local Sweden
Silicon figures of Abba members Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid 'Frida' Lyngstad Reuss, and Agneta Fältskog were unveiled at Abba The Museum in Stockholm. The figures, costing over a million Swedish kronor, were created with the band's approval and designed to closely resemble the members, using their exact measurements. The process took nine months and was detailed by sculptor Göran Lundström. Catarina Falkenhav from the museum expressed that the figures are so lifelike that they fulfill fans' dreams of an Abba reunion.

Follow the Politicians' Tweeting with DN's Service

20 Jan 2015  |  DN.se
Dagens Nyheter introduces a service that allows users to follow the tweeting activities of Swedish politicians. The service aims to provide insights into political discourse on social media.

Weak Support for SD and Fi in a 'Nettocracy'

15 Aug 2014  |  DN.se
The article discusses the weak support for the political parties Sverigedemokraterna (SD) and Feministiskt initiativ (Fi) in the context of a 'nettocracy'. It highlights the current political landscape in Sweden and the challenges faced by these parties in gaining traction.

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