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Emre Güngör

Vilnius, Lithuania
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About Emre
Emre Güngör is a journalist based in İzmir, Turkey.
Content Writing Research Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast)
Politics Current Affairs Investigative Reporting

Fact-check: Claim that Harran University was built during the AK Party period

20 Apr 2023  |  teyit.org
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed that Harran University was built during the AK Party period under his leadership. However, Harran University was established in 1992, nine years before the AK Party was founded in 2001. The article fact-checks Erdoğan's claim by referencing the university's official history and the official gazette records, demonstrating that the claim is false. While the AK Party did establish new faculties and other units at the university after coming to power in 2002, the university itself predates the party.

Monopolized Real Estate Sales/Rental Market: The Sahibinden.com Case

05 Jul 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
Sahibinden.com, established in 2000, has dominated the online real estate sales and rental market in Turkey, leading to concerns about monopolistic practices. The platform's refusal to integrate with RE-OS, a digital distribution and marketing platform for real estate, hinders competition and market transparency. This situation creates conflicts of interest and market manipulation, as Sahibinden.com profits from listings rather than actual sales. The article draws parallels with the music industry, where digital distribution platforms have streamlined processes, suggesting a need for similar solutions in the real estate market to reduce monopolistic control and enhance market dynamics.

The Place of LGBTI+ in the Media

04 Jul 2022  |  newslabturkey.org
The article discusses the position of LGBTI+ individuals in the media, particularly in the wake of Pride Month. It highlights the problematic and dangerous ways conservative media portrays LGBTI+ individuals, often ignoring or censoring their representation. The article also touches on broader issues such as China's surveillance system, the declining utility of Google searches, censorship in Asian countries like India and the Philippines, and the relevance of the Cannes Lions festival. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of recognizing the relationship between LGBTI+ individuals and the media as a matter of press and freedom of expression, and the ethical violations that arise from current media practices.

United Nations-affiliated organizations and their functions

05 Jun 2022  |  Journo
The article provides a detailed overview of the United Nations system, including its funds, programs, specialized agencies, and related organizations. It highlights the roles and functions of key UN bodies such as the WHO, IMF, ILO, UNDP, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF, IAEA, and WTO. The WHO is criticized for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the IMF is discussed in the context of Turkey's past agreements and current political discourse. The article also touches on the COVAX program for vaccine distribution and the challenges faced by developing countries in accessing vaccines. The Bill Gates Foundation is mentioned as a significant contributor to the WHO.

We cannot leave journalism at the mercy of big tech companies

07 Jan 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
The article discusses the significant influence of big tech companies like Facebook and Google on journalism and information dissemination. It highlights the dependency on these platforms for communication and news, the monopolistic tendencies of these companies, and the resulting impact on media diversity and democracy. The text criticizes the algorithms and practices of these tech giants, emphasizing the need for independent journalism and digital literacy to counteract their dominance.

Where Are Print Publications Headed as Advertising Revenues Decline?

06 Jan 2022  |  NewsLabTurkey
The article explores the decline in advertising revenues for print publications in Turkey, attributing it to factors such as digitalization, economic crises, and unfair advertisement distribution by the Basın İlan Kurumu. It features insights from media professionals like İbrahim Aydın and Vural Nasuhbeyoğlu, who emphasize the shift towards digital media and the challenges faced by independent newspapers. Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan highlights the unsustainable nature of print media in the long term, advocating for a transition to digital platforms. The article underscores the critical state of print media and calls for changes in advertisement distribution practices.

Interview with Ibrahim Dogus, the mayor of the Lamberth, UK

Are Verification Agencies Really Effective?

30 Sep 2021  |  NewsLabTurkey
Fact-checking organizations have become increasingly influential in the digital media landscape, prompting actors and readers to think twice before sharing information. With over 341 organizations worldwide, fact-checking is present in more than half of the countries globally. Despite the growth in the number of fact-checking entities, misinformation persists, raising questions about their effectiveness. In Turkey, as of August 2021, there are seven fact-checking organizations. The success of these organizations is measured by their reach, volume of fact-checking, and ability to reduce misinformation during crises. However, the impact of fact-checking is limited by societal polarization and selective exposure to information, which can undermine the effectiveness of fact-checking efforts.

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