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Enos Denhere

I am an ethical Journalist and a  prolific writer with more than 10 years of experience in creative writing
industry, writing in print and online media. The best description of my work is 'prolific writer,' I write, edit, proof-read but it all stems from my  writing abilities. As a columnist I had opportunity to write on a social scale in broad perspective. This has maximized my  interrogative and journalism skills as I would need to engage with people from numerous walks of life for the various subjects I write about. It also entails great communication skills both orally and on paper. I am a versatile, creative and communicative writer and  my greatest weakness is driven to see every project through to the very end. I always communicate when I face challenges and would prefer to work with clients who give feed-back and quick responses to queries. Because I work mostly on a freelance basis, it would mean that I should submit my work in a perfect state. Subsequently, this would sharpen my proof-reading and editing work as i am my  own editor. I  do not
leave much room for re-doing work , as I thoroughly go through each piece before  making the submission. I can also cover a wide range of other topics across the board. These include human interest to the environment,  business, politics to health and many more. I'm hard working and enjoy working closely with people. Over the years I've written for top quality publications and newspapers both at home and 
 abroad.I'm available for all forms of writing work including the corporate and business sector, and a part of me goes into every project. 

Please feel free to contact me should you require my services in any of these areas – or would like more information. I'm easy going and friendly, but of course highly professional. I can also provide article samples on a wide range of topics on request.

English Ndebele Shona Zulu


  • The Truth that eludes Africa freedom

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Cultural April 28 @ 12:00am

    Africa once dubbed the black continent continues unabated its trend of not satisfying needs and aspirations of its especially the youths and it's underdeveloped citizens . The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats confronting African Nations require now solutions and pooling of... Read more

  • No creative organization in the world is as well-known and has such reputation for quality as the BBC.

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Breaking News, Climate Change January 12 @ 12:00am

    No creative organization in the world is as well-known and has such reputation for quality as the BBC. Modern reality BBC is characterized from latest media science and technological progress. It is obvious that due to this development many problems that occurred in the past have been solved. BBC... Read more

  • I am a freelance Journalist ,Success Coach and Content Marketing writer

    Harare, Zimbabwe Business, Climate Change January 18 @ 12:00am

    I am a freelance Journalist ,Success Coach and Content Marketing writer based in Zimbabwe . I cover all stories in climate change,social justice ,politics, business ,marketing ,motivational speaking. You can email Call/App +263773894975 Read more

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