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Maryland City, United States of America
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About Erick
Erick Rodriguez is a journalist based in Maryland City, United States of America. Dedicated Journalist and photographer with more than 20 years of experience and an advanced knowledge of the Spanish 
language. Educates on a multitude of topics through in-depth lectures, discussions, and special projects. Wrote and edited news publications.  Provided videos and pictures for the business. Edited business magazine, notifications & communications. World Wide Web administrator and Web designer on Word Press and Joomla.
Content Writing Corporate Content Photography
Fact Checking

Siboldi wants to stay many years in Tigres

31 Jan 2024  |  ABC Noticias
Robert Dante Siboldi, the head coach of Tigres UANL, expressed his desire to renew his contract and stay with the team for many years. He highlighted his happiness with the club and his achievements, including leading the team to a Liga MX title and other championships. Siboldi emphasized his commitment to both the Concacaf and Liga tournaments, aiming for success in both.

Nuevo León Tennis Association Denies Expulsion from the Federation

18 Jan 2024  |  abcnoticias.mx
The Nuevo León Tennis Association (ATNL) denies the claims of their expulsion by the Mexican Tennis Federation (FMT) over an alleged debt of 397,950 pesos. Antonio Longoria, president of ATNL, states they were not properly notified and that an assembly must ratify any expulsion, which has not occurred. The ATNL also claims that the FMT has not returned the surplus money from player registrations since the pandemic. The ATNL plans to hire a lawyer to defend against the expulsion, asserting that they can prove there is no debt and pointing out errors in the expulsion document.

Revela Horner que pilotos se han ofrecido para correr gratis en Red Bull

Jesús Dueñas could have been with Rayados

29 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Jesús Dueñas, who had a successful career with Tigres, could have joined Rayados when he was a young player at Salamanca. José Luis “Chocolate” Hernández revealed that he recommended Dueñas to Monterrey, but the team did not pursue him. Dueñas later joined Tigres and won four Liga MX titles. Hernández criticized Liga MX for removing promotion and relegation, arguing it has led to a lack of investment and opportunities for young players.

Rayados: Tato Noriega accepts offers for Funes Mori; another forward will be brought in

26 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
José Antonio 'Tato' Noriega, the sporting president of Rayados, confirmed that the club has received offers for striker Rogelio Funes Mori, who remains a key player but is open to new opportunities. The club is actively seeking a new forward, which may result in the departure of one of the current attackers. Gremio de Porto Alegre made a concrete offer for Funes Mori, which he declined. The club is also considering both national and international options for the new forward. Additionally, negotiations are ongoing for Argentine player Rodrigo Villagra to fill the spot left by Joao Rojas, though external factors have delayed the process.

Rayados Seeks Players with More Competitiveness

26 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Rayados, a football team from Monterrey, is close to securing their first reinforcement, Argentine player Rodrigo Villagra, and is also finalizing a deal with a center forward. José Antonio Noriega, the team's sports president, emphasized the need for quality players who are highly competitive. He acknowledged the team's numerical success in 2023 but noted the need for improvement in the Liguilla stage, where the team fell short.

Tigres: Igor Lichnovsky se quedará en América

20 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Igor Lichnovsky will remain with Club América for at least six more months after winning the Apertura 2023 championship. Santiago Baños, the club's sporting president, confirmed the extension of Lichnovsky's loan. Lichnovsky expressed his happiness and confidence in the team, coach, and teammates, emphasizing the positive environment at América. The decision to stay involves finalizing details with Tigres, his previous club.

Mauricio Doehener: “We Will Come Back Stronger”

18 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Mauricio Doehener, president of the Cemex-Sinergia Deportiva link, expressed optimism and resilience despite Tigres' loss to América in the Apertura 2023 tournament. He emphasized the team's strengths, the valuable lessons learned, and the determination to come back stronger. Doehener highlighted the robust mix of youth and experience within the team and expressed pride in the institution.

Nahuel is a clown, Cuauhtémoc Blanco

17 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Cuauhtémoc Blanco criticized Tigres' goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán, calling him a 'clown' for seeking attention during matches. Blanco defended América, celebrating their championship win facilitated by Guzmán's expulsion. He also criticized André-Pierre Gignac for offending an América player. Guzmán was expelled again in a final against América, receiving two yellow cards, leaving his team at a disadvantage.

Liga MX: Llega el América a Monterrey

13 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Club America arrived in Monterrey and settled into their hotel in San Pedro, greeted by enthusiastic fans. Key players and the coaching staff, including André Jardine, interacted with supporters and attended a media day event. The article also discusses the upcoming Concacaf Champions League, highlighting potential matchups, including a possible clash between Club America and Chivas in the round of 16, contingent on their initial victories against Real Estelí and Forge FC, respectively.

Tuca blasts against Tigres' board

12 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Ricardo Ferretti, the most successful coach in Tigres' history, criticized the club's board, specifically targeting Mauricio Doehner, president of the Cemex-Sinergia Deportiva link, and Mauricio Culebro, the sports president of the university team. During an appearance on ESPN, where he is now a football analyst, Ferretti revealed that Doehner broke a promise regarding a contract and accused him of being groomed by Cemex to become the governor of Nuevo León. Ferretti also mentioned that neither Doehner nor Culebro make sports decisions, suggesting that the nephew of engineer Rogelio Zambrano does. His comments continue to surprise viewers as he transitions from defending Tigres to criticizing its executives.

Tigres: The cheapest ticket for the Final Round is at a thousand pesos!

11 Dec 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Club América has set the price for the cheapest ticket at a thousand pesos for the Final Round match against Tigres, which will take place on Sunday at 19:30 hours. The match is part of the Apertura 2023 Tournament, and ticket prices range from one thousand to two thousand eight hundred pesos. The pre-sale for Club América fans will be on December 12 and 13, with the possibility of a general sale on December 14. In contrast, Tigres' tickets for the First Leg start at 480 pesos, with the most expensive seats in the suites costing 5,010 pesos.

Powerade Marathon will have 7,500 participants

09 Dec 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
The sixteenth edition of the Powerade Marathon in Monterrey will take place with 7,500 runners participating. The event is set to start on Sunday at 6:45 AM at Parque Fundidora. The organizers aim to break both the competition's record and the national record. The current Nuevo León marathon record is 2:08.46, set in 2019, while the national record is 2:08.17, set in 2011 at the Lala Marathon. The economic impact of the Powerade Marathon is expected to be 30 million pesos. The event also includes a mini-marathon and a wheelchair category.

Cancún FC requests promotion in Liga MX

06 Dec 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Cancún FC, under the ownership of Jeff Luhnow, seeks promotion to Mexico's Primera División after winning the Liga Expansión MX championship. Vice President Giovanni Solazzi criticizes the current lack of promotion and relegation in Mexican football and argues for changes to allow teams like Cancún FC to advance. He highlights the city's readiness and the team's strong backing, emphasizing the need for a fair promotion system to benefit Mexican football.

'We come to win': Ricardo Carbajal, Puebla's coach

02 Dec 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Ricardo Carbajal, the coach of Puebla FC, is confident that his team can win against the current champions Tigres UANL in the upcoming match at Estadio Universitario, despite Tigres' undefeated home record. Carbajal cites Puebla's strong away game statistics and the team's intention to maintain their good performance as visitors. He anticipates a similar game to the first leg, with an aggressive stance that could benefit Puebla.

Fernando Sarabia, a 19-year-old veteran at Borregos Monterrey

24 Nov 2023  |  ABC Noticias
At 19 years old, Fernando Sarabia, quarterback for the Borregos Salvajes of Tec de Monterrey, is set to play in his second ONEFA Major League final, already considered a veteran in the category. Recruited at 17 while studying in the United States and playing youth football in Mexico, Sarabia has quickly developed under his coaches. With the support of receivers Mauricio Santos, Daniel Santos, and Eduardo Ortega, the team's aerial attack has become formidable. Sarabia, who played in last season's final, is confident in his team's chances of winning the championship again.

Antonio Zamora, coach of Auténticos Tigres: 'It's not revenge (final against Borregos Mty)'

23 Nov 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Antonio Zamora, head coach of Auténticos Tigres, dismisses the notion of their upcoming game against Borregos as a revenge match, despite losing the previous season's championship in a dramatic overtime. He emphasizes the team's focus on winning the championship and celebrating with their supporters. Zamora anticipates a different game from their season opener in Houston, highlighting the improved rhythm and performance of both teams. He expresses strong confidence in his team’s ability to secure victory, emphasizing the importance of minimizing errors and leveraging their offensive and defensive strengths.

Honduran press blasts refereeing

22 Nov 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Honduran press criticized Salvadoran referee Iván Bartón for his officiating during the CONCACAF Nations League quarterfinals, where Honduras lost to Mexico after a penalty shootout following a 2-2 aggregate draw. Honduran newspapers accused the referee of robbery, highlighting the nine minutes of added time and Mexico's equalizing goal in the tenth minute, as well as the repeated penalty kicks by César 'Chino' Huerta due to the Honduran goalkeeper moving early. The defeat sent Honduras to the playoffs, despite their strong performance.

Jordi Cortizo: 'Al norte lo tienen que ver con respeto'

16 Nov 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Jordi Cortizo of Rayados emphasizes the need for Club América and other teams to respect northern teams, highlighting Rayados' readiness to compete for the Apertura 2023 title. He reflects on past experiences and stresses the importance of not underestimating any team, citing San Luis' previous upset against América. Cortizo expresses his desire to win the championship and the potential excitement of facing Tigres in a Final Regia.

We are focused on winning, says Eva Espejo

15 Nov 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Eva Espejo, coach of the Rayadas, expressed that the team is focused on winning the upcoming Clásico Regio Femenil Semifinals to reach the final. She acknowledged the game's significance beyond just advancing to the final and aims to provide a great show for the fans. Despite this being her last tournament as the team's coach, Espejo emphasized that the focus is on the Rayadas' success, not her future.

“I don't know if the League is at that point”: Eva Espejo

15 Nov 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Eva Espejo, the first coach to win a championship in Liga MX Femenil, discussed the Senate's salary equity initiative, highlighting its complexity and questioning the league's readiness. She emphasized the importance of growth and equitable conditions in the league, suggesting that clubs and stakeholders should carefully consider the business aspects alongside the players' deservingness.

Central Texas parade celebrates veterans, highlights community

11 Nov 2023  |  www.army.mil
The Central Texas community celebrated Veterans Day with a parade in downtown Killeen, featuring Soldiers, floats, and marching bands. The event, hosted by the City of Killeen and the Central Texas Area Veteran Advisory Committee, honored veterans and active-duty military personnel. Col. Lakicia Stokes served as the grand marshal, and Mayor Debbie Nash-King delivered opening remarks. The parade also marked the 10th consecutive year that Killeen, Harker Heights, and Copperas Cove were recognized as regional sites for Veterans Day celebrations by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Ricardo Ferretti sees Tigres as the main candidate to be champion

02 Nov 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Ricardo 'Tuca' Ferretti, debuting as an ESPN analyst, stirred controversy by declaring Tigres as the top contender for the Apertura 2023 championship. He dismissed América's chances, citing Tigres' superior players and experience. Ferretti emphasized the importance of strong substitutes in maintaining team performance, aligning with Paco Gabriel de Anda's views on América's limitations.

Tigres Femenil: Successful Amazon Forum Held

31 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
The 'Amazon Forum, women changing the game' was successfully held at the Hotel MS Milenium in San Pedro, featuring speakers such as Milagros Martínez, coach of Tigres Femenil, and players Cristina Ferral, Nayeli Rangel, and Maricarmen Reyes. Discussions included the professionalization of women's soccer and the unique atmosphere of Mexican soccer fandom. Martinez shared her experiences in Japanese football and the integrity challenges she faced. Ferral spoke about balancing education and sports for aspiring professional players. The event was well-received by attendees.

F1: Max Verstappen dominates FP3; 'Checo' is third

28 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Max Verstappen dominated the third free practice session of the Mexican Grand Prix, clocking the fastest lap at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Sergio Pérez secured the third position, while Alex Albon of Williams took second place. The qualifying session is set for the afternoon, with Pérez aiming to solidify his second place in the drivers' championship. George Russell and Óscar Piastri rounded out the top five.

Tigres: Rafael Carioca is out against Chivas

27 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Rafael Carioca, the Brazilian midfielder for Tigres, will miss the upcoming match against Chivas due to an infection. This adds to the team's absences, with André-Pierre Gignac also out due to suspension. Diego Reyes is a potential replacement for Carioca. Coach Robert Dante Siboldi emphasized that the match against Chivas is not a revenge game but an important opportunity to earn points and close in on league leaders América.

Fernando Alonso Unleashes Madness in Shopping Center

26 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Fernando Alonso's visit to a HUGO BOSS store at Mitikah Shopping Center in Coyoacán, Mexico City, drew thousands of fans who cheered for the Aston Martin pilot. Alonso gave away promotional items and was embraced by a fan who breached the security barrier. Meanwhile, Alpine pilot Pierre Gasly played a friendly soccer match at the Estadio Azulgrana and received a customized jersey from Atlante officials.

Week 8 of the NFL kicks off with the Bills against Tampa Bay

26 Oct 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Week 8 of the NFL begins with Thursday Night Football featuring the Buffalo Bills against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Highmark Stadium. Both teams have had an inconsistent season, with the Bills at 4-3 and the Buccaneers at 3-3. Despite similar records, the Bills are the clear favorites with betting odds at 1.27 to 1, while the Buccaneers are at 4 to 1. The teams, from different conferences, have faced each other four times in the last decade, with Tampa Bay winning three of those encounters.

Mario Santana, paratleta regio, quiere medalla olímpica en París

17 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Mario Santana, a highly decorated parathlete from Nuevo León, aims to become the first Paralympic medalist from his state at the Paris 2024 Games. Despite facing numerous challenges, including a life-changing injury in 2002, Santana has achieved significant success in athletics, particularly in the club throw event. His journey from Villaldama to Monterrey and then to Mexico City, and back to Monterrey, underscores his dedication to his sport and his dream of winning a Paralympic medal and possibly setting a world record.

Rayadas Seek to Win the Title for Eva Espejo

13 Oct 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Following the departure of Eva Espejo as the coach of the Rayadas at the end of the Apertura 2023 tournament, the team, led by midfielder Diana Evangelista, is motivated to win the title as a tribute to Espejo. Evangelista expressed the team's focus on finishing the tournament strongly and not losing any more points. The potential for Carla Rossi to step in as the new coach was also mentioned, with Evangelista noting Rossi's familiarity with the team.

Tigres train in Houston ahead of Clásico Regio 134

13 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Tigres conducted their final training session in Houston ahead of the 134th Clásico Regiomontano, engaging with nearly a hundred children from their U.S. academies. Despite missing several key players due to technical decisions, injuries, and national team duties, the team aims for victory in the upcoming derby. The training took place at the Houston Dynamo's Sport Park, with players interacting with young fans. The match is scheduled for Saturday at the Shell Energy Stadium in Houston.

Pato O'Ward: 'I can't wait for Abu Dhabi'

13 Oct 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Mexican driver Patricio O'Ward continues his private practice with McLaren in Barcelona, looking forward to participating in a free practice session for Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. The 24-year-old expressed his excitement on social media after the private tests. O'Ward, who has previously practiced in F1 in 2021 and 2022, will also join the post-season tests at Yas Marina, where he will drive the current vehicle used by Landon Norris and Oscar Piastri.

ONEFA: Roar on the Road; Auténticos Tigres Defeat Linces 42-10

07 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Auténticos Tigres defeated Linces de la Universidad del Valle de México 42-10, solidifying their position as group leaders with a 5-0 record. Key players included Ángel Alvarado, who neared 100 rushing yards and scored in the second quarter, and Daniel Carranza, who returned an interception for a touchdown. Despite an early lead by Linces, UANL's defense held strong, and subsequent touchdowns by Axel Montini, Aldo Herrera, and Andrés Santana sealed the victory. This marks the 18th consecutive win for Auténticos Tigres against Linces. Next week, they will face Leones de la Universidad Anáhuac Norte.

Three 'Regios' Called Up to the Mexican U-23 National Team

06 Oct 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Ricardo Cadena has called up two players from Tigres UANL, Jesús Garza and Raymundo Fulgencio, and one from Rayados de Monterrey, Alí Ávila, to the Mexican U-23 National Team. The team will play against the United States on October 11 and Japan on October 14 at the Phoenix Rising Soccer Stadium in Arizona as their final preparation before the Pan American Games in Chile. Other notable players called up include Emilio Lara from América, Mauricio Isais from Toluca, Erik Lira from Cruz Azul, and Fidel Ambriz from León.

From Tigers to Tigers

06 Oct 2023  |  Hora Cero Web
The article discusses the resilience and success of Tigres UANL's veteran players, who defied expectations to win the Clausura 2023 tournament under coach Robert Dante Siboldi. It also highlights the enduring talent and audience engagement of the musical group Los Tigres Del Norte, who delivered a memorable performance in Monterrey, drawing parallels between the two groups' ability to captivate and satisfy their fans despite their age.

Sergio Canales' Recovery Could Take Up to Three Months

05 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Sergio Canales, a Spanish footballer, will undergo surgery in Los Angeles to repair a miotendinous injury in his left quadriceps, as announced by Club Monterrey. The recovery time is uncertain but could range from one to three months, depending on the severity of the injury. Luis Aguilar, a sports medicine specialist, explained that the recovery period varies based on the type of injury, with avulsion injuries potentially requiring up to three months for full recovery.

Tigres' Clubhouse Begins Construction; To Be Completed by Mid-2024

04 Oct 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Tigres has commenced construction on their new training center at the former Unidad Deportiva Oriente, expected to be completed by mid-2024. The site, previously home to Club Jaguares, is now enclosed and under development. San Nicolás Mayor Daniel Carrillo confirmed the timeline and highlighted the economic contributions Tigres will make for the use of the land, which will fund public sports facility renovations in the municipality.

Tigres wins 3-0 against Vancouver and advances in the 'Conca'

01 Oct 2023  |  Hora Cero Web
Tigres secured a 3-0 victory over Vancouver Whitecaps, advancing to the Concachampions' round of 16 with a 4-1 aggregate score. The match, held at Estadio Universitario, saw goals from Luis Quiñones, Ozziel Herrera, and Juan Pablo Vigón. Vancouver's defensive strategy, as anticipated by their coach Vanni Sartini, was ultimately unsuccessful. Tigres will now face the winner of the Orlando City vs. Cavalry FC series in the next round.


01 Oct 2023  |  Hora Cero Web
Tigres lost the championship to América, with Raymundo Fulgencio being blamed as the scapegoat. Fulgencio is now loaned to Atlas. The article also highlights errors by Diego Reyes and Nahuel Guzmán, whose expulsion was crucial in Tigres' defeat. Despite the loss, Tigres had a successful year, winning multiple titles. The article reflects on the fans' tendency to blame less favored players and hopes for a successful 2024 for Tigres and Rayados.

Authentic Tigers go for one more swipe

22 Sep 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
In a clash of the undefeated, Auténticos Tigres will host Águilas Blancas del Politécnico Nacional at Estadio Gaspar Mass. Coached by Antonio Zamora, the team aims for their third regular season victory against a similarly undefeated opponent. Player Édgar 'Mono' Ortiz, leading the ONEFA with three interceptions, acknowledges the challenge ahead. The game will spotlight Auténticos' defense against Águilas Blancas' dynamic offense, with UANL having allowed only 17 points in two games and consistently pressuring opposing quarterbacks.

Winning championships silences many mouths - Israel Jiménez

20 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Israel Jiménez, former Tigres player and current coach of UANL's representative football teams, asserts that Tigres' consistent championship wins silence critics, particularly in the context of their rivalry with Rayados. He emphasizes Tigres' dominance and humility, contrasting it with Rayados' perceived frustration. Jiménez downplays the significance of rival fans' chants, focusing on performance on the field.

Auténticos Tigres consigue segundo triunfo

16 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Auténticos Tigres secured their second victory of the season by defeating Borregos CEM 17-7 at Estadio Gaspar Mass. Key players included Ángel Alvarado, who scored two touchdowns, and Reynaldo Blanco, who contributed a field goal and extra points. The game, attended by around five thousand people, saw Auténticos Tigres take an early lead, with Borregos CEM briefly tying the score before Auténticos Tigres pulled ahead again.

Rayados fans heat up the Clásico Regio

16 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Rayados fans are already excited for the 133rd edition of the Clásico Regiomontano, chanting against their archrival during and after the game against León. The victory left over 40,000 fans at the BBVA Stadium very happy, leading them to sing celebratory chants. During the post-game celebrations, fans continued to remember the upcoming derby, expressing their rivalry with Tigres.

Rayados to Have 'Champions Zone'

16 Sep 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Starting this afternoon, the Estadio BBVA, home to the Monterrey football team Rayados, will feature a 'Champions Zone' in the southeast corner of the stadium dedicated to former players and coaches who have won league, cup, or CONCACAF championships. This area will have 30 seats exclusively for these champions, who will be invited to games via a WhatsApp group and can bring a guest for free. Former champions like Severo Meza and Aldo De Nigris are expected to attend.

Auténticos Tigres goes for second win

15 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Auténticos Tigres are preparing for their second game of the ONEFA season against Borregos Campus Estado de México, following a victory over Borregos Salvajes del Tec de Monterrey. The team, led by coach Antonio Zamora, is focused on continuous improvement and aims for the championship. The game will be held at the newly renovated Estadio Gaspar Mass, marking the first regular-season match between UANL and CEM in 15 years. Fans can enjoy interactive games and the inauguration of the team's official store.

‘Tato’ Noriega: “Apenas son los cimientos de la casa”

14 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
José Antonio Noriega, president of the Rayados, discusses the team's recent signings of Sergio Canales and Jesús Manuel “Tecatito” Corona as foundational steps towards future success. Despite initial criticism for not securing Lucas Moura, Noriega emphasizes the collective effort in building a strong team. He highlights the importance of demonstrating the team's greatness through consistent performance, winning championships, and excelling in international tournaments.

Manuel Filizola: 'The most important thing is to achieve championships'

11 Sep 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Manuel Filizola, president of Rayados' Board of Directors, discussed the team's commitment to their fans and their goal to win championships with the addition of players Sergio Canales and Jesús Manuel 'Tecatito' Corona. Despite injuries, Filizola feels the team is strong and aims to reach finals and win championships. He emphasized the importance of fan support in their project and expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming Clásico Regio.

Fans present at BBVA Stadium for the presentation of 'Tecatito'

09 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Fans gathered at BBVA Stadium in anticipation of Jesús Manuel 'Tecatito' Corona's official presentation with Rayados, despite the event being two hours away. Supporters began arriving from 15:00, with doors expected to open at 16:30. 'Tecatito', the team's second reinforcement, joined alongside Spanish player Sergio Canales. Rayados played a friendly match against Atlante at El Barrial, which they lost 1-0, with 'Tecatito' present and coach Fernando Ortiz aiming to maintain the team's rhythm during the FIFA date break.

Jonathan Orozco admits he is in talks to return to Rayados

09 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Jonathan Orozco, the Monterrey goalkeeper, has confirmed ongoing discussions with Rayados' management about his potential return to the team, even expressing willingness to play for free out of loyalty. Despite a 50% chance of rejoining, Orozco's return is contingent on successful negotiations and his full recovery from a wrist injury. He aims to be fully fit by December, although he acknowledges that his playing career may not extend beyond a year due to his injury.

Rayados falls 1-0 to Atlante at El Barrial

09 Sep 2023  |  abcnoticias.mx
Rayados of Monterrey lost 1-0 to Atlante in a friendly match at El Barrial, despite the return of Jesús Manuel 'Tecatito' Corona. The match, played during a FIFA date break, was an opportunity for coach Fernando Ortiz to give rhythm to the team and observe players, including new reinforcement Corona. The game consisted of three 30-minute periods, with Juan Machado scoring the winning goal for Atlante. Later in the evening, Corona will be officially presented to the fans at Estadio BBVA.

Auténticos Tigres win the Student Classic in Houston

08 Sep 2023  |  ABC Noticias
Auténticos Tigres secured a historic 13-10 victory over Borregos Salvajes in the 91st edition of the Student Classic held at NRG Stadium in Houston. Reynaldo Blanco's 44-yard field goal with 58 seconds left clinched the win. Key players included Édgar Ortiz and Ricardo Blade, who made crucial interceptions. The game marked the first Student Classic held outside Nuevo León, celebrating the 80th anniversary of ITESM and the 90th of UNAL.

In Photos | Washington Blooms with the Arrival of Spring

17 Apr 2023  |  Voz de América
With the onset of spring and the beginning of summer, the United States' capital, Washington D.C., becomes a parade of visitors who enjoy not only the landscapes but also the traditional monuments and museums along the National Mall. The photos are courtesy of Erick Rodríguez.

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