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Erika Zimprich

Zagreb, Croatia
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About Erika
Erika Zimprich is a journalist based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Bosnian English Spanish
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42% of readers would completely ban smoking in open spaces: The Ministry does not plan such a thing, here's what they say!

02 Jul 2019  |  danas.hr
A significant portion of Croatian readers, 42%, support a complete ban on outdoor smoking, according to a survey. Despite this, the Ministry of Health has no current plans to amend the existing smoking legislation. Proposals for stricter bans have been made by various parties, including a complete ban on public smoking by MOST nezavisnih lista and a ban on smoking in vehicles when children are present by Udruga Rode. The city of Supetar, led by Mayor Ivana Marković, has initiated a campaign against smoking in children's playgrounds. The Ministry of Health has stated that any changes to the law will be communicated through public consultation processes.

Should Croatia Introduce Life Imprisonment? Experts Divided: 'It's Possible. I'm For It'; 'That's Pure Populism!'

22 May 2019  |  danas.hr
Serbia has accepted amendments to its Criminal Code, introducing life imprisonment for the most serious crimes. This change was prompted by the brutal torture, rape, and murder of 15-year-old Tijana Jurić five years ago. A poll by Vijesti.hr showed 98% of respondents in favor of introducing life imprisonment in Croatia. The Croatian Ministry of Justice has not responded to inquiries about potential changes to the criminal law. Experts are divided on the issue, with lawyer Branko Šerić supporting life imprisonment, while Lana Petö Kujundžić, president of the Youth Department at the County Court in Zagreb, opposes it, calling it populist and suggesting a focus on reducing crime instead.

Serious Accusations! Kujundžić Wrote to the Court to Influence Decisions on Doctors' Dissatisfaction?

05 Apr 2019  |  danas.hr
Croatian Member of Parliament Ines Strenja Linić accused Health Minister Milan Kujundžić of attempting to influence the judiciary by sending a letter to the Court in Bjelovar regarding lawsuits filed by doctors for unpaid overtime. Approximately 4,000 doctors have initiated legal action, with around 400 first-instance verdicts and 150 final verdicts in favor of the doctors. Attorney Sanja Mišević criticized the executive's pressure on the judiciary, and the Croatian Medical Chamber deemed Kujundžić's actions a serious violation of the separation of powers. The Supreme Court President Đuro Sessa reminded the minister that legal arguments should be submitted directly to the court records, not through correspondence with the court's administration.

More than three years he did not exist: 'How can I be a problem of the system if I don't exist at all? This life is hell!'

26 Dec 2018  |  danas.hr
Mile Mrvalj, a former homeless individual and founder of Udruga Fajter, discusses the challenges faced by the homeless in Croatia, including the lack of personal identification and access to social rights. Despite the existence of shelters, many homeless people remain unregistered and invisible to the system. Mrvalj, who was once not recognized by the system for three and a half years, highlights the bureaucratic hurdles and the need for social reintegration programs. He also points out the efforts of Caritas in providing meals to the homeless and criticizes the inefficiency of government spending on homelessness. The article underscores the broader issue of homelessness and the need for systemic solutions.

Psychological profile of animal abusers: They beat, torture, kill... Experts answer whether they can do the same to people

22 Nov 2018  |  danas.hr
Animal abuse has long been associated with dangerous psychological disorders that may not only affect animals but can also be indicative of pathological violence leading to human victims. A recent case in Croatia near Split involved a man abusing dogs, which was captured on video and spread on social media. The Police Administration of Split-Dalmatia confirmed an arrest in connection with the video. ANIMALEX filed legal complaints against four individuals identified in the video. Experts, including Tena Novak and Vlado Jukić, discussed the personality traits of animal abusers and the potential link to aggression towards humans. Animal protection associations like Patronus and SOS Šape emphasized the importance of public reporting and legal action against such abuse.

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Aug 2019

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