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Ermias Daba

Ermias Tasfaye Daba is a news reporter, analyst and manager at Ethiopia Insight, an independent website established in 2018 that focuses on detailed reporting and analysis of Ethiopian affairs.

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Ethiopia: No clear path to peace in Oromia

Oromia carnage spreads to Gambella

Team Lemma’s choice: power or peace?: Having invited the Oromo Liberation Front back home, Team Lemma is trying to work out how to retain control while also accommodating the popular movement

Two steps forward, one step back for Oromia?: After months more turmoil, there’s a fresh chance for the Oromo Liberation Front to enter peaceful politics, but many doubts remain

Southern comfort on the rocks: As Sidama finally gets its referendum on regional statehood, Ethiopia’s often peripheral Southern Question is set to assume center stage

Amid blackout, western Oromia plunges deeper into chaos and confusion: The government is once more employing repressive tactics to try and stamp out a rebellion, but they may be having the opposite effect

Ethiopia’s COVID-19 quandary: Uncertainty shrouds the actual spread of the virus so far and the most appropriate method of tackling it in the Ethiopian context

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