Ernest Sipes
United States

Ernest Sipes is an overseas reporter with a proven body of work in several countries. He has nine years of reporting experience while covering Conflict Zones in Africa, the middle east and the Caucasus.  In his position as a reporter, Mr. Sipes has visited and reported on Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Syria, the border areas of Egypt and Libya, Oman, Somalia, Republic of Congo and the Republic of Georgia. He has published one book in Canada and numerous articles in a variety of journals.

Research Interests
Breaking News, International Security, Political Violence, Islamist Terrorist Groups, Education in the Developing Nations.

Public Profile


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19JUN13: Mogadishu, Somalia. UN compound in Mogadishu, Somalia following an Al Shabaab suicide car bombing and foot mounted attack that left 15 dead. Photo: Ernest Sipes


Article published September 9, 2018 "West Mosul Residents Cautiously Optimistic about Reconstruction" Rudaw, KRD Iraq Media.


Article published in Georgia Today November 2, 2012. "Lebanon Endures Uneasy Calm Following Recent Violence"


Article published in Al Fanar May 13, 2014. "Women Adjust to University Life in Oman"


Article published in the Washington Times September 6, 2015. "Kurdish Peshmerga Plea for Arms as Islamic State Turns U.S. Military Vehicles into Bombs"


USA Today article published September 6, 2014. "Somalis Wary of Attacks as New Terror leader Chosen"

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