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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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GRNlive English to Africa Service, Voice of America France 24

Esther Judah

Esther Judah is a journalist based in between London, Istanbul and Jerusalem covering the Middle East and North Africa as well as more broadly refugee and migration issues. 

I speak English and French fluently. Moreover, I have lived in Paris, London and Turkey and have reported on EU affairs and radicalisation in Brussels, Israel/Palestine, Turkey and the Syrian refugee crisis. I have also spent considerable time in Bangladesh covering the Rohingya crisis with the UN.  

I have previous experience as a print journalist as well as radio and TV live for people such as FRANCE24, FOX news, CBC Radio and Voice of America.


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Is Erdogan's Offer to Make Syrian Refugees Citizens a Humanitarian Gesture – or Cynical Ploy? Erdogan's opponents fear naturalizing conservative, Sunni Syrian refugees is being sold as a humanitarian act, but that it's really an electoral tactic to offset the Kurds and keep him in power.


Not Muslim, Not Jewish: Ancient Community in the West Bank Feels Increasingly Israeli: For the 800 Samaritans split between Mount Gerizim in the West Bank and a suburb of Tel Aviv, the younger generation is increasingly being drawn to the Israeli way of life, sparking tensions and fears


The Afro-Turks: Turkey’s Little-known Black Minority Reclaims Its Past: Descendants of African slaves sold to the Ottoman Empire, Afro-Turks seek to revive their ancestors’ traditions – but there are barely any left


The Last Jews of Ankara: A Once-thriving Jewish Community Dwindles to Near-extinction.


A longer reportage on the mother's of terrorists for L'Espresso Italy's largest weekly magazine.


A profile of Sadiq Khan London's new mayor for Italy's biggest weekly.


A profile of Molenbeek and the rallying cry behind radical extremism.


On radical extremism in France and it's repercussions.


Meet the Mother's of Molenbeek's jihadis, front page of Haaretz English edition and out today in the Hebrew version.

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