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Eugenio Teixeira

Praia, Cape Verde
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About Eugenio
Eugenio Teixeira is a journalist based in Praia, Cape Verde.

CAN 2023: Cape Verdeans want the brilliance of the Blue Sharks to reflect in domestic sports

14 Jan 2024  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verde marks its fourth presence at the African Nations Championship, with hopes pinned on a good performance by the Blue Sharks, reminiscent of their success in South Africa 2013. Voices are calling for better organization and investment to evolve domestic football, similar to the national team, which is almost entirely composed of players born in emigrant communities and playing in foreign leagues.

Cape Verde launches plan to tackle mental illness

04 Jan 2024  |  voaportugues.com
Cape Verde authorities have introduced a strategic mental health plan focused on maintaining robust primary care, prevention, and early detection of diseases amid societal concerns over rising suicide cases. Psychiatrist Daniel Silves Ferreira highlights stress, schizophrenia, alcohol abuse, and illicit drug use as main suicide drivers and emphasizes the importance of mental health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment. Health Minister Filomena Gonçalves calls for concerted and decentralized actions across various sectors to address mental health issues.

Cape Verdean Authorities on Alert with Seven Cases of Dengue

21 Nov 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Cape Verde's Ministry of Health has confirmed seven cases of dengue and suspects 58 more. A 36-year-old woman from Santa Cruz on Santiago Island died after showing symptoms of the mosquito-borne disease. Her blood sample was sent to the Instituto Pasteur de Dakar in Senegal for analysis. Health Minister Filomena Gonçalves announced enhanced surveillance mechanisms across health structures nationwide and urged the public to improve hygiene and eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Cape Verde: Largest Foreign Investment Abandoned and Government Seeks Alternatives

10 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The largest foreign investment in Cape Verde, a $270 million hotel-casino project by Macau Legend Development, has been abandoned. The incomplete hotel and a small bridge remain as remnants. Activists and economic analysts urge the government to involve various stakeholders in creating a new, comprehensive project that benefits the capital while preserving the environment. Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva announced plans to reverse the 25-year concession and seek new projects. Key figures, including the president of the Association of Tourism of Santiago and the mayor of Praia, emphasize the need for community involvement and sustainable development. The project, initially set to open in 2021, was stalled by the COVID-19 pandemic and ultimately abandoned by Macau Legend Development.

Cape Verde: Politicians held responsible for 'partisanization of the State'

05 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verde's Vice Prime Minister Olavo Correia has highlighted the issue of politicization within public institutions, claiming that only half of public employees are productive. Analysts and union leaders blame the two main political parties, MpD and PAICV, for the partisanization of the state administration. Sociologist Redi Lima and political commentator António Ludgero Correia emphasize the need for professionalization and merit-based appointments in public administration. Union leader Luís Lima criticizes the lack of public competitions for leadership positions, attributing the problem to political appointees. Both major parties accuse each other of perpetuating the issue when in power.

Academics point out ways to counter threats to democracy

05 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Civil society must be increasingly organized and vigilant in monitoring democratic systems to ensure their proper functioning and consolidation amid numerous threats. This view was supported by academics at the XV Luso-Afro-Brazilian Congress held at the University of Cape Verde. They argue that citizens play a crucial role in defending democratic values to prevent authoritarianism. Key points include the need for balance among executive, legislative, and judicial powers, and greater civil society participation in public life. The text also highlights the importance of consensus democracy and the role of organized popular mobilization in defending democratic states.

Cabo Verde: Teachers block student grades to force government to negotiate

02 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Teachers in Cabo Verde have decided to block student grades for the second trimester to pressure the Ministry of Education into negotiating their demands, which include a 36% salary increase. The Sindicato Democrático dos Professores supports this action, while the Ministry of Education, represented by Adriano Moreno, opposes the grade freeze, citing harm to students but remains open to dialogue. The teachers, led by spokesperson Aleida Semedo, argue that this drastic measure is necessary to address long-standing issues related to salaries, promotions, and subsidies.

Cabo Verde: Audits of Tourism and Environment Funds Warn of Possible Impunities

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Recent audits by the Inspecção Geral das Finanças of Cabo Verde's Tourism and Environment Funds reveal significant financial irregularities, including direct adjustments in consultancy services without justification, fund misappropriation, double financing, and financial overruns exceeding 100%. Despite existing anti-corruption structures, there is a growing sense of impunity among Cabo Verdeans. The government has yet to approve the reports, promising accountability for those responsible. Opposition leader and political analysts call for more proactive investigations and timely justice to address public resource mismanagement.

Air Transport in Cape Verde in Crisis and Waiting for Better 'Airs'

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verde's air transport sector is in crisis, particularly during the summer, with limited international connections and technical issues plaguing the national airline TACV. The only domestic operator, owned by Angolan capital, faces frequent breakdowns despite an increase in passenger numbers. Economic analysts urge the government to implement long-term solutions. Marco Rodrigues from the Chamber of Commerce of Sotavento advocates for prioritizing domestic air transport to boost internal mobility and attract more international airlines. Fernando Gil Évora, a former public and private sector manager, calls for stricter government oversight and better civil aviation regulation. He criticizes past decisions that halted TACV's expansion into West African capitals, now served by a Lomé-based airline.

Cabo Verde: Minister says rescued migrants at sea will be deported

15 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cabo Verde authorities rescued 38 people and recovered 7 bodies from a raft attempting to reach Europe. The Minister of Internal Administration stated that while the government will provide necessary support, the country cannot establish permanent migrant reception centers. The president of the Plataforma das Comunidades Africanas acknowledged the country's limitations but urged the government to find alternatives for migrant accommodation. The majority of the rescued individuals are from Senegal, with some from Guinea-Bissau. The government plans to repatriate the migrants after providing humanitarian assistance.

Cape Verde: Foreign Policy in Change

02 Aug 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Cape Verde's recent decision not to attend the Russia-Africa summit in Saint Petersburg has reignited debate over changes in the archipelago's foreign policy, traditionally characterized by equidistance between major powers. Calls for non-alignment are emerging due to the country's small size and vulnerability. Former National Assembly President António Espirito Santo advocates for adherence to international rights while considering the nation's limitations. Former UN Ambassador Fernando Wanhon notes the government's mandate for foreign policy change, evidenced by campaign promises such as closer ties with Israel. Political analyst António Ludgero Correia emphasizes the importance of international rights but also the need for Cape Verde to engage with others and contribute to peace. Additionally, the government has shifted its stance by recognizing Moroccan authority over the entire territory, a departure from its position since 1977.

Cape Verde: Government launches weapons collection campaign, but experts say it's not enough

23 Jun 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verde is conducting a weapons collection campaign until July 15, coinciding with the enforcement of a new law that increases penalties for illegal weapon carriers, especially for those with artisanal firearms. Experts interviewed by VOA express skepticism about the campaign's potential effectiveness, citing a lack of political will to truly combat crime. Jurist and retired police officer João Santos hopes for success but sees the campaign as indicative of the police's weakness in controlling weapons. Sociologist and researcher Redy Lima highlights the need for political commitment to address social issues that contribute to crime. Interior Minister Paulo Rocha has identified Fogo and Santiago islands as major ammunition entry points.

Cape Verdean Economists Point Ways to Respond to 'Recommendations' from Partners

21 Jun 2023  |  voaportugues.com
The Budget Support Group (GAO), comprising countries and institutions supporting Cape Verde's state budget, urges the Praia government to reform the state business sector, limit capitalizations, control debt, and strengthen tax mechanisms. Experts suggest that stricter public management and fiscal discipline can increase domestic revenue collection. Partners acknowledge fiscal consolidation progress and emphasize the need for digital reforms to enhance tax efficiency and rationalize fiscal incentives. Economist Agnelo Sanches agrees that with greater management rigor and fiscal discipline, internal revenue can be increased, advocating for the avoidance of superfluous public spending, transparency in resource management, and education for fiscal citizenship. Portugal's cooperation advisor, Raquel Marchâ, highlights the need to limit capitalizations, guarantees, and loans to the state business sector, suggesting reforms in the sector.

Cape Verde: Organizations and religious leaders call for greater protection of minors against sexual abuse

17 Jun 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Cape Verde, the death of a five-year-old child due to alleged mistreatment by the father and numerous cases of sexual abuse within families have raised concerns among child protection organizations and society. The annual report from the Public Prosecutor's Office revealed that 32.2% of registered sexual crimes involve child sexual abuse. Calls for increased reporting of cases have been made, with the President of the Association for Support of Disadvantaged Children urging for stronger judicial measures and socio-educational efforts in communities. Religious leaders are advocating for a greater moral, civic, and spiritual culture. The President of the Institute for Support and Protection of Children and Adolescents (ICCA) acknowledges the need for more human resources, which are being addressed gradually.

Cabo Verde: MpD Deputy Shot

29 May 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Cabo Verde, Manuel Moura, a deputy from the ruling Movimento para a Democracia (MpD), is in stable condition after being shot in the face with a homemade firearm during a robbery in Praia. He is currently under medical observation and has received specialized care. Paulo Veiga, the leader of the MpD parliamentary group, expressed regret over the incident and highlighted the complexity of crime in the country, emphasizing the need for societal collaboration and the enforcement of new laws regarding the use of homemade firearms.

Cabo Verde: MpD Deputy Shot

29 May 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Cabo Verde, Manuel Moura, a deputy from the ruling Movimento para a Democracia (MpD), is in stable condition after being shot in the face with a homemade firearm during a robbery in Praia. He is currently under medical observation and has received specialized care. Paulo Veiga, the leader of the MpD parliamentary group, expressed regret over the incident and highlighted the complexity of crime in the country, emphasizing the need for societal collaboration and the enforcement of new laws regarding the use of homemade firearms.

Cape Verde: Pressure for Sexual Harassment at Work to Be a Crime

23 May 2023  |  voaportugues.com
In Cape Verde, there has been a 15% increase in reported cases of gender violence in 2022, with approximately 330 more cases than the previous year. The Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG) proposes that sexual and moral harassment be better defined in the Labor Code. This issue was discussed at a conference in Praia city. ICIEG's president, Carvalho, emphasized that harassment can be committed by anyone, regardless of their hierarchical position, and should be held accountable. Lawyer Emanuel Sousa agreed, highlighting the importance of legal typification in the labor code. The National Union of Cape Verdean Workers - Central Union has urged the parliament to ratify the International Labour Organization's Convention 190, which addresses violence and harassment in the workplace and has been ratified by only seven countries since its adoption in 2019.

Cape Verde: Nurses press for answers to their claims before other 'forms of struggle'

20 May 2023  |  time.news
Cape Verde's main nursing unions, SINDEF and SNETS, are planning new forms of protest, potentially including demonstrations or strikes, if the Ministry of Health does not address their claims by May 18. Their demands include salary scale improvements, specialized training, retirement age limit adjustments, risk insurance, and reclassification for degree-holding professionals. A meeting with the Health Minister in February led to a request for a detailed list of issues, but the unions have not received further communication. The Order of Nurses, although not a union, is also seeking solutions, particularly regarding the reclassification of nurses with degrees. The Ministry has indicated that the matter will be addressed in the 2023 State Budget, and a document is expected to be sent to the unions.

Cape Verde: Calls for Calm Amid Demands for Accountability Over Accident That Killed Soldiers

05 Apr 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Five days after an accident that killed eight Cape Verdean soldiers en route to combat a large fire in the Serra da Malagueta National Park, discussions intensify around the causes and the lack of resources for emergencies in the country. Authorities call for calm, with President José Maria Neves and Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva urging a thorough investigation before assigning blame. The political analyst José António dos Reis and retired Brigadier Carlos Pereira emphasize the need for better military conditions and caution against politicizing the tragedy. The results of the investigation are expected within 15 to 20 days.

Presidents of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe call for implementation of agreements signed between the two countries

13 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Citizens of São Tomé and Príncipe residing in Cape Verde seek serious commitments from President Carlos Vila Nova to improve social, political, economic, and legal conditions. During his four-day visit to Cape Verde, Vila Nova and Cape Verde's President José Maria Neves emphasized the need to implement signed agreements between the two countries, particularly in education and technology. Both leaders highlighted the importance of socio-economic growth, inclusion, and justice reform. Vila Nova committed to necessary justice reforms, while Neves stressed the role of presidents in fostering partnerships for development.

One year after the announcement, the joint venture between TAAG and TACV has not materialized

10 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
One year after the Angolan President announced a joint venture between TAAG and TACV to use Cape Verde as a hub for connecting flights to West Africa, Europe, and the USA, the project has not progressed. Delays are attributed to the restructuring processes of both airlines. Experts believe the project is viable but requires further organizational adjustments. The suspension of flights between Angola and Cape Verde has hindered business initiatives. The Cape Verdean airline has resumed operations to Lisbon using an Angolan aircraft under a wet leasing arrangement.

Gender-based violence is a serious problem in Cape Verde

08 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Gender-based violence remains a significant issue in Cape Verde, with 2018 recording the highest number of homicides by partners or ex-partners. Despite a reduction in recent years, the problem persists, particularly with psychological violence leading to severe consequences. President José Maria Neves highlighted gender-based violence as a major challenge for women. Vicenta Fernandes of ALCVBG emphasized the need for better law enforcement and support for victims. Psychologist Nilson Mendes called for more judicial attention to prevent homicides. ICIEG President Marisa Carvalho stressed the importance of promoting a culture of reporting and supporting victims, both domestically and in the diaspora.

Cape Verde: Society in shock and with many questions after 13-year-old kills seven-year-old child

28 Feb 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The death of a seven-year-old child by a 13-year-old in Cape Verde has sparked strong reactions and debates on child protection and education. The adolescent, deemed not criminally responsible, has been transferred to a rehabilitation center. The incident has raised questions about family roles and the effectiveness of social services. Lourença Tavares from Acrides emphasizes the need for better social support mechanisms, while legal expert Joao Santos argues against hasty changes to criminal responsibility laws. The case has also ignited discussions on social media.

Cape Verde: Agricultural fair brings technological solutions to the challenges of the island

14 Feb 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Cape Verde is promoting an agribusiness fair in the city of Praia, focusing on resilient agriculture that adapts to the archipelago's reality. The fair serves as a platform for promoting national products, exchanging experiences among exhibitors from various islands, and providing opportunities for contacts and sales. It also features demonstrations and introductions of agricultural machinery and tools suited to the local context.

Cape Verde Fishing Vessel Owners Want a Stronger Coast Guard

10 Feb 2023  |  Voice of America
Fishing vessel owners in Cape Verde are calling for increased investment in modern equipment to strengthen the Coast Guard's surveillance of the exclusive economic zone. They also seek government support for the acquisition of a tuna vessel to improve tuna capture capacity. The owners express concerns about unequal resources compared to foreign operators. The Minister of the Sea, Abrão Vicente, indicates the government's openness to finding resources to help the private sector. The request coincides with the first review of the current fishing agreement between Cape Verde and the European Union. João Lima, president of the Fishing Vessel Owners Association, emphasizes the need for better surveillance, while Francisco Spencer, a business owner, suggests that foreign vessels allocate a portion of their catch to local canneries. The government is also working on financing for the fishing sector and the acquisition of a patrol aircraft through the National Defense Ministry.

World's Largest Regatta Boosts Economy of São Vicente and Projects Image of Cape Verde

26 Jan 2023  |  voaportugues.com
The world's largest and oldest regatta stopped at the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde, from January 20 to 25, stimulating the local economy and promoting the country as a tourist destination and venue for similar events. Despite the high investment of $3.7 million and some criticism amid the country's crisis, both operators and economists view the event as a good bet by the government. The Tourism Chamber's president, Jorge Spencer Lima, highlighted the full occupancy of hotels and restaurants, and the positive projection of São Vicente and Cape Verde's image, supporting the government's initiative.

Amílcar Cabral-50 years after his death: Cape Verdeans still unaware of his work

20 Jan 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verdeans are encouraged to better understand their country's history and cherish their national heroes. On the 50th anniversary of Amílcar Cabral's death, citizens and political analysts emphasize the need for educational reforms to include the history of national figures like Cabral, who played a crucial role in the liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Despite his significant contributions, many young people are unaware of his legacy. Calls are made for the introduction of specific subjects in schools to teach the nation's history from an early age. The President and the National Assembly's president participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at Cabral's memorial.

Cape Verde: Price Increases 'Despair' Consumers and Entrepreneurs

13 Jan 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Cape Verde, rising prices, stagnant wages, and high unemployment are causing significant distress among citizens and businesses. President José Maria Neves highlighted the severe poverty and food insecurity affecting thousands. The recent increase in bread prices, following the government's cessation of wheat flour subsidies, has exacerbated the situation. Both consumers and business owners, like fish vendor Dona Isabel and mini-market owner Elsa Vaz, are struggling with the high costs. Economist Victor Fidalgo attributes the ongoing economic strain to the war in Ukraine and calls for better regulatory oversight. Despite government measures, tangible improvements remain unseen.

Cabo Verde: Authorities Want to Strengthen Control of Illegal Weapons

05 Jan 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Minister of Internal Administration of Cabo Verde announced that the new weapons law aims to strengthen mechanisms for stricter punishment of illegal users, ammunition sellers, and artisanal weapon manufacturers. Analysts agree on the necessity of the legislation but emphasize the need for additional measures to prevent and combat crime. The new proposal includes increased penalties and criminalization of artisanal weapon possession, with preventive detention for offenders. Crime rates, particularly in the capital, have seen a slight increase, with a 33% rise in criminal occurrences in 2021 compared to 2020. The law also mandates effective imprisonment for those in possession of artisanal weapons, with sentences ranging from six to eight years. Experts stress the importance of societal education and pacification to reduce weapon possession and usage.

Cabo Verde: Ulisses Correia e Silva promises a better 2023; analysts want concrete actions

25 Dec 2022  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva, conveyed a message of confidence, urging citizens to believe that 2023 will be a better year. He emphasized efforts to combat crime and improve transportation, including the recovery of the national airline to resume flights to the United States. Analysts, however, stress the need for effective mechanisms to address public safety and social justice issues, with some criticizing the Prime Minister's promises as unrealistic given the country's ongoing challenges.

Neusa de Pina - car washer in Praia

23 Dec 2022  |  www.voaportugues.com
Neusa de Pina, trained in pastry and cooking, earns her living by washing cars in Praia. Despite facing numerous life challenges, she remains resilient and encourages others to do the same.


ECOWAS, between the challenges of political stability and economic integration

14 May 2022  |  Voice of America
Legal experts, academics, and other specialists from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member countries met in Cabo Verde to discuss judicial interpretation and application of community texts and the efficient protection of human rights. Following coups in Mali, Guinea Conakry, and Burkina Faso, questions arise about ECOWAS's role in defending democratic institutions. Participants believe ECOWAS has progressed acceptably over its 40-year existence but should strengthen mechanisms and enforcement of its standards. Togolese lawyer Koffi Attoh-Mensah emphasizes the need for integration based on governance, rule of law, democracy, and economic programs. As the African free trade market strengthens, economist Agnelo Sanches highlights the complementary roles of sub-regional organizations in consolidating the African Union.

Cape Verde: Activists Call for Greater State Intervention in Environmental Protection

10 May 2022  |  Voice of America
Cape Verdean environmentalists are calling for increased state intervention in the creation of laws and, more importantly, in enforcement, as they note a regression in some aspects of environmental protection. Tommy Melo of Biosfera I accuses the state of being the main obstacle to environmental protection and emphasizes the need for clear policies and strong oversight. Januário Nascimento, president of the Environmental Defense Association, calls for more public sector openness to civil society involvement in environmental policies and projects. They highlight the general population's awareness of environmental preservation and the need for measures to improve living standards before being uncompromising against offenders. While satisfied with regulations protecting turtles, Melo expresses concern over the management of protected marine areas, diving fishing, and sand harvesting, warning of potential significant setbacks to the marine ecosystem. Nascimento points out the effective private sector work in plastic recycling and calls for more government support, emphasizing the need for better land use planning, soil conservation, ecological and innovative agriculture with new technologies, and increased marine territory protection.

Cabo Verde: The 'Amadeu Oliveira' Case Reopens the Debate on Parliamentary Immunity

28 Apr 2022  |  Voice of America
The preventive detention of UCID deputy Amadeu Oliveira, a critic of the judiciary in Cabo Verde, has sparked debates about parliamentary immunity and the suspension of deputies' mandates. Legal experts and former deputies, including José António dos Reis and António Espírito Santo, emphasize the importance of scrupulously following the law in these matters. University professor Emanuel Sousa suggests that the judiciary may be exerting undue pressure on the Parliament. The debate and vote on the suspension of Oliveira's mandate, initially scheduled for a Tuesday session, was postponed after his party, UCID, and the opposition PAICV argued that legal procedures were not followed, leading to a heated discussion in the assembly.

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