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Evelyn Morris

Evelyn Morris is a journalist based in Durban, South Africa.
Evelyn is especially interested in advocacy for patient's rights and the end the stigmatisation of mental health problems.
Another area of interest for Evelyn is the judiciary, especially as it directly affects people in their own communities.

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I wrote this story for the community publication I was working on but they spiked it because it took place in an area covered by another publication. I used it in my own personal blog because sources I had contacted while writing the story asked for a lin


A historically important railway station is slowly falling apart due to neglect. I spoke to a local expert in historical heritage buildings.


An exclusive interview with a policeman who suffered two broken legs and other life threatening injuries while working to keep road users safe by directing them to an alternative route


A local doctor in a community where many people are either unemployed, or poorly paid, said his duty of care to people, regardless of their economic status.


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