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Barcelona, Spain

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Ewelina Kawczynska

I am broadcast and print journalist based in Barcelona. I have covered the attacks in August 2017 and  October Referendum. I work with TV stations from Poland, Germany and the USA.  Occasionally I travel to Brussels where I was based before and I cover the events for the European Union.  I have ten years experience in journalism. I worked for CNN, Euronews, AP, TVP,  European Union and the United Nations in the UK, Brussels, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Poland.  I speak fluent English, Spanish, German, Polish, intermediate French and basic Catalan. I can edit using FCP 10.  I work well under pressure can perfectly juggle between all the languages I speak. I am covering currently coronavirus in Catalonia so feel free to contact me.


My travel blog, where I write about places I visited around the world.


My articles from Equal Times. Report from Uganda about homosexual rights. Article about the Batwa, forgotten tribe in Uganda Article about Afghan refugees in Brussels


I edited and translated the interviews about illegal logging in Honduras and wrote the article. My client was Capacity4 Development that works with DG Devco - European Commission.


This is my showreel. Compilation of my work in Warsaw, Brussels, Thailand and Barcelona



  • Coronavirus in Catalonia

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News April 11 @ 12:00am

    Spain sees nearly 2,000 new coronavirus cases in a day, with confirmed deaths rising to 491. Catalonia is second region affected after Madrid. Pedro Sanchez announced on Tuesday €200 billion relief package against effects of coronavirus on the economy. I am currently in Barcelona and available to... Read more

  • Empty streets of Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News April 14 @ 12:00am

    The number of deaths and infected people is rising in Spain. According to Health Authorities as of March 26, there are 12,940 confirmed covid19 cases, and 880 people in Catalonia have died due to the illness. I'm available for any stories or live reporting on the latest regarding coronavirus in... Read more

  • Not only people are affected by coronavirus.

    Barcelona, Spain Breaking News April 14 @ 12:00am

    Normally Placa Catalunya is the most crowded place in Barcelona. People are always feeding the birds. Now because of the coronavirus everyone is at home so there is nobody to feed the pigeons and the seagles. Here is a little preview: https://youtu.be/_BA2ncMOGc8 Read more

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