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Ewen Mcleish

I am a freelance writer based in Bangkok, Thailand.  I specialise in stories about Sustainability, Education, Conservation and the Environment in the region.  Having lived in Thailand for 14 years, I have access to a growing network of people involved in environmental work and sustainable development. I always source original images to accompany my work.

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With plastic-eating machines, Thai communities turn a profit fighting pollution

Did Thailand’s plastic bag ban solve our problem?

Before it spawns the next pandemic, should Thailand stamp out the wildlife trade?

COP26: How to use event to reduce pupil climate anxiety

Pupils will never forget their virtual elephant safaris

Coconuts Bangkok: One on One with Muebon, the Bangkok street artist on making meaning, staying out of high society galleries and Indonesia's forests. I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Muebon (Thailand's answer to Banksy or Shephard Fairey) about his street art which has appeared in cities around the world. He was commissioned by Greenpeace to spray paint a giant mural with the message 'Save Our Forests,' across the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre in the heart of the Thailand's capital.

South China Morning Post: The Chinese diners eating a rare songbird into extinction. My second article for the SCMP and my forth about bird conservation. The yellow-breasted bunting is a brightly coloured migratory bird which has seen its population drop dramatically in recent years, and is now considered critically endangered. Experts believe the population crash to be due to the birds' widespread popularity as a delicacy in Southern China. Today, the trade is illegal but it continues undercover. The article also describes an innovative Hong Kong based project fighting back.

Coconuts Bali: Sacred Rinjani volcano overwhelmed by trekker's trash. A travel-log detailing the spectacular trek to Gunjung Rinjani in Lombok Indonesia and how the area is struggling to cope with the litter left behind by trekkers. Explores the feelings of those who depend on the beauty of the volcano for their livelihoods, and the National Park Authority's response to the problems.

Bangkok Post: Uniting to inspire child-led change? Bangkok's International Schools, grassroots sustainability groups, and businesses come together to work for change. I wanted to write about how young people are increasingly involved and inspired to act within the green movement here in Bangkok. The article combines my interests in both education and sustainability.

Coconuts Bangkok: Trashing Trash: One woman trying not to create any garbage in Bangkok. Madeleine Recknagel is attempting, with considerable success, to live a zero waste lifestyle in the over-consumptive, resource guzzling city of Bangkok.

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