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Eylem Kaftan

Eylem Kaftan is a journalist and filmmaker based in İstanbul, Turkey. Kaftan completed a B.A. in Philosophy at Boğaziçi University . She completed an M.A in film and video at York University.  Her first documentary, Faultlines, investigates the aftermath of the 1999 earthquake. Kaftan then wrote and directed Vendetta Song (2005). This film about her personal journey into the honour-killing of her aunt in Turkey has received several awards including CIDA Prize for Best Canadian Documentary at Hot Docs; the Quebec Film Critics Association Award; Best Documentary.  Her third documentary Bledi, This is Our Home tells the story of the non-status Algerians in Canada. 

In 2010, Kaftan made a documentary series for Aljazeera documentary channel, called the Dreamcatchers. 

Between 2011-2013 she worked for Al Jazeera Turkish and produced several short documentaries and three 44-minute films, which were shown at  Al Jazeera English channel. The Passion and Penalty is a film about the matchfixing scandal in Turkish football. Sarajevo, My Love is (******) a film about a Serbian general who defended Sarajevo during the siege of the city. Seeing isn't Everything which is about four blind people living in İstanbul. ****** 

In 2014 Kaftan produced short docs Al Jazeera Plus channel. ****** ******

She made The emptiness in me, which is  about three non-Turkish sufis. ******

She also worked as a presenter for a TV series for TRT Documentary on ‘urban farmers’, called Biçiftlik ******

Her latest film is about the massacre in Rabia hospital  in Egypt called Massacre in Rabia made for Al Jazeera English ****** 

Kaftan also works for the national newspaper Vatan as a freelance writer.

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The story of a Kurdish singer girl imprisoned for false accusations.


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Live interview with Eylem Kaftan about the film Massacre in Rabia


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The personal journey of the filmmaker looking for the murderers of her aunt in Turkey.


The story of the bloodiest day in Egypt, the Rabia massacre events.


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The story of a Serbian general, Jovan Divjak who defended Sarajevo during the siege of the city


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