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Fariba Pajooh

I'm an experienced journalist and reporter with over 15 years of experience worldwide, and I have written extensively about politics, women's issues, youth issues, and international conflicts. I've spoken to people about their lives, successes, and struggles worldwide, from Haiti to the US, Afghanistan, Europe, and Iran to Iraq and Lebanon. I am an influential media and communication professional skilled in Editing, Public Speaking, Journalism, Management, and Public Relations. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University. I also serve as an International Chair for the Union, Graduate Employees' Organizing Committee, GEOC at Wayne State University.

Persian (Farsi)
Politics Fact Checking

Around a year ago Tara Fares, an Iraqi Instagram influencer with millions of followers, was assassinated in Baghdad. Her death was part of a string of suspicious deaths of women, ranging from a human rights activist to a plastic surgeon to a beauty salon director. The killings created fear, particularly for female content producers. Some left the country, others stopped posting but some continued. Here is my story about other Instagram influencers and their risky life in Baghdad. Their hope and their fights in Baghdad.


My story on Afghan Women Football Team From street to stadium to sexual harassment: Afghan women's football in crisis With Afghan women's football in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, amid allegations of sexual and physical abuse, the liberating influence the game has had in the country is in jeopardy.

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My interview with the former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, Kabul 2014

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