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Farjad Khan

Karachi, Pakistan
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About Farjad
I am a journalist, with experience in business and sports, based in Karachi, Pakistan. I have worked for The Express Tribune, a national newspaper affiliated with The New York Times, for more than a year and a half.
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The Future of Software Development: Trends and Innovations

31 May 2023  |  Sooper Articles
Software development is evolving with trends like AI, ML, IoT, low-code/no-code platforms, PWAs, DevOps, blockchain, quantum computing, and AR shaping the future. These technologies streamline development, automate tasks, and enhance user experiences. AR, in particular, is transforming user interfaces, real-world visualization, training, education, gaming, entertainment, and opening new business opportunities. Challenges like consumer acceptance, privacy, and technical limitations exist, but ongoing advancements are expected to integrate AR more broadly across industries. Ethical and responsible development, along with enhanced security and privacy measures, are paramount in creating a safe, efficient, and moral digital environment.

The state of auditing in Pakistan: A closer look

02 Mar 2015  |  The Express Tribune
The article discusses the challenges faced by external auditors in Pakistan, highlighting the difference in auditing standards and compliance between local and foreign entities. It points out that local companies often view audits as a statutory requirement rather than an opportunity to improve business practices. The article also notes the inefficiency in the auditing process in Pakistan, where it takes significantly more time and resources to audit a company compared to other countries. The author emphasizes the importance of thorough audits in building shareholder confidence and the need for companies to prioritize audit procedures. Despite the difficulties, audit firms in Pakistan are capable of handling these challenges, and the article suggests that companies should view audits as a chance to enhance their business environment.

15-year-old Pakistani wins $1.2m Dota2 Asian Championship

09 Feb 2015  |  The Express Tribune
The article discusses the rise of a young e-sports prodigy, Sumail, who is known by his in-game alias 'Suma1L'. Having moved to the United States a year ago, Sumail was picked up by the e-sports team Evil Geniuses (EG) due to his exceptional talent. Despite being only 15 and new to professional competitions, Sumail played a crucial role in EG's victory at the Dota2 Asian Championships (DAC) in Shanghai, where they won $1.2 million. His performance as a core player was pivotal, and he is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated newcomers in the Dota2 scene. Sumail is now aiming to compete in The International 5, the largest e-sports tournament with a prize pool exceeding $10 million.

Hall of fame: Ayrton Senna – Beco

19 Jun 2014  |  The Express Tribune
The article is a tribute to the legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, chronicling his journey from a young karting champion to a Formula One icon. It details his early career, including his first race win at age 13 and his South American Karting Championship victory. The article discusses Senna's time with teams such as Toleman, Lotus, and McLaren, highlighting his exceptional skill in wet conditions and his fierce rivalry with Alain Prost. It also touches on the controversies and the intense drive that characterized Senna's career, leading up to his tragic death at the Imola Grand Prix in 1994. Senna's legacy is noted as having a lasting impact on the sport, particularly in the area of safety regulations.

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