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Fatjona Mejdini

Tirana, Albania
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About Fatjona
Fatjona Mejdini is a journalist based in Tirana, Albania. I have a long experience working for English media language in the region. I follow closely the current affairs in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
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Albania Opens Up Secret Police Files, But the Wounds Remain Fresh

05 Apr 2023  |  NBC News
The article discusses the opening of the secret police archives in Albania, which allows individuals to access files from the Communist era. Maks Velo, a painter who was imprisoned and forced into hard labor for his art, reflects on his experience after reviewing his file, which revealed that about 20 people, including a close friend and his former mother-in-law, had informed on him. The article touches on the history of Albania's dictatorship under Enver Hoxha, the role of the Sigurimi secret police, and the lack of a systematic purge of officials post-Communism, known as 'lustration.' It also includes perspectives from Gentina Sula, the director of the agency providing access to the files, and Nesti Vako, a former Sigurimi official. The piece explores the complex feelings of victims and the public towards those who collaborated with the regime.

Albania’s pledge to build new cemeteries for Greek soldiers

22 Jan 2023  |  Balkan Insight
Albania has committed to building new cemeteries for Greek soldiers who died on its territory during World War II, as part of a broader agreement aimed at resolving historical issues and facilitating Albania's EU negotiation process. The agreement, which addresses past, present, and future issues, includes ending the formal state of war between Greece and Albania since 1941. Despite the positive diplomatic steps, some experts in Albania fear that the new cemeteries could stir old resentments and potentially revive Greek territorial claims over 'Northern Epirus'. The article also touches on the Cham Albanian issue, where tens of thousands were expelled from northern Greece after WWII, a matter that has not been resolved in the recent talks between the two countries.

Kosovo ISIS Women and Children ‘Escape Syria Camps’

16 Oct 2019  |  balkaninsight.com
Around 25 women and children have escaped from the Al-Hawl and Ein Issa camps in northern Syria and are currently at the border with Turkey, hoping to return home to Kosovo. Bedri Elezi of the Kosovo Institute for International Studies, who assists in repatriating ethnic Albanian relatives of ISIS fighters, urges the Kosovo government to coordinate with Turkey for their return. The situation in the camps is reported as difficult, with clashes and escape attempts. Turkey's ambassador to Tirana, Murat Ahmet Yoruk, emphasized the priority of repatriating ISIS fighters and their families from Syria.

Shepherds Use Albanian Communists’ Bunkers to Shelter Flocks

13 Aug 2019  |  balkaninsight.com
In Martanesh, north-east of Tirana, Albania, shepherds are repurposing abandoned Communist-era bunkers as shelters for their sheep during the summer. These bunkers, built under the orders of dictator Enver Hoxha to protect against potential invasions, have been largely unused since the fall of Communism in 1990. Now, they provide a safe haven for flocks from Tirana and Elbasan, allowing them to graze in the region's lush pastures.

Families of Victims of Communist Albania Call for ‘Decommunization’

15 May 2019  |  www.theepochtimes.com
Arta Lleshi, whose family suffered under the communist regime in Albania, expresses disappointment over the country's failure to undergo a proper decommunization process. Despite the prevalence of communist symbols, initiatives to ban them have been unsuccessful. Data from the Institute for the Studies of Communist Crimes highlights the regime's brutality, with thousands executed, missing, or imprisoned. Journalist Desada Metaj attributes the failure to condemn communist symbols to a lack of transparency and politicization. Lleshi finds it difficult to show restraint when communist symbols are still widely displayed, including on publicly funded television.

Weightlifting has given Albania more medals and pride than any other sport to date, but can it survive a lack of institutional support and recent doping scandals?

13 Mar 2018  |  Prishtina Insight
Albanian weightlifting, a source of national pride due to its history of success, is facing challenges due to institutional neglect and doping scandals. The European Weightlifting Federation had to relocate the European Championships from Tirana after a doping scandal involving medalist Romela Begaj. The Albanian Federation's president resigned, and the sport's reputation in Europe suffered. Despite past glories, including Ymer Pampuri's 1972 World Championship win, the fall of communism saw a decline in state support. Athletes lack financial stability and proper medical supervision, leading to frequent doping cases. The Ministry of Sport's budget for weightlifting was halved in 2018, and a law to improve athletes' conditions remains unimplemented. The doping issue is not only a national embarrassment but also threatens the sport's Olympic future, as the International Olympic Committee considers excluding weightlifting from the 2024 Olympics due to widespread doping issues.

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