Fereshteh Ghazi

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Atlanta, United States of America

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Euronews Farsi

Fereshteh Ghazi

I am an Iranian-American Journalist and Iran Analyst.
 When I was 14 I was lucky enough to get a work experience placement at newspaper in Iran. That was begining, From 1997 through today and I have worked with such as great Media inside and outside of Iran. 
I worked as a beat reporter for many prominent Iranian newspapers. I worked in different beats such as Parliament, President’s office, Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Universities, Political parties and Human Rights. 
 Today I am exceptionally skilled Journalist possesses dogged determination to find the story and deliver it to the public and Flexible and willing to work long hours when needed.
I pride myself on being well organised and thorough in my research. I have also developed many skills such as interview techniques and being able to see things from another perspective.

Skills: Research, Reporting, Editing, News monitoring, Interviewing, Social media
Good writing, Creativity, Confidence and a clear speaking voice

Language Skills: English, Persian(Farsi), Turkish





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