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Fernando Avilés

Berlin, Germany
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About Fernando
Fernando Avilés is a journalist based in Berlin, Germany.

His work can be consulted on his professional portfolio: https://fernandolaviles.wixsite.com/portfolio/home-english
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The White Elephant

20 Jun 2018  |  La Capital
Nizhni Nóvgorod, the fifth largest city in Russia and birthplace of writer Máximo Gorki, is hosting an upcoming match between Argentina and Croatia. The city's newly constructed stadium, built for the World Cup at a cost of $287 million, is criticized for its potential to become a 'white elephant' due to high maintenance costs and low attendance, with an average of only a thousand attendees per match. The stadium boasts modern technology, including a ventilation system and a membrane cover to protect against strong winds. Local authorities are considering alternative uses for the venue, such as other sports events and concerts.

First Host Dressed in Luxury

15 Jun 2018  |  La Capital
The Otkrytie Arena in Moscow will host the world's best as Argentina begins its World Cup journey, traveling a relatively short distance of 2,200 km compared to its Group D rivals. The Argentine team will move between Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, and Saint Petersburg, with the first match against Iceland at the Otkrytie Arena. The stadium, also known as Spartak Arena, underwent renovations to increase capacity and enhance safety. It is well connected to central Moscow, facilitating fan access. The article also briefly mentions Rosario Central's upcoming match against Vélez.

The odyssey of moving fluently through the streets of Russia

12 Jun 2018  |  La Capital
Navigating Russian cities, particularly Moscow and Saint Petersburg, presents challenges for Argentine fans, including the Cyrillic alphabet, vast distances, and language barriers. Public transportation options like the metro are vast and complex, with many stations and statues commemorating figures like Lenin and Pushkin. Purchasing a SIM card at the airport and using apps like Google Translate and Google Maps can be helpful. Understanding the Cyrillic alphabet is crucial for reading signs and navigating public spaces. The article also touches on the cultural experiences of traveling in Russia, such as the traditional food carried by Russians on train journeys.

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