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Fernando Mahía Vilas

Donostia, Spain
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About Fernando
Freelance journalist and translator based in Donostia/San Sebastián. I have a good eye for unknown stories and I am particularly interested in social, sports, historical and politics topics, especially when they can all be mixed in just one article. I can write in Galician, Spanish and English. I have my own car so I have no problem at all with moving around.
English Spanish Galician
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WNBA: A'Ja Wilson's Aces and Becky Hammon inaugurate the first dynasty made in Vegas

10 Nov 2023  |  sport.jotdown.es
The Las Vegas Aces, led by A'Ja Wilson and coached by Becky Hammon, have established themselves as a dominant force in the WNBA, securing their second consecutive championship despite challenges such as injuries to key players like Chelsey Gray. The Aces' victory over the New York Liberty in the finals marks the rise of a new dynasty in the sport, with the team's success also reflecting broader trends in American sports, including the shifting geopolitical landscape that now favors cities like Las Vegas, known for its entertainment and spectacle over traditional sports hubs. The WNBA is experiencing increased viewership and attendance, and the league is poised for growth with upcoming talent from the NCAA and the expansion of teams. However, the league also faces challenges, such as the controversy surrounding Becky Hammon's sanction after a player's accusation of unfair treatment due to pregnancy, and the ongoing issues of gender and racial equality in sports endorsements.

Crossing the Appalachians in Five Songs

26 Nov 2020  |  altairmagazine.com
The article explores the cultural region of Appalachia in North America through the lens of music, specifically bluegrass, which is deeply rooted in the area's history and cultural identity. It discusses the stereotypes associated with Appalachia and contrasts them with the region's current state, which includes low socioeconomic conditions and a rich cultural heritage. The narrative follows a journey across the Appalachian region, highlighting significant locations and events, such as the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Charlottesville's Confederate past, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The story of Joe Troitiño, a Galician who worked on the Parkway, is shared. The article also reflects on the nomadic spirit of the Appalachian pioneers and their impact on American culture. Musicians like Bill Monroe, Sarah Dupee, Townes Van Zandt, Nacho Vegas, and Tom Waits are mentioned as part of the region's musical narrative.

Vuelta a España: Carapaz and Izagirre smile in the winter ordeal of Formigal

26 Oct 2020  |  es.euronews.com
The sixth stage of the Vuelta a España 2020, initially planned through the French Pyrenees, was rerouted through Huesca due to the French government's decision amidst the epidemiological situation. The stage ended in Formigal, where Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz emerged as the new leader. The harsh winter conditions of cold and rain favored a select group including Carapaz, Hugh Carthy, and the Izagirre brothers. Ion Izagirre won the stage, joining an elite group of cyclists who have won stages in all three Grand Tours. Primoz Roglic, who was prepared to defend his lead, was overtaken by Carapaz, reminiscent of their encounter in the previous year's Giro d'Italia. The rest of the cyclists finished with evident discomfort due to the challenging weather conditions.

Primoz Roglic takes the lead in the atypical opening of the Vuelta a España

21 Oct 2020  |  euronews
The Vuelta a España cycling race commenced in an unusual fashion due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with no fans present and strict health protocols in place. The race, which started in Irún and will end in Madrid on November 8, is facing challenges such as potential snow on mountain passes and the uncertainty of completing all 18 stages. Despite the overlap with the Giro d'Italia, the Vuelta has attracted a strong lineup of competitors. The opening stage saw Primoz Roglic take the lead, while notable cyclists like Chris Froome and Thibaut Pinot faced setbacks. The race is operating within two 'bubbles' to mitigate risks, emulating the relatively smooth Tour de France and avoiding the issues faced by the Giro d'Italia.

Detroit Also Hates Modern Football

13 Oct 2020  |  Líbero
Detroit City FC, an amateur soccer club created by five friends seven years ago, has garnered a unique and passionate following, distinguishing itself with its open support for refugees, the LGBTQ+ community, and anti-racist stance, which is unusual in the United States. The club's fans, known as the Northern Guard Supporters, are characterized by their political activism and community spirit, rejecting the commercialism of Major League Soccer. The club's move to Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck, a diverse enclave within Detroit, has been beneficial for both the team and the community. Despite the challenges faced by the city of Detroit, the club and its supporters symbolize the city's unique identity and resilience.

COVID-19 Does Not Affect All Soccer Equally: Semi-Professional and Amateur Leagues in Check

02 Oct 2020  |  euronews
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing disparities within soccer, with professional leagues like Spain's Primera and Segunda División resuming play relatively smoothly, while semi-professional and amateur leagues face uncertainty and financial challenges. The Liga Iberdrola and Liga Reto, the top two tiers of women's soccer in Spain, have been delayed, with teams like Alavés Gloriosas and Real Sociedad awaiting the start of their seasons. Amateur clubs, such as Pasaia K.E. and Añorga KKE, are struggling to meet health protocols and financial constraints, highlighting the uneven impact of the pandemic on the sport.

COVID-19 Does Not Affect All Soccer Equally: Semi-Professional and Amateur Leagues in Check

02 Oct 2020  |  es.euronews.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted all levels of soccer equally, with professional leagues like Spain's Primera and Segunda División resuming play relatively smoothly, while semi-professional and amateur leagues face uncertainty and financial challenges. The women's leagues, Liga Iberdrola and Liga Reto, have experienced delays and a lack of clear planning, affecting teams like Alavés Gloriosas and Real Sociedad. Amateur clubs, such as Pasaia K.E., struggle with reduced budgets and the inability to afford necessary health protocols. The pandemic has widened existing disparities within the sport, with a small percentage of clubs managing to navigate the crisis while the majority face ongoing difficulties.

The Aitamaris of Aita Mari

25 Sep 2020  |  www.elsaltodiario.com
In the port of Pasai Donibane, Gipuzkoa, volunteers Eguzki and Lore painted a mural in a space on the Stella Maris, a retired tuna boat being repurposed by Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH) for their next mission in the central Mediterranean. The organization, which has previously conducted rescue operations off the coast of Libya with Proemaid, is preparing the vessel to shelter women and children fleeing hardship. The project has garnered support from various institutions and individuals, raising over 700,000 euros for supplies. The boat, now named after the historic Basque fisherman Aita Mari known for rescuing shipwrecked sailors, embodies the spirit of altruism and solidarity, with volunteers like Eguzki, Lore, and others contributing to its transformation.

Javier Nogueira's Western

25 Sep 2020  |  luzes.gal
Javier Nogueira, originally from Coruña, Spain, has become a respected figure in Arcata, Northern California, where he has lived for over 20 years. With a background in biology and wildlife management, he has contributed significantly to the local environment, particularly in the Arcata Community Forest. His life, resembling a modern western, is marked by his solitary nature, his work in nature conservation, and his current project of building his own house. The article also touches on the cultural blend of pioneer and hippie legacies in Northern California.

The last bohemian of 'El Barrio' is not in the mood for parties

06 Oct 2019  |  naiz.eus
George Zavala, a 60-year-old artist and educator, has spent 24 years in East Harlem, New York, also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio. Facing the gentrification of his neighborhood and the sale of his building, he plans to move to a quieter area in upstate New York. The article reflects on the cultural and sociological changes in East Harlem, the displacement of the Puerto Rican community, and the challenges of preserving the Nuyorican culture amidst these changes. Zavala, caught between the past and the future, is preparing for a new phase in his life while contemplating the essence of his identity and the legacy of El Barrio.

CD Trintxerpe, Ground Zero of Historical Amnesia

26 May 2019  |  naiz.eus
The article discusses the historical amnesia surrounding the neighborhood of Trintxerpe in Gipuzkoa, Spain, particularly during the Spanish Civil War when it was a bastion of Republican support. It focuses on the story of Francisco Rabaneda Postigo, a Republican commander and father of fashion designer Paco Rabanne, and his forgotten legacy in the local football club CD Trintxerpe. The narrative also covers the experiences of other milicianos from Trintxerpe, such as Ramón Fariña Amigo and José Domínguez Villar, and their descendants who have worked to preserve the memory of those who fought against fascism. The article highlights the broader issue of historical memory and the tendency to overlook the contributions of certain groups, such as immigrants and the working class, in official historical narratives.

Football Travels. Chapter II. Belfast: The Route of the Antihero George Best

19 Mar 2018  |  Líbero
Fernando Mahía explores Belfast through the lens of George Best's life, the football idol from Belfast who left for Manchester at 16 and became an ambassador for Northern Ireland. The article delves into the city's divided communities, marked by 'peace lines' separating Catholics and Protestants, and how Best's legacy transcends these divides. Despite being a Protestant and associated with unionist paramilitaries through his father, Best is remembered fondly on both sides for his football genius and personal flaws, rather than his religious background. The piece reflects on Best's upbringing in Cregagh Estate, his rise to fame, and his enduring impact on Belfast's collective memory, including his funeral, which drew people from all backgrounds. The article is part of Líbero's football travel guide for the summer, with Belfast as the second chapter.

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