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Fernando Russo

Mendoza, Argentina
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About Fernando
Fernando Russo is a journalist based in Mendoza, Argentina.
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The story of Santa Rosa de Lima: her life, myths and the origin of why you should cut your hair

06 Apr 2024  |  losandes.com.ar
The article discusses the life and legacy of Santa Rosa de Lima, also known as Isabel Flores, who was born in Lima and is celebrated on August 30th. Her life is marked by religious devotion, with curious facts and myths surrounding her, such as the tradition of cutting hair on her feast day to promote strength and growth. The article also mentions the Fasta movement, a Dominican spirituality group with global presence, founded in Mendoza. The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional provides statistics on weather patterns around her feast day, noting that storms are not uncommon during this period.

A city in Mendoza ranks among the top 10 hottest in the country: the weekend weather forecast

05 Jan 2024  |  Los Andes
Mendoza experienced high temperatures on Friday, with some areas reaching up to 35°C. The National Meteorological Service ranked San Martín in Mendoza among the top 10 hottest places in Argentina. La Rioja topped the list with 38.9°C. The weekend forecast for Mendoza predicts partly cloudy skies, a drop in temperature, and moderate southeast winds, with a high of 31°C on Saturday and rising temperatures on Sunday. Defensa Civil issued safety advice to prevent accidents in water bodies and streams, including avoiding swimming in non-designated areas and taking precautions while fishing or using watercraft.

A city in Mendoza enters the top 10 hottest in the country

10 Nov 2023  |  losandes.com.ar
Temperatures across Argentina have risen significantly, with a city in Mendoza, San Martín, ranking tenth among the country's hottest cities at 33.6°C. The National Meteorological Service reported Las Lomitas in Formosa as the hottest with 43.6°C, followed by Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña in Chaco with 41.3°C, and San Juan with 37.8°C. The heat in Mendoza is expected to persist until at least Saturday, with a forecasted minimum of 8°C and a maximum of 20°C for Sunday as reported by Contingencias Climáticas.

There was a 'verdurazo' by Mendoza's agriculture in protest against the provincial government

05 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
Popular groups protested against the provincial government of Mendoza, distributing over 10,000 kilos of fruits and vegetables to citizens. The protest, organized by various agricultural and social organizations, demanded urgent measures for small producers and criticized both provincial and national governments for their policies. Guido Peña from CCC highlighted the need for policies to support impoverished sectors, while Myriam, a local vendor, shared her struggles with economic hardship. The article also criticized the IMF for demanding more austerity measures and called out political leaders like Cristina Kirchner and Macri for their perceived failures.

About 90 families were left without lunch because the rain soaked the firewood of the dining room that assists them

04 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
In the Flores Oeste neighborhood, approximately 90 families were left without lunch due to rain soaking the firewood used by a community dining room run by Juana Santos Mamani. Despite her efforts, the adverse weather conditions prevented her from serving the planned meal. The dining room, which operates from Juana's garage, relies on occasional food donations from Banco de Alimentos and Organización Evita, but has not received any donations this year due to high food costs. Juana, along with other community members, sells homemade products to fund their operations, highlighting the increasing demand for food assistance in the area.

174 schools damaged and 78 without classes due to severe storm in Greater Mendoza

02 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
A severe storm in Greater Mendoza caused significant damage to 174 schools, with 78 unable to hold classes. Patricio Cabral, Chief of Staff of the DGE, announced that affected schools will receive additional funds for repairs. Jorge Carrizo, Director of Community Services, reported severe damage in districts like San José, Belgrano, and Ciudad, with Villa Nueva being the hardest hit. The storm also led to the evacuation of the Municipal Building of Guaymallén and the rescue of 30 vehicles from flooded roads.

Sale of self-tests begins in pharmacies in Mendoza: how much they cost and how to use them

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
The sale of COVID-19 self-tests has begun in Mendoza, available initially at 'Farmacias del Centro' with six branches in the province. Distribution is expected to normalize soon across other provincial pharmacies. Mario Valestra, President of the Colegio Farmacéutico de Mendoza, and Juan Motta, coordinator of Farmacias del Centro, provided details on the availability, criteria for purchase, and usage instructions for the self-tests. The test, priced at $1650, can be purchased in-store or online, with home delivery options available. Users must report their results within 24 hours to contribute to epidemiological statistics.

Evangelina, the young woman from Mendoza who travels the world on a skateboard and dreams of breaking Guinness Records

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
Evangelina González, a 27-year-old from Mendoza, Argentina, has been traveling the world for nearly a decade using an electric skateboard. Currently based in Wiesbaden, Germany, she has visited numerous countries and aims to break Guinness World Records. Evangelina funds her travels by working as a community manager and for an NGO in Africa. She shares her adventures on social media, where she has a large following. Her travels are supported by brands like Bewatt and Unit 1. Evangelina is committed to environmental sustainability and plans to continue her journey, including a future trip to Patagonia.

Mendocino in Peru: 'What is happening is similar to the 'they all must go' of 2001 in Argentina'

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
Pablo Laterra, an Argentine engineer living in Peru, discusses the political and social turmoil in Peru, drawing parallels to Argentina's 2001 crisis. He highlights the economic stability of Peru despite the pandemic, the high COVID-19 death toll due to an expensive healthcare system, and the political instability marked by the imprisonment of recent presidents. The current president, Pedro Castillo, faces criticism for his lack of preparation and frequent ministerial changes. Recent protests, sparked by rising fuel prices and a controversial lockdown, have led to widespread unrest and calls for the resignation of both the president and the legislature. The situation is exacerbated by the historical use of the 'Figure of Vacancy' to remove presidents, leading to significant public discontent and large-scale protests.

Luis Canessa: “Cryptocurrencies are here to stay even if the traditional banking system doesn't like it”

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
El Salvador's implementation of the Bitcoin Law in 2021 marked a significant economic, social, and political shift, with Luis Canessa playing a key role. Canessa, a Mendoza native and systems analyst, has been involved in innovative projects since the 1980s. He currently works for Athena Bitcoin, a company instrumental in El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption. The law has brought financial inclusion to many Salvadorans and reduced reliance on intermediaries for remittances. Despite skepticism from traditional financial institutions, cryptocurrencies are seen as a lasting and transformative financial tool. The article highlights the global impact of El Salvador's Bitcoin initiative and the growing influence of cryptocurrencies.

Unexpected Friendship: He Had an Accident and the Man Who Hit Him Kept Him Company with Some Mates While Waiting for the Tow Truck

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
A young man named Axel shared an unexpected act of kindness on Twitter after being involved in a car accident. The man who hit him not only filed the necessary report but also returned with a mate to keep Axel company while they waited for the tow truck. The story, accompanied by a photo of the two sharing mate, gained significant attention on social media. The article also provides essential advice from the organization 'Luchemos por la vida' on how to act in the event of a serious traffic accident.

Due to a complicated economic situation, Cacho Garay sells his classic car to pay off debts

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
The economic impact of COVID-19 restrictions has severely affected various sectors, including entertainment. Renowned comedian Cacho Garay from Mendoza has been forced to sell his classic car to manage his debts. Despite rescheduling his tour, further restrictions have led to its cancellation, exacerbating his financial woes. Garay expressed his commitment to his country and work, acknowledging a judicial debt he aims to settle.

Emilien Buffard, the French photographer who released his own inclusive sticker album

01 Oct 2023  |  Los Andes
Emilien Buffard, a French photographer residing in Argentina, has launched an inclusive sticker album titled 'Sport Friendly' to promote inclusive sports in Argentina. His project, which features over 500 athletes, aims to challenge sexist norms and discrimination in sports. Buffard criticizes the organization of major sports events in countries with poor human rights records, such as Qatar and China, and emphasizes the importance of spreading information to inspire social change. He also highlights the struggles faced by marginalized groups in accessing sports opportunities.

Covid Booster in Mendoza: these are the available vaccines and the enabled vaccination centers

29 Sep 2023  |  Los Andes
The Argentine Ministry of Health, led by Carla Vizzotti, urges the population to get COVID-19 booster shots, especially those over 50 or with comorbidities. Over 10 million in this age group have not received a booster in the last 6 months. Iris Aguilar, head of Mendoza's Immunization Department, emphasizes the importance of biannual doses for those over 50 and immunocompromised individuals. Mendoza has nearly 100 vaccination centers, offering Pfizer Bivariante and Moderna Bivariante vaccines. Despite a national increase in cases, hospital bed occupancy remains unaffected, attributed to the vaccination campaign. The World Health Organization continues to advocate for vaccination as the most effective tool against COVID-19, noting the emergence of new variants like EG.5 and BA2.86.

Geolocation and Accelerometer: The Secrets Behind Google's Earthquake Alert

09 Jul 2023  |  Los Andes
A recent earthquake in Mendoza highlighted Google's Android Earthquake Alerts System, which provides early warnings to help users stay safe. The system, which uses geolocation and accelerometers in Android devices, was presented in Mendoza shortly before the quake. Camila Domínguez from Android emphasized the importance of precise information during crises. The Instituto Nacional de Prevención Sísmica (Inpres) supports the system, noting its role in raising awareness and providing accurate data. The Emergency Location Service also enhances the ability to locate individuals during emergencies.

Digital Government, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity were the focus of the last meeting of the Pilares series

27 Apr 2023  |  Los Andes
The Pilares series' latest event in Mendoza, Argentina, focused on digital government, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. The event featured national and international speakers and was hosted by journalists Cecilia Ranua and Pablo Philippens. Dalmiro Garay, President of the Supreme Court of Mendoza, discussed the digitalization of the justice system. The event also covered the transition from bureaucratic processes to citizen participation, with insights from experts Juan Gowland, Marisa Repetto, and Francisco Bravo. The role of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in public services was analyzed by Bárbara Peñaloza, Gustavo Giorgetti, and Claudio Feijoo. Andres Rundu, the Estonian ambassador to Spain and Andorra, detailed Estonia's success as a digital government leader. The event was supported by Telecom Argentina and Lorenzo Automotores, among others.

Digital Government, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity were the focus of the last meeting of the Pilares series

27 Apr 2023  |  Los Andes
The Pilares series' latest event in Mendoza, Argentina, focused on Digital Government, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. The event featured national and international speakers and was live-streamed. Discussions included the digital transformation of the Mendoza Supreme Court, the role of digital government in public value creation, and the use of AI and cybersecurity in public services. Estonia's digital government success was highlighted, with its ambassador to Spain and Andorra detailing the country's digital advancements. The event was supported by Telecom Argentina and Lorenzo Automotores, among others.

They denounce mistreatment of pack mules in Aconcagua and the Government is already investigating the case

08 Feb 2023  |  Los Andes
The Fundación Cullunche has publicly denounced the mistreatment of pack mules in the Aconcagua Provincial Park, presenting photographs showing the animals in poor conditions. The organization has filed a formal complaint with the Secretaría de Ambiente y Ordenamiento Territorial and the Dirección de Recursos Naturales Renovables. The government has initiated an investigation, with officials analyzing the images and gathering information from muleteers. The Fundación Cullunche claims that the mistreatment resumed after the termination of their animal welfare program in 2017. Government officials argue that the program continues under their oversight and that some images may be taken out of context.

Video: Amidst protest, firefighters save the life of a man who became ill in downtown Mendoza

30 Dec 2022  |  losandes.com.ar
In downtown Mendoza, a protest by volunteer firefighters was sparked by comments from the Deputy Minister of Environment, Sergio Federovisky, who stated that firefighters lack proper training for fighting forest fires. During the protest, volunteer firefighters paused their demonstration to save a man experiencing a medical emergency in a Rapipago. Juan Pablo Jofer, an instructor at the National Firefighters Academy and Provincial Coordinator of First Aid, provided life-saving CPR. The man was subsequently transferred to a private hospital. The incident highlights the ongoing training firefighters receive, including psychological aspects to handle life-or-death situations. Jofer, who is also the Chief of the Junín fire station, emphasized their role in stabilizing individuals rather than saving lives, attributing the latter to divine intervention.

What are the midnight explosions, a growing trend that causes discomfort among neighbors

24 May 2022  |  losandes.com.ar
In Mendoza, a trend among teenagers celebrating their 15th birthday involves gathering at midnight for a 'tirada' with music, drinks, and food, but the use of fireworks is causing distress among neighbors. The noise, often mistaken for criminal activity, disrupts sleep and agitates pets. While the sale and use of fireworks are not completely banned in Mendoza, they are restricted to certain spaces, and many municipalities have ordinances against them. The Repriv, with subcomisario Octavio Canassa, is involved in controlling the use of fireworks, and penalties range from 16,000 to 56,000 pesos, especially for repeat offenders.

Important local store to hold pre-winter clothing sale at Nave Cultural: discounts around 50%

07 May 2022  |  losandes.com.ar
Seus, a well-known clothing store, is hosting a pre-winter clothing sale at Nave Cultural on Sunday, offering discounts up to 50% on items. The event will feature 50 vendors, giveaways, and music. Hugo Díaz, the owner, emphasizes affordable prices and quality, with outfits available for as low as $3,000 ARS. Part of the proceeds will go to local food banks, Rayito de Luz and Esperanza de los Niños. Díaz also discusses the challenges of inflation and taxes on the retail industry, while maintaining a focus on customer value.

Reported not being sold medication for 'looking like a drug addict': do pharmacies put up barriers in such cases?

13 Apr 2022  |  Los Andes
A video went viral of a young woman claiming she was denied medication at a pharmacy despite having a prescription and identification, allegedly due to her appearance. The medication was later purchased by her father without issue. The incident sparked outrage on TikTok, with users suggesting the pharmacy should be reported. Juan Motta, a pharmacist and coordinator at Farmacias del Centro in Mendoza, commented on the lack of an official protocol for such situations and mentioned that certain drugs, like flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), are only dispensed to patients with social security or private insurance prescriptions to prevent misuse by individuals with addictions.

Pain at the school where the young woman who died in El Challao worked and concern for her two children

23 Mar 2022  |  Los Andes
Tamara Dayana López, a young mother of two, recently employed at Arístides Villanueva School, tragically died in a car accident in El Challao. The accident also claimed the life of her friend Pablo Navarro Bermejo, while Andrea Soledad Morales survived. The school community is deeply affected, remembering Tamara as hardworking and dedicated. Concerns arise over the continuation of medical treatments for her children, as they may lose their health coverage. The school and Tamara's family are seeking government assistance to ensure the children's medical needs are met. The school is in mourning, with classes suspended and support being provided to the family.

Mendoza celebrated its new Vendimia queens with the classic serenade in downtown Mendoza

06 Mar 2022  |  losandes.com.ar
Mendoza has crowned Natasha Sánchez as the National Queen and Giuliana Pilot as the Vice Queen during a dreamy night at the Frank Romero Day, followed by a classic serenade by the Mendoza Police Band in downtown Mendoza. The event, which has a 20-year history, aims to bring the Vendimia queens closer to the people of Mendoza. Local authorities, including mayors Florencia Destéfanis and Matías Stevanato, as well as the new Minister of Culture, Nora Vicario, were present. The queens were celebrated with music and tradition, and the National Queen called for recognition of the vineyard workers who make the Vendimia possible.

Bianca, the young woman from Mendoza who created her sustainable clothing brand and is a sensation on social networks

30 Dec 2021  |  www.losandes.com.ar
Bianca Fazio, a 25-year-old entrepreneur with a degree in Administration from Mendoza, has created a sustainable clothing brand named 'Kali: indumentaria sin par'. The brand transforms customers' unused denim garments into unique, custom-made jackets, sweatshirts, vests, and aprons. Fazio combines her academic knowledge with a passion for sewing, promoting sustainability and conscious consumption in the fashion industry. She offers discounts to customers who bring in three pairs of jeans, encouraging sustainable practices. Fazio's brand is gaining popularity on social media.

Terror in Maipú: thieves entered her house, snatched the baby from her arms and tortured her

21 Dec 2021  |  losandes.com.ar
A family in Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina, experienced a violent robbery at their home on 25 de Mayo street. The incident occurred when the father left to buy pizza, leaving the mother and her one-year-old baby at home. Three thieves entered the house, tied the mother's legs, and demanded money, threatening to kill her husband upon his return. They tortured her, temporarily suffocated her with a bag, and hit her on the head, possibly with a gun. The ordeal lasted about 20 minutes, ending when the husband arrived. The room was left in disarray, and the mother was injured. The neighborhood has seen a rise in insecurity, with similar incidents reported, and residents are calling for increased security.

What is a malignant cardiac arrhythmia, the condition that forced Kun Agüero to retire

15 Dec 2021  |  Los Andes
Sergio 'Kun' Agüero, the Argentine footballer, announced his retirement due to a malignant cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiologist Néstor López explains that this condition disrupts the heart's rhythm and can lead to cardiac arrest if untreated. Treatment varies from monitoring to medication, invasive procedures, or implantable devices. Preventive measures include a healthy diet, regular exercise, quitting smoking, and good sleep. Agüero expressed gratitude to his former clubs, including Independiente, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, and Barcelona, during an emotional press conference at Camp Nou.

The famous YouTuber Pablo Imhoff was surprised to visit the 'ghost town' of Mendoza: Agua del Toro

11 Dec 2021  |  Los Andes
Pablo Imhoff, a famous YouTuber known for his travels, recently visited Agua del Toro, a ghost town in Mendoza, Argentina. The town, originally built for workers of the Agua del Toro Hydroelectric Dam, was abandoned after the dam's completion. Imhoff highlighted the town's potential for tourism, noting its natural beauty and opportunities for activities like fishing and adventure tourism. Despite its abandonment, the dam remains operational, and the town's only resident, Alfredo, continues to maintain the area.

The charitable Batman of Mendoza was a victim and witness of a robbery at a car dealership in Godoy Cruz

10 Sep 2021  |  www.losandes.com.ar
Alejandro Martínez, known for dressing as Batman to bring joy to children, was a victim and witness of a significant robbery at Anello Motors, a car dealership in Godoy Cruz. The dealership had collected donations for a snack bar in Las Heras, which Alejandro helped deliver. Upon returning, they found the agency being robbed, resulting in the theft of their cell phones and money. In 2017, Alejandro had also been a victim of theft when his bicycle was stolen. He is recognized for visiting children in hospitals across Mendoza, dressed as superheroes from Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

Milanesa Day: how to prepare the favorite dish of Argentinians in the best way

03 May 2021  |  losandes.com.ar
May 3rd is celebrated as Milanesa Day in Argentina, a tradition since 2012 initiated by fans of the dish. The milanesa's origins are debated, with connections to 19th-century migrations and potential roots in Italy or Austria. The Italian city of Milan declared it an official heritage dish in 2008. The milanesa a la napolitana, however, is an Argentine invention from the 1950s. Chef Nicolás Estalles from Mendoza shares tips for making the perfect milanesa, including using a good cut of meat, marinating it with eggs, milk, garlic, parsley, and spices, and cooking options of frying or baking.


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