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Francisco Díaz Urzua

Francisco Díaz Urzua is an independence  photojournalist based in Santiago, Chile. 
His had study cinema and Photography, last year he works as a photographer and camera operator for a documentary calls "Dame la Mano" This year, during all June his photography work "La penumbra del Larimar" was on exhibition in Centro Cultural de Las Condes, also his work was exhibited in Paris.

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Dame la Mano is a documentary about a program of the Catholic Church since the time of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet to help the most vulnerable children in society. The year 2018 turned 40 years old and is commemorated as an important milestone to help minors.

Sample image

Two years ago I did a photo reportage about a little mining settlement located 200 kms to the west from Santo Domingo in Domenican Republic. from there the miners extract one unique stone around the entire planet, calls Larimar. this stone is highly valued by jewelers for the beauty on it and sell it around the national market. extract this mineral means that hundreds of miners take a daily risk to get it. So the focus of this documentary pictures point to the workers and their labour conditions. This work you can see it in Corporación Cultural Las Condes from 6 till 8 of June 2019.

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