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Francisco Ferreira

Porto, Portugal
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About Francisco
Francisco Ferreira is a image reporter based in Porto, Portugal.
Image Reporter with vast experience in information,  with news reports for several national channels, TVI, RTP, SPORTTV, and foreigners - DSF (Germany) , TVGalicia (Spain) , TVE (Spain) , NTN24 (Colombia), Euronews
Possibility to create informative contents in VR 360º degrees
English Spanish Portuguese
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) 360 Videography Fact Checking
Business Finance Politics

Campaign alerts for prevention of accidents with the electrical grid

07 May 2024  |  www.progresso.com.br
The Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors (Abradee) has launched the 17th National Safety Campaign to Prevent Accidents with the Electrical Grid earlier than usual to coincide with school holidays in July, a period of increased risk for children. In 2022, there were 756 accidents involving the electrical grid, with 270 fatalities, a decrease from the previous year. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of the electrical grid and promote safety, especially during construction or maintenance work, theft of network components, and illegal connections. The campaign's slogan is 'Se ligue! Entre a vida e a sorte, escolha viver com segurança' (Pay attention! Between life and luck, choose to live safely). The article also mentions a tragic fire at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro in 2018, caused by an electrical fault.

Mayors request Union funds for natural disaster prevention

04 Apr 2024  |  progresso.com.br
Mayors gathered at the 'Reflections on the future of cities' event in Niterói, organized by the National Front of Mayors (FNP), have sent a letter to the federal government requesting funds for the prevention and management of natural disasters. The discussions focused on the devastating social and economic consequences of disasters. Axel Grael, the mayor of Niterói, emphasized the need for solidarity in climate catastrophe situations and shared the city's experience from the 2010 Morro do Bumba tragedy. The letter, delivered to André Ceciliano, Special Secretary for Federal Affairs, outlines guidelines for a national policy on disaster prevention and climate change mitigation. Ceciliano plans to include the demands in the Multi-Year Plan (PPA), emphasizing the need for more resources for municipal civil defense prevention efforts.

‘Love in Blood’ brings Kristen Stewart in an anti-machismo crusade, with a huge faith in genre cinema

12 Mar 2024  |  expresso.pt
‘Love in Blood’ is a queer film set in 1980s America, featuring Kristen Stewart as a gym employee who falls for a bodybuilder aspirant and descends into hell for her. The film touches on themes of weapons, muscles, steroids, cartoons, and visceral family revenge, and is styled as a low-budget 1980s American B-movie. It premiered in Portugal and was showcased at the Berlinale Special section, having been previously shown at Sundance.

11 Godard films in Portuguese theaters: a cinema beginning to exist

29 Feb 2024  |  expresso.pt
Leopardo Filmes has launched a program in various cities across Portugal featuring 11 films by Godard in digital copies, several of which are restored. The article questions whether Godard's work can still impact today's youth, as it did for past generations, citing the example of Chantal Akerman, who was inspired to pursue a career in cinema after watching 'Pierrot le Fou'.

Berlin Festival: Golden Bear for Franco-Senegalese Mati Diop

24 Feb 2024  |  expresso.pt
Franco-Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for her 67-minute documentary, which explores the restitution of 26 artifacts from France to Benin. The film, 'Dahomey', is seen as a step towards historical justice and the recovery of Benin's heritage. The festival also awarded Hong Sangsoo and Bruno Dumont for their films, and actors Sebastian Stan and Emily Watson for their performances. The Berlinale is closing a cycle that favored bold auteur cinema, with the departure of director Carlo Chatrian and the selection committee.

As the Berlinale comes to an end, the best was Henry Fonda

24 Feb 2024  |  expresso.pt
The Berlinale film festival featured significant cinema beyond the red carpet of Berlinale Palast, with 'Henry Fonda for President' by Austrian filmmaker Alexander Horwath being a standout. The documentary, part of the Forum section, celebrates Henry Fonda as a quintessential American and a figure who embodied the conscience of the United States. Despite suggestions for him to run for President, Fonda never pursued it, contrasting with actor Ronald Reagan who did take on the role.

Margarida Gil at Berlinale with a burning fireplace

22 Feb 2024  |  expresso.pt
Margarida Gil's new film 'Mãos no Fogo' is a delightful experience that blurs the lines between past and present. The film features a Renault 4L driven by the character Maria do Mar, played by Carolina Campanela, and analog equipment used by the protagonist, a documentary filmmaker, which suggests a setting in the latter half of the last century. However, the narrative exists in a simultaneous present, merging today with yesterday.

Cinema: The Bitterness in Men

30 Dec 2023  |  Jornal Expresso
Nuri Bilge Ceylan's film 'As Ervas Secas' is characterized by a pervasive languor and misanthropy, themes that the Turkish director has long pursued. The film's dense and demanding script, co-written by Ceylan, his partner Ebry Ceylan, and Akin Aksu, revolves around the boredom that Ceylan believes prompts life's most significant decisions. The story follows Samet, a young high school teacher exiled to a remote Anatolian town, and his roommate Kenan, both of whom reflect the sensibilities of Turkish society. A love letter from a student, Sevim, to Samet leads to suspicions of abuse and jeopardizes his anticipated transfer to Istanbul, raising issues reminiscent of the #MeToo movement.

Chicken Run: We're Fried - they escaped to cinemas but were caught by Netflix

18 Dec 2023  |  expresso.pt
At the dawn of the millennium, Aardman Studios in the UK released 'Chicken Run', a marvel of animated cinema that became a serious box office success. Founded in 1972 in Bristol by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, Aardman was already known for its 'Wallace and Gromit' series. The studio maintained its independent spirit, and 'Chicken Run', co-directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park, became the most successful stop-motion animation film, a technique in which Aardman excels. The film has now been made available on Netflix.

Ken Loach in interview: 'The conservative parties in the UK promote hopelessness and then use it as a political tool.'

16 Nov 2023  |  expresso.pt
In 'The Old Oak Pub,' a small mining community in northeast England is taken aback by the arrival of Syrian refugees seeking a better life. The pub, managed by TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner), becomes a crucial space for community and humanity amidst 30 years of social and economic decline. Ken Loach, at 87, hinted that this might be his last film, though he later suggested otherwise. His recent films have increasingly featured strong female characters, such as Yara in 'The Old Oak Pub,' Katie in 'I, Daniel Blake,' and Abby in 'Sorry We Missed You.'

‘The Old Oak’ Pub serves social shock, cultural tension, and systemic racism: it's the new film by Ken Loach

15 Nov 2023  |  expresso.pt
Ken Loach's new film, set in Durham, England, during 2016, portrays a community of unemployed former miners confronting social shock, cultural tension, and systemic racism upon the arrival of Syrian refugees. The film, written by Paul Laverty, emphasizes the character of Yara, a Syrian woman aspiring to be a photographer, played by Ebla Mari. 'The Old Oak' Pub is a compassionate look at human vulnerability and reflects the prejudices of the English working class, a recurring theme in Loach's work. While not as strong as 'I, Daniel Blake', the film is noteworthy for Mari's extraordinary performance.

Transformar o 25 num 31

25 Oct 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The article argues that neither the left nor the right owns the historical dates of April 25th and November 25th in Portugal. It emphasizes the importance of tolerance, freedom, and acceptance of differing political opinions as the greatest legacies of the April 25th revolution.

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ in cinemas: Scorsese shows how the Osage Indians were betrayed and eliminated by white greed

18 Oct 2023  |  expresso.pt
Martin Scorsese's film 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' based on David Grann's 2017 book, diverges from its initial conception as a straightforward investigation into the Osage murders to explore deeper emotional development. The film, financed by Apple, is Scorsese's first western and spans over three hours, documenting the sociological aspects of the Osage Indians who became wealthy from oil and were systematically murdered. The narrative focuses on the relationships between the characters, particularly Ernest Burkhart, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, his uncle William Hale, portrayed by Robert De Niro, and Mollie, an Osage heiress played by Lily Gladstone. The film addresses the dark side of human nature and the racism that led to the Osage killings, with Scorsese and the actors emphasizing the historical context and moral values depicted in the story.

DocLisboa kicks off with an astonishing film: Wang Xilin, 86, is naked and alone

14 Oct 2023  |  expresso.pt
DocLisboa film festival opens with Wang Bing's 'Man in Black', premiered at Cannes, featuring 86-year-old prominent Chinese composer Wang Xilin, who has been persecuted by the communist regime. The film is seen as a political exorcism ritual, with Xilin expressing his desire for the end of the current Chinese government. The festival also showcases works by Agnès Varda, Leonor Teles, and others, reflecting a commitment to major contemporary cinema and documentary innovation.

Anticancer Potential of Flavonoids: An Overview with an Emphasis on Tangeretin

30 Aug 2023  |  mdpi.com
Flavonoids, natural compounds with pharmacological activity, have seen an exponential increase in studies for therapeutic purposes due to their bioactive properties. Tangeretin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruits, has shown activity against cancer cell lines, including antiproliferative, apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-metastatic, anti-angiogenic, antioxidant, regulatory expression of tumor-suppressor genes, and epigenetic modulation. The review emphasizes tangeretin's antitumor properties and its potential in optimizing therapies and searching for new drugs in cancer treatment, addressing challenges such as low solubility and stability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics.

Iranian Ali Ahmadzadeh wins in Locarno: 'Critical Zone' is the new Golden Leopard

12 Aug 2023  |  expresso.pt
Ali Ahmadzadeh's film 'Critical Zone' won the Golden Leopard at the 76th Locarno Film Festival. Shot clandestinely and featuring non-professional actors, the film portrays drug trafficking in Tehran through the eyes of a small-time dealer, Amir. It reflects the frustration and anger of Iran's younger generation, particularly in the wake of the protests following Mahsa Amini's death at the hands of Iran's morality police. Despite pressure from Iranian authorities to withdraw the film and attempts by the festival to extract Ahmadzadeh from Iran, the director's whereabouts are currently unknown, and he may have been arrested. Producer Sina Ataeian Dena highlighted the lack of freedom of expression in Iran and the significance of the film's international recognition.

Leonor Teles in Locarno: 'When we open our eyes to the world, it's much easier to see what's right beside us'

08 Aug 2023  |  expresso.pt
Leonor Teles's film 'Baan,' which began writing in 2017 with Ágata de Pinho and Francisco Mira Godinho, is a personal and emotional work that deals with the theme of trust after a failed relationship. The film, which feels close to the bone on a personal and emotional level, subtly poses the question of how to trust someone again post-disillusionment.

UFRJ promotes competition of boats powered by solar energy

31 Jul 2023  |  agenciabrasil.ebc.com.br
The 16th edition of the Desafio Solar Brasil Enel, a solar-powered boat competition, is taking place from July 31 to August 6 at Praia de Icaraí, Niterói, emphasizing the importance of sustainable futures driven by clean energy. Organized by UFRJ's Nides, the event serves as an educational extension project encouraging the use of alternative energy sources in boats. The competition features 21 teams from various Brazilian states, with awards for performance on water and scientific communication efforts. The event also includes a rich program of lectures, workshops, and cultural activities, aiming to immerse the public in sustainability and technological innovation. Additionally, the DSB team is reaching out to local schools to inspire students towards higher education and involvement in renewable energy technology.

Species Identification and Mycotoxigenic Potential of Aspergillus Section Flavi Isolated from Maize Marketed in the Metropolitan Region of Asunción, Paraguay

25 Jul 2023  |  MDPI
The study investigates the genetic diversity and mycotoxigenic potential of Aspergillus section Flavi strains isolated from maize varieties marketed in Asunción, Paraguay. The research identifies the species of Aspergillus and Fusarium present in maize samples and assesses their potential to produce mycotoxins, which pose risks to food safety and public health. The study employs a polyphasic approach, including morphological, physiological, MALDI-TOF MS profiles, and molecular biology for fungi identification. The findings reveal the presence of aflatoxins, fumonisins, and zearalenone in maize samples, highlighting the need for improved management strategies in the maize production chain to ensure food safety.

Who stops Tom Cruise? New 'Mission: Impossible' brings sexual tension and artificial intelligence as the enemy

13 Jul 2023  |  expresso.pt
The new 'Mission: Impossible' film features sexual tension and artificial intelligence as the antagonist, with Tom Cruise continuing to push his limits even after turning sixty. The article reflects on the legacy of the 'Mission: Impossible' series, its directors, and Cruise's unique dedication to cinema, avoiding television and streaming platforms, and managing his public and private life with elegance.

Cinema: Wes Anderson takes us to 'Asteroid City', with a lot of coolness and a certain affection

16 Jun 2023  |  expresso.pt
Wes Anderson's film 'Asteroid City' resists a straightforward synopsis, presenting a charm that has become characteristic of the director. The film poses the question of its own setting: a small town in an American desert that becomes the center of the world due to a series of events and coincidences, or a New York theater where Bryan Cranston's character narrates the story. The film is set in a town reminiscent of Anderson's native Texas, possibly Nevada or New Mexico, although it was filmed in neighboring Spain. The town, named after a meteorite that fell there in another era, attracts scientists and tourists to its crater and is preparing to celebrate the event with military pomp and circumstance.

Brazilian Olympiad of Health and Environment opens registrations

06 Jun 2023  |  agenciabrasil.ebc.com.br
The Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) has opened registrations for the 12th Brazilian Olympiad of Health and Environment (Obsma), aimed at stimulating critical and creative reflection among youth on health and environmental issues in Brazil. The event includes three categories: Audiovisual Production, Text Production, and Science Project. It features the 3rd Menina Hoje, Cientista Amanhã award, honoring female scientists, with this edition recognizing entomologist Alda Lima Falcão. The Olympiad encourages sustainable development discussions and offers educational activities, supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and CNPq, among other institutions.

In the scenes of marital life at the Cannes Festival, it is Justine Triet who comes out on top

25 May 2023  |  expresso.pt
The film 'Anatomie d'une chute' by Justine Triet, co-written with Arthur Harari, has captivated audiences at the Cannes Festival. The story revolves around a woman accused of her husband's murder, with the narrative keeping viewers in suspense about her guilt or innocence. Sandra Hüller's performance as the complex accused character is particularly praised. The film's detailed forensic investigation and the choice of a mountainous chalet setting add to its credibility and intrigue.

Tina Turner (1939-2023): The whole story told in a documentary that 'she had no idea was being prepared'

24 May 2023  |  expresso.pt
The documentary 'Tina' explores the life of Tina Turner, revealing her struggles and resilience beyond her radiant stage persona. It delves into her painful past, including her tumultuous marriage with Ike Turner, and her rise to global fame in the 1980s and 1990s. The film, directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, features archival footage that traces the evolution of black gospel, blues, and American rock. It begins with a 2019 interview with Turner in her Zurich home and reflects on her life as a pop icon and down-to-earth person. The directors aimed to portray Turner's emotional journey rather than a traditional biographical narrative.

NTN 24 - Flash Fashion en la semana de la moda de Portugal. Work done with the journalist Santiago Giraldo in Portugal, for the Colombian channel NTN 24

Report on the Portuguese who are looking for new markets in the West, China. for the TVI channel

The day by day in the urgencies of one of the largest Portuguese hospitals, Hospital S. João in Porto. An image work with a lot of responsibility and respect for patients. for the TVI channel on May 15, 2012.

Portuguese Footwear, presents in Colombia new trends, in Bogota, Colombia

Fashion report on Pitti Uomo trends. in Florence, Italy

Fashion vídeo - Ruben Rua Last Day at Portugal Fashion, Portuguese model says goodbye to the world's catwalks.

Casa da Arquitectura: a house for everyone

19 Nov 2017  |  pt.euronews.com
The Casa da Arquitectura opens in Matosinhos, Portugal, as a center for the art of architecture, housed in the rehabilitated building of the former Real Vinícola quarter. The center, which is not just for architects but for everyone, will host collections from various architects, conferences, and exhibitions, including the inaugural 'PODER ARQUITECTURA' featuring 36 projects. The center aims to elevate Portuguese architecture on the international stage and holds over 500 models, panels, drawings, and projects, including works by Pritzker Prize winners Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Souto Moura, and Álvaro Siza.

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