Fred Omulo

Fred Omulo

Nairobi, Kenya

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Former US President Barrack Obama's grandmother Sarah speaks of her plans to launch a philanthropic foundation in Siaya County, Kenya.


Hecklers interrupt President Uhuru Kenyatta’s public event in Migori, Kenya.


Kisumu and Siaya counties are the lowest ranked water tower regions in Kenya



  • Elections in Kenya

    Nairobi, Kenya Politics, Current Affairs July 28 @ 12:00am

    Elections in Kenya Kenya conducts its General Elections in 10 weeks time and as is usually the case, political temperatures have hit fever pitch as aspirants campaign for public offices. Analysts have billed this to be Kenya’s most expensive and competitive election ever, and this is due to the... Read more

  • Hindus and cremation

    Nairobi, Kenya Social, Cultural June 24 @ 12:00am

    Most Kenyan Asians practice Hinduism as a religion and live according to its tenets that include a simple funeral rite involving cremation of corpses and a plain memorial service. In most towns and cities where they settle, they set up dedicated crematoriums for their communities to address this... Read more

  • Fish farming revolution

    Nairobi, Kenya Business, Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Social June 24 @ 12:00am

    For centuries, inhabitants of the region surrounding Lake Victoria have relied on fishing as a source of livelihood. However, over the last 50 years a population explosion, pollution and the water hyacinth weed have made this economic activity increasingly unprofitable. The government has made... Read more

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