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Freja Eriksen

Aarhus, Denmark
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About Freja
I am a Danish journalist based in Berlin with expertise in print and audio journalism and editing. Feel free to contact me about any assignments - reporting, editing, speak or PR. I have experience as:
- editor of Danish online media DenOffentlige writing about society, welfare, economy and public sector,
- team lead of a global freelance investigation on environmental hazards,
- global news reporter at Planet Mundus podcast, 
- political journalist at EUfori podcast,
- communications officer at European Youth Press.
Danish German English
Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Feature Stories Corporate Content
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

PREMIUM TIMES - NIGERIA - Thousands of tons of used electronics and illegal e-waste are imported into Nigeria annually. High demand for ‘tokunbo’ electronics, inefficient regulation, and a local lack of recycling facilities form a growing hazard.

PLANET MUNDUS PODCAST - What’s Grext? A story from the Greek crisis. This summer, Planet Mundus travelled to the land of feta and debt in search for an answer to the question: what will bring Greece’s economy back on track? Starring: Vasilis Floros the taxi driver, Marios the union worker, a cynical journalist, a communist and an economist.

PLANET MUNDUS PODCAST - Did you know that Africa's largest statue is made by North Koreans? Or that diplomats from the closed country have been caught repeatedly smuggling ivory out of Africa? That this is all part of the regime's advanced Africa strategy? On this podcast, Planet Mundus explores North Korea's African relations with the help of a man whose life got turned upside-down by said same diplomatic game. Aliou Niane was just a normal student in Guinea when he was forced to spend five years of his youth in North Korea.

NETUDGAVEN - DENMARK - EUfori er en podcastserie om identitet, nationalisme og fællesskab i den Europæiske Union. Vi rejser rundt i Europa og undersøger medlemslandenes indgang til det fælleseuropæiske projekt. Vi taler med filosoffer, økonomer, politiske tænkere, journalister og folk på gaden.

RADIO C:NTACT - DENMARK - Selvom Mads har været anbragt siden han var tre år gammel og blev efterladt i en barnevogn med lightergas, taler han sjældent om det. Der har været for mange fordomme. I skolen regnede de nærmest med, at opholdsstedet var et fængsel. I dag er Mads 20 år og klar til at fortælle om sit liv som anbragt.

Electronic waste stolen from Norwegian electronics stores, smuggled across the border and sent to countries where used electronics are luxury goods. Norwegian waste is part of a global billion-dollar industry.

30 Aug 2018  |  www.aftenposteninnsikt.no
For over a decade, old electronics have been stolen across Norway, loaded into cars, and smuggled across the border with the aim of selling them in countries where there is a huge demand for used European electronics. A Norwegian car filled with broken TVs and appliances was stopped at the Svinesund toll station on its way to Nigeria, highlighting the issue. Europol predicts that trade in electronic waste will become one of the fastest-growing illegal trade streams by 2017. Research shows that a quarter of all electronic waste generated by OECD countries is exported to poorer countries. In Nigeria, the largest electronics market in West Africa receives 600,000 tons of used electronics and electronic waste annually. The illegal export of defective electronics is prohibited by the Basel Convention. Organized theft of electronics has been occurring in Norway for over 15 years, with large amounts stolen from collection sites outside electronics stores and recycling stations. The article also discusses the environmental and health impacts of improper disposal and recycling of electronic waste in countries like Nigeria.

Nigeria: How Electronic Waste from Germany Contaminates the Country

16 Aug 2017  |  www.spiegel.de
Thousands of tons of used refrigerators and electronics are illegally shipped from Germany to Nigeria, poisoning the environment and affecting over 500,000 Nigerians who depend on the trade. The Basel Convention prohibits such exports to countries with inferior recycling methods, yet the practice persists. In Lagos, informal workers dismantle electronic waste, exposing themselves and the environment to hazardous chemicals. Despite the risks, used electronics are valued in Nigeria, where only 20% can afford new items. Experts suggest formalizing the sector to improve conditions and reduce harm, while international cooperation is needed to address the issue.

Sclerosis Association: Citizens are treated like Lego bricks

17 Dec 2012  |  www.denoffentlige.dk
Bente Röttig from the Sclerosis Association criticizes the handling of disability rights by municipalities, particularly Aarhus, and calls for higher-level oversight from the Danish Parliament and Local Government Denmark. The Association's social advisors are increasingly involved in cases where members seek help with municipal services, often winning the majority of these cases. Röttig argues that the complex case handling and lack of coordination violate both the Service Law and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Association has written to the social minister and Social Committee, highlighting a worrying trend of municipalities testing the limits of legislation to the detriment of vulnerable citizens. Röttig suggests that responsibilities should be elevated to a central authority and that municipalities should learn from positive examples like Furesø Municipality.

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