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Fulvio Beltrami

Fulvio Beltrami is a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda.
Economic immigrant from Italy to Africa since 1994. Correspondent for East Africa and the Horn of Africa for the Italian Catholic newspaper Il Faro Di Roma (******) , the Italian magazine Focus on Africa (******)  and the French Catholic newspaper Place St Pierre (******) . I also maintain a personal blog in English on the Medium information platform (******)

Investigative Journalism Fact Checking
Politics Fact Checking

Sudan offered itself as a mediator between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) with the support of the international community. A diplomatic move agreed with the United States and France, which could hide an escalation

Background and difficulties of the military operations to the east of DR Congo wanted by President Felix Thisekedi

Financial sandal and corruption in DR Congo in favor of former president Joseph Kabila

Post-election perspectives Uganda 2021

Contrast and contradictions between the European Union realpolitik which would like to lift the embargo on Burundi and the real situation of human rights violation in the African country

aced with the defeat suffered in Tigray and TPLF territorial reconquers of the in the south of the northern region of Ethiopia, the far-right Amhara leadership tries to play the genocide card

Article on the communication strategy adopted by the dictatorial regime of Burundi to convince the European Union to lift the economic embargo decreed in 2016 due to the crimes against humanity committed by the CNDD-FDD regime

Chronicles on the ongoing conflicts in Tigray and Oromia (Ethiopia) and their future prospects

Analysis of the electoral defeat of Ethiopian Premier Abiy Ahmed Ali and his Prosperity Party if the elections were free and inclusive

Analysis of the Ethiopian government's use of fakenews and racial hatred campaigns within the civil wars in Tigray and Oromia (article in French)

Within the crimes against humanity committed by Eritrean and Ethiopian troops in Tigray, comes the shocking news of sexual violence inflicted systematically against dozens of Catholic nuns. Experts think it is revenge against the Catholic Church

Analysis between the conflict in the Tigray region and the expansionism of the Amhara leadership in Ethiopia

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