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Gabor Ancsin

Budapest, Hungary
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About Gabor
I started my freelancer career in 2009 after I graduated photojournalist school in Budapest. 

I worked as freelancer photojournalist, image editor, cinematographer alone for many years untill 2014, when I established a private, independent media editorial company called ( Képszerkesztőség / Photo desk) www.kepszerk.hu

After almost 10 years our core team has 4 professional media expert, we are a "multirole" media team.

In photos we can do reportage, interviews, portraits, essays, shooting with drone.
In videos we can do news, interviews, we can record and deliver B-rolls and of course we are legally fly drones within EU.

All of us has years of relevant media experience, we talk in english, we drive, we organize, we can cover stories in Hungary and surrounding countries ( Austria, Slovakia, Western-Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia )
English Hungarian
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

Hungary's Roma Fear Hunger More than COVID-19

29 May 2020  |  www.voanews.com
In one of the European Union's poorest regions, northern Hungary, many Roma are facing hunger as the coronavirus pandemic halts the economy. The town of Ózd, northeast of Budapest, is particularly affected, with many Roma living in hardship even before the crisis.

Reportage about Serbia's reaction for Brexit. VOA / voanews.com Recording, editing, fixing

Video report about International Investment Bank's moving to Budapest. Fixing, recording, editing, for Voice of America / voanews.com

PR video about launching the Budapest - Shanghai direct flight

Teaser video for a residental area promotion campagin. Editing, recording, drone flying.

Research campaign video for Andrassy University, Budapest

Thousands chase the golden bone

22 Apr 2017  |  index.hu
Deer, particularly in Zala and Somogy counties of Hungary, are being driven to exhaustion by people hunting for their shed antlers, which can fetch high prices. The phenomenon, known as 'antler hunting,' has become increasingly popular, with thousands scouring the forests during the shedding season from January to April. The pursuit of antlers, which can weigh up to 250 tons annually nationwide, is driven by a lucrative market, with an estimated value of 1.1 billion HUF. While some engage in antler hunting as a hobby, others see it as a means of livelihood. The activity has raised concerns among researchers and local hunters, who note the detrimental effects on deer populations, including stress and physical exhaustion. The antlers are primarily sold on the black market and often end up in East Asia, where they are used in traditional medicine.

Ukraine's Secrets Unveiled with a Dice Game

15 Oct 2016  |  index.hu
Musician Both Miklós spent two years collecting Ukrainian folk songs in remote Cossack villages using a dice game and a recorder, a challenging task due to the war in Ukraine and the primitive state of ethnomusicology there. The choirs, mainly composed of elderly widows, eventually opened up to him, allowing the preservation of nearly forgotten songs. Twelve women from two Ukrainian villages will perform at the Palace of Arts in Budapest on October 15 as part of the Budapest Ritmo festival. Photojournalist Ancsin Gábor's images showcase the collection process in three Ukrainian villages: Popivka, Kryachkivka, and Lyudvynivka.

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