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Gabriele Barbati

Rome, Italy
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About Gabriele
Gabriele Barbati is a journalist based in Rome, Italy.
English Spanish Italian
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Politics Current Affairs Natural Disasters

EU: War on Europe's doorstep and Russian threat open doors for the return of conscription

27 Mar 2024  |  ru.euronews.com
European countries are reconsidering conscription due to the war in Ukraine and the Russian threat. France's President Macron has not ruled out sending soldiers to Ukraine, while Italy's Prime Minister Meloni and Germany's Chancellor Scholz have rejected the idea but agree on the need for a Ukraine Aid Fund and a European defense industry strategy. The EU and the US are pressured by Kyiv for more weapons and funds to resist Russia's invasion. Military service is mandatory in some European countries, and others are contemplating reintroducing conscription. NATO's rapid response forces have increased, and comparisons of military strength between the EU, NATO, and Russia are being made. Germany and Italy are discussing their military readiness in the face of a potential conflict with Russia.

Green Homes, obligations from Europe: work for millions of properties also in Italy and stop to gas boilers

12 Mar 2024  |  it.euronews.com
The European Union's new directive on energy performance for buildings, approved by the European Parliament, aims for zero-emission buildings by 2030 and a ban on gas boilers by 2040. The directive, which received 370 votes in favor and 199 against, requires member states to renovate at least 43% of the least energy-efficient buildings by 2030. The directive also mandates solar panels on new public buildings and ends subsidies for gas boilers by 2025. The European Commission estimates an annual investment of €275 billion will be needed, with countries able to use EU funds to support the transition. Reactions vary, with some praising the gradual improvement in energy performance and others criticizing the financial burden on property owners.

25 Years After Worst Chemical-Weapon Massacre In History, Saddam Hussein's Attack On Halabja in Iraq, The City Is Reborn

16 Mar 2013  |  ibtimes.com
Halabja, Iraq, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the largest chemical-weapons attack on civilians, perpetrated by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in 1988, killing 5,000 people. Survivor Minira Abdul Qader, now blind, recalls the horrific events. The attack led to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, which most nations have signed. Halabja has since been rebuilt, with a monument and new housing for survivors. The Kurds now enjoy de facto autonomy and self-governance through the Kurdistan Regional Government. Despite progress, the long-term effects of the attack persist, with high rates of congenital defects and cancer among the population. Local authorities continue to support survivors and their families, while the world is reminded not to forget the tragedy.

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