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Gabrielle Canon

Gabrielle Canon is a journalist based in Oakland, CA who provides content in many formats, including print, video, broadcast, and photography. She is also available for on-air interviews and can speak on a variety of topics including prison reform, criminal justice, policies to combat homelessness, and politics. For more information please visit



My LA Weekly cover story dove into the world of pimp cups, exploring their religious undertones, cultural influence, and the business men trying to use them to make it big.


I spent two years at Mother Jones writing about breaking news, science, social issues, and music.


This article on solitary confinement was co-published with the documentary I produced on the subject and highlighted the issues in the prison system that led to the widespread use of isolation, despite evidence that it causes mental illness, inefficiency within prisons, and increased public safety problems.


As a staff writer for Upvoted (no longer in operation) I wrote this deep dive into the controversial case of Richard Glossip—a man on death row in Oklahoma—and the problems with the indigent defense system that landed him there.


I led a crew up to Pelican Bay prison and interviewed inmates about their experiences in solitary confinement. Collaborating with filmmaker Cali Bondad, we highlighted these experiences in a cinematically shot short film and exposed the issues affecting prisons around the country. The film was a finalist in the Humanitarian Film Festival and was featured on National Geographic, The Atlantic, Vox, and Slate, and was played at a convention held by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

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