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Gabrielle Nina Mitch

Lubumbashi, Congo The Democratic Republic
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About Gabrielle
Gabrielle Nina MITCH is a journalist based in Lubumbashi, Congo The Democratic Republic.
 During her professional life she has gained a good experience in using media and communication tools. She is a multiple award winning journalist, she has been acknowledged  by different organizations of her country for her well done work.
She was selected to be one of the fellows by International Journalism Program and spent 2 months in Germany and was an intern at Deutche Welle in Bonn as part of the program. She has reported and written about politics, justice, health, gender, agriculture, energy and environment, economics, mining, human rights and many other issues.
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The Incredible Destiny of Kasulo in the DRC

27 Sep 2017  |  InfoCongo
Kasulo, a once residential neighborhood in Kolwezi, DRC, has been transformed into numerous artisanal cobalt and copper mines after residents discovered valuable minerals beneath their homes two years ago. This mining boom has led to significant environmental degradation, including the destruction of homes, pollution of air and water sources, and the loss of green spaces. The health of the local population is at risk due to exposure to pollutants and radioactivity from mining activities. Despite the dangers and the precarious nature of artisanal mining, many locals, including 25-year-old Arsène Kilolo, have joined the industry due to a lack of alternative employment opportunities. The government's attempts to relocate miners to a safer area have been met with resistance and clandestine mining continues. The article highlights the tension between economic survival and environmental and public health concerns in the region.

Kasulo, a small residential area in the town of Kolwezi, in the southeastern part of the DRC, the quiet little corner of the family has been transformed into several mini-quarries of cobalt and copper, creating disruptions as much on the families as on the environment of the small neighborhood of yesteryear. No one could imagine that a whole neighborhood, previously residential, could disappear from the map of the city and become a vast field of artisanal open-air mining


Journalists working in war-torn Libya face dangers of getting attacked while on the job, the point that reporting can endanger one’s life. Salah Zater is one of those journalists, who struggled to report the truth in war-torn Libya. While there, he was attacked several times because of his investigative stories about the brutality of Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime.


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