Gary Raynaldo

Gary Raynaldo

New York, United States of America

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Gary Raynaldo

Gary Raynaldo is a journalist based in New York, United States of America. Published in the Christian Science Monitor, New York Law Journal, New York Daily News, New Haven Register, San Francisco Sun Reporter, and  Oakland Tribune. Skills include reporting and writing on the aviation industry, petroleum industry, international affairs, legal affairs, investigative reporting, and political reporting and writing.


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Versatile New York-based journalist



  • U.S. Airlines Battle For Piece of Cuba travel market

    New York, United States of America Business July 31 @ 12:00am

    U.S. airlines flights to Cuba resumed after nearly 50 years. U.S. airlines returned to the Cuba market with a frenzy. However, some airlines are cutting back on flights to the Caribbean island as the high demand anticipated has not materialized. President Trump's recent policy change toward Cuba... Read more

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