Gary Strauss

Gary Strauss is a freelance journalist and content strategist  based in Washington, DC, United States.  He is an award-winning writer/editor/blogger who has vast background in financial reporting and editing, hard-news and feature writing. His work has appeared in USA Today, National Geographic, AARP,  the Washington Post, Newsweek, the Urban Land Institute magazine and trade publications/ He has been an embed with the Marines in Afghanistan, lead reporter on breaking news events (Aurora and Newtown shooting massacres, Boston Marathon bombings, Ferguson riots) and a cover story profiler on a diverse range of  topics and celebrities (Snoop Dogg, Sarah Palin, Ken Burns, Bryan Cranston, Louis Rukeyser).  

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Veteran writer, editor, blogger and content developer with over 20 years experience as a journalist at USA Today. Wrote and edited financial stories, feature stories and hard news stories. Adept at quick turnarounds and tight deadlines as well as long-form features and projects.

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