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Gebremichael Gebremedhin

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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About Gebremichael
Gebremichael Gebremedhin is a journalist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Amharic English Tigrinya
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Ethiopia Country Report Context

06 May 2022  |  ሪፖርተር - Ethiopian Reporter - #1 Best and reliable news source in Ethiopia
The article discusses various aspects of Ethiopia's newspaper industry, highlighting the growth in the number of newspapers and magazines over the past five years, particularly due to new privately-owned papers. Despite this growth, challenges persist, such as low literacy rates, small print runs, and difficulties in distribution outside the capital. The newspaper sector is also affected by issues like delays in permits and legal challenges. The state-owned Ethiopian News Agency and the ruling party-owned Walta Information Centre are the primary news sources, with private media lacking content arrangements with these agencies. Ownership of newspapers and magazines is varied, with some backed by strong private investment. The article also touches on the digital transformation strategy 'Digital Ethiopia 2025' and the suspension of digital remittance platforms by the National Bank of Ethiopia, raising concerns about the central bank's alignment with the government's digital economy goals. Additionally, the article covers the political tensions and security challenges in Ethiopia, including the recent clashes in Oromia and Amhara regions, and the government's efforts to liberalize the telecom sector. Lastly, the article provides insights into the banking industry and the establishment of Goh Bank, Ethiopia's first mortgage bank, aiming to address the housing affordability issue in the country.

This documentary film was produced in Amharic for Ethiopian television. The documentary film features how cochineal insect devastated the cactus pear based livelihood of farmers in northern Ethiopia-Tigray.

This is a documentary film that i produced for Ethiopian Television on the impact of architectural designs on urban development. It features how architecture affects urban design and the whole urban development.

The Intellectual Legacy of Meles Zenawi

01 Mar 2013  |  African Business
The article discusses the significant contributions of the late Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi to Africa's political and economic discourse. It critiques the absence of Meles' work in a previous editorial and emphasizes his role in advocating for the democratic developmental state model as an alternative to neoliberal policies. Meles' ideas on African unity, peace, security, and climate change are highlighted, including his influence on climate change negotiations and the proposal of a $100bn fund for Africa. The article acknowledges African Business for its role in spreading African intellectual thought and hopes to address the knowledge gap left by the previous editorial. It ends with a tribute to Meles Zenawi's enduring legacy in Africa.

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